Stick V8 Kit by SMOK

4/5, 4 from 1 review
Stick V8 E-Cig Kit
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  1. haloperidol
    So happy with it!
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Feb 6, 2019
    So I must admit that this is my first vape — I don’t have a lot to compare to.

    I picked this up at my local headshop. I was so happy with it that I bought another!

    I like that you don’t have to adjust the settings, you just press a button to vape. Good for beginners like me. The colors are great, I have a rainbow one and a blue one. The top swivels open easily to add more juice without getting messy. There is a little area where you can adjust how much air you get with each hit.
    The price is very good for such high quality. 65EF66C6-0E59-4FCB-A92A-5A576F41276B.jpeg

    The downsides is that it leaks a little, bit not too bad. Just feels a little greasy to hold.
    Also, the battery doesn’t last me the whole day. Then again i use it really heavily. That’s why I bought a second one! They are small enough that I can fit both in one pocket.

    Overall I think this is a great vape and i would buy it again in a heartbeat.

    So I have to add to my review and take away a star. I mentioned I had bought two of these. The first one works great, and the battery lasts around 9 hours of heavy vaping. With the other one the battery started out lasting around 9 hours, but that time got shorter and shorter, until it eventually died. All within about 2-3 weeks of purchasing it. So beware! I have since bought a third Stick V8, and it works great, long battery life.
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