Alcoholics Anonymous Effectiveness: Faith Meets Science

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is subject to widely divergent interpretations

  1. JaneDeux
    Study Author(s):
    Lee Ann Kaskutas, Dr.PHD
    Journal Name:
    Journal of Addictive Diseases, 2009; 28(2): 145–157
    Publication Date:
    2009, Sept 18
    Research on the effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is controversial and is subject to widely divergent interpretations. The goal of this paper is to provide a focused review of the literature on AA effectiveness that will allow readers to judge the evidence for AA effectiveness themselves. The review organizes the research on AA effectiveness according to six criterion required for establishing causation: (1) magnitude of effect; (2) dose response effect; (3) consistent effect; (4) temporally accurate effects; (5) specific effects; (6) plausibility.
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