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Ultra Klean synthetic urine

4.8/5, 4.8 from 1 review
Ultra Klean synthetic urine kit

Recent Reviews

  1. Diverboone
    Saved the Day
    4.75/5, 4.75 out of 5, reviewed Nov 26, 2017
    • + Easy to use
    • + Discrete shipping
    • + Long shelf life
    • - Cost
    Being subjected to random drug test due to my employment, I purchased a Ultra Clean urine kit. I always kept it close at hand. But a couple years passed with no test. I knew I need to purchase fresher stock, I was not aware of the expiration date but it was getting old. I kept postponing and forgetting to order more.
    Then it came, the drug testing man was there bright and early (4:30am) one morning. Having no other choice I warmed the bottle and strapped it along with the heat pad to my leg and hope to hell it worked.
    Unless there is a documented need our test are not observed, but the location selected to use for collecting samples was not very private. I some how managed to fill the cup to the minimum mark, then proceeded to spill half of it. Guess its a good thing I had the 4oz kit. I replaced what I had spelt, check the temp and delivered my sample to the collector. And to my relief the collected done his checks then split the sample into 2 containers for me to initial.
    Our policy states that all samples should undergo validation testing, then an immunoassay test. Then GC/MS testing for confirmation if needed. This means it would be a few days before the results were in. The wait was on. After about a week with no news, i happen to find the remnants of the box my Ultra Clean was in, as the box had become worn and tattered over the years. I could still read some of the printing on the box. Or at least I could read the part that stated 3 year shelf life.
    I would not recommend pushing the 3 year shelf life like I did. I'll have to say that the product worked as advertised. I would recommend Ultra Clear to anyone who finds their self in the need for a good synthetic urine.
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Recent Questions

  1. Old soul
    What is the most cost effective? And how much are they? Thanks
    1. Diverboone
      I guess in reality cost is not a question considering the ramifications that can result from a failed test. Take in account that it was almost 4 years ago when I purchased this product, so my memory may not be exact. The price for the 4oz kit was $30 something. Which that doesn't sound too bad. But $17 shipping fees ran the total cost into the >$50 range. (all amounts are U S Dollar)
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Detox Product Details

  1. Drug Test Type:
    • Urine Drug Test
    Synthetic urine kit directions:
    1. Shake contents of bottle before you pop the synthetic urine in the microwave, heat for 10 seconds.
    2. Shake the provided heating pad and attach to your bottle with rubber band. Store wherever desired.
    3. Your temperature strip located on the front should read between 90-100 degrees, the required temperature.
    4. Done! Your Ultra Pure synthetic urine kit is now ready for use.
      (If you have not microwave access keep the heating pad attached for 45-60 minutes to reach the optimal temperature of 90-100 degrees)