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Conscription in the War on Drugs: Recent reforms to the U.S. drug certification process

Conscription in the War on Drugs: Recent reforms to the U.S. drug certification process

  1. Alfa
    International Journal of Drug Policy, 2005, Vol.16(6), pp.376-383

    Ayling, Julie

    The use of a listing and certification process has been a critical part of coercive strategies used by the United States (U.S.) to further its drug control policies internationally. Through this process, the U.S. has conscripted drug-producing and drug-transiting states into the War on Drugs. Non-cooperative states have been threatened with a combination of aid and trade sanctions. Recently, changes were made to the certification process in response to both domestic pressures and widespread criticisms that the process was ineffective, hypocritical and unfair, fostered conflict, was applied inconsistently and arbitrarily, and emphasised military solutions to the drug problem at the expense of human rights. This paper explores those changes and questions whether they have answered these criticisms.

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