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Yocan evolve plus

4.5/5, 4.5 from 1 review
Portable dab vaporizer
IMG_1035.PNG 1024-yocan-evolve-plus22261434.jpg
  1. Ghetto_Chem
    Couldn't Be Happier With Evolve Plus
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 16, 2017
    • + Dual quartz coil
    • + Attached mini silicone jar
    • + Screw on cap for coil
    • + Smooth hit, no burnt taste
    • + Ultra conservative
    • + Responsive to pressing the button
    • - Bottom heats up too much where the silicone jar is placed
    Before I even start I gotta say this product is awesome! Technology with these electronic vaporizers has come a long way even from 5yrs ago.

    The YoCan Evolve Plus comes with the "pen" (although far from it in size) an extra coil, mini scooper, and the USB charger.

    The pens design is pretty much an amalgamation of all the best ideas stoners have ever had to make these pens better. Instead of a single coil, it has dual quartz coils (quartz is said to be a good heating element) that provide very even coverage and don't really allow for much to be left behind.

    On top of the coil there is a small metal screw on top. Once you place your extract into the coil you replace the top and it keeps the extract where it should be and not all over your mouth piece. But it also has a hole at the top, which serves a dual purpose of allowing you to hit it with cap still on, and so you can use the scooper tool to unscrew it if it happens to get gooped up from oil.

    The pen itself hits like a dream and is by far the best pen I've tried, and at a reasonable price as well. It's super responsive to the button press. And it's a very smooth hit with zero burnt taste and small amount of smoke compared to hit gotten. If your in a sketchy place you can pull a real quick hit then hold it for a long time and no one will be the wiser.

    If all of this sounds great, I've yet to get to the best part. There is a silicone oil holder on the bottom of the pen!! That's right folks now you don't even have to carry a slick with you, it's perfect for me and one less thing I have to sneak into places.

    The battery seems to hold a good charge I haven't had to recharge yet but I also rarely smoke oil. The only thing I wasn't super fond of is that when you charge the battery the bottom part where the silicone container is gets decently hot it seems which could melt or fuck with your extracts.

    Overall I like this better than the most recent micro G's I tried which were shit. And the "thisthingrips" pen which was good, but nowhere near as good as this one in both how it hits and features, and also mine just recently stopped working even with a charge although it could be an easy fix. (Didn't realize you weren't supposed to leave leftovers in em :/.)

    So ya I'm happy :)

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