ZYN Peppermint 06 Mini Nicotine Pouches

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6mg Nicotine Pouches
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  1. haloperidol
    Used to think they were great
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Feb 9, 2019
    I used to think they were great. A way to get nicotine anywhere, with no one being able to tell as with smoking or vaping.

    I used them in cars, at the gym, at work....

    They have a nice minty flavor. I found the nicotine to be more stimulating, as opposed to the sedating I get from vaping.

    Plus they are cheaper than smoking or vaping. At least at my level of use, which was A LOT.

    Then all of a sudden my gums started bleeding and hurting, right at the spot where I would put the pouch. Oh no! Don’t want to mess up my gums. I stopped them immediately, and would warn anyone against using them. I threw about $100 worth of product — being a drug addict I tend to hoard things.

    Also, it’s easy to overdose, compared to with vaping. I would often use so much that I started throwing up (I know it was the nicotine cause I stopped as soon as I took the pouch out). Again, as a drug addict — i do it until it’s not fun anymore.
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