Lunaris Lynx
Lunaris Lynx

Tiger Knive Torch Lighter

4.5/5, 4.5 from 1 review
Novelty lighter produces strong, steady flame
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  1. Lunaris Lynx
    Unique lighter with outstanding functionality
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Jun 17, 2017
    • + refillable,
    • + wind resistant, torch flame
    • + unique look
    • + inexpensive
    • + well made
    • - knife may make this lighter illegal in some states
    I'm not a smoker so it takes something unique and eye catching to make me take notice of a lighter. As luck would have it, I've been seeing this lighter in head shops, smoke shops and adult stores more often than not. I'll confess that being a cat person the tiger head design is what first caught my attention. It is also rather inexpensive for a sturdy, metal, refillable lighter. I have never seen it priced over $5 in any store.

    The exterior has a metallic finish that comes in what s referred to as either, "rose gold" or "bronze". Neither finish really successfully represents the metal it's named for but both are done well and appear to be sturdy and are pleasing in appearance. The Asian tiger design is nicely done without being garish or gaudy. Lovers of simplicity may find it over done. I'm partial to the bronze finish and find it to be an attractive item.

    This lighter also happens to have a built in folding blade that measures just under 3 inches long. This can be a very handy addition or the feature that makes this product illegal to carry in your state. Please know the laws in your area before purchasing items such as this. In many states this would fall under the category of misleading knifes making it illegal.

    The most impressive feature of this lighter is the ability to produce a strong, high, wind resistant flame.On it's highest setting it looks like a mini-torch. My friend purchased one for this reason alone, stating that some 'smokeables' really need this type of flame to be smoked properly. I use my lighters for incense and candles but I do value his word. After actually trying it out he reported back saying he was impressed with the product, that it met his smoking needs and he was happy with his purchase. He also stated that he finds it perfect to use with oil pipes and that it "did the job" and was a "great little torch"

    I find it to be a unique,well made, dependable lighter that is well worth the $4 paid for it. I also think it's kind of pretty!

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Recent Questions

  1. Scrofula
    Is there a window to show how much butane is left?
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    1. Lunaris Lynx
      no, unfortunately not. I find that a bit strange because I realized there is actually a place to put batteries so the eyes will glow . . . It's starting to remind me of Gamara! But seriously, with all the little bells and whistles it seems they overlooked a feature that would have actually been convenient.
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    2. profesor
      They can't even spell "knife" right! lol. I don't think this is such a functional, convenient product

Lighter Details

  1. Refillable butane lighter that produces a strong and steady flame. The lighter is designed to look like the head and neck of a fierce Asian Tiger. The flame comes from the mouth of the tiger and is adjustable from seemingly average to a large flame. It is advertised as wind proof. The overall length of the lighter is about 10cm or just under 4inches. There is an additional feature, a folding blade that measures just under 3 inches.


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