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Colonization by Psilocybe semilanceata of roots of grassland flora

Colonization by Psilocybe semilanceata of roots of grassland flora

  1. BitterSweet
    Susan M. Keay, Averil E. Brown, Colonization by Psilocybe semilanceata of roots of grassland flora, Mycological Research, Volume 94, Issue 1, January 1990, Pages 49-56, ISSN 0953-7562, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0953-7562(09)81263-X.


    In co-culture in vitro Psilocybe semilanceata invaded moribund cells at the periphery of the cortex of roots of the grass species Agrosiis tenuis, Poa annua and Lolium perenne, and the dicotyledon Stellaria media. Invasion of many cortical cells of A. tenuis, P. annua and S. media was associated with the formation of papillae in cell walls adjacent to intercellular hyphae and opposite initiated penetration points. This indicated some metabolic activity in the root cells at the time of attempted penetration.

    Colonization of L. perenne was less frequently observed than of the other three species and papilla formation was not observed. P. semilanceata was restricted to the outermost cortical cells of the L. perenne roots by a layer of cells which appeared to contain polyphenolic substances.