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Dutch Government study ranks harmfulness of legal and illegal drugs

Dutch Government study ranks harmfulness of legal and illegal drugs

  1. Alfa
    The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has performed a risk assessment on the harmful effects of 17 drugs plus that of tobacco and alcohol. These 19 items were ranked according to their degree of harm. The assessment was performed by a panel of 19 experts who based their judgement on their own scientific expertise and information derived from the literature.

    This file is mostly in Dutch. The abstract is in English.

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  1. augustaB
    Version: 2009-07-03
    Well, it's 2014 and I've only just seen this, more shame on me.
    What is fascinating is that the results of this study are broadly the same as those contained in Prof. Nutt's report to the British Parliamentary Commission, and which led to Prof. Nutt's resignation from that Commission.

    To those interested I would say put away your fear of deciphering a foreign language and go to page 24 of the Dutch report. There you will see a table comparing the Dutch results with the UK results.

    Though not entirely comparable as the Dutch choice of substances was not entirely the same as the UK one, the conclusion must be that Nutt's study and the conclusion that both ecstasy and cannabis are not as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco are entirely borne out.

    As a footnote it is worth noting that the Dutch study rates tobacco as considerably more dangerous than the UK study does. Cultural bias or pressure from the tobacco companies in the UK parliament?
  2. enquirewithin
    Version: 2009-07-03
    Very interesting.