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Tasty puff herb flavoring

3.9/5, 3.9 from 2 reviews
Tasty Puff drops are a great alternative to flavoured tobacco and flavoured rolling papers.
  1. St0ned
    it's quite good
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 15, 2017
    Hello all, stoned reporting in.
    I would like to tell you about this stuff called tasty puff. I would say it's quite good, and can be found at any local head shop. Recently, I went down to get some. Here is my opinion.

    I got 3 flavors, out of the 20 or so they have.. They have everything from blueberry, to lemon-lime, to opium.
    I personally bought 1x of Opium, Lemon lime, and Raspberry.
    I went home later that day, and cracked open the little dropper bottles.. It sure did smell good! I packed a bowl of the finest I had, and put two drops of Raspberry on it. I waited two minutes, for it to dry - and took a hit. Woo! The bowl itself tasted less harsh, and slightly of a sweet raspberry.
    This was followed by the lemon lime flavoring, and finally opium. They taste exactly like it, and actually are quite the trip when im out of my mind. Overall, i'd give this product rating a 4\5. Be sure to try a bottle of one sometime.. They're under the price of 5$, and offer about 250 drops per bottle. i also included a picture for us all here, so you can see what they look like. Enjoy. :)

    I am unsure of how common it is in head shops, but i knows they're in mine. :)

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