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Efficiency of Common Extractions for Methamphetamine and Pseudoephedrine in Forensic Drug Analysis

How CSI cleans your Shake N Bake

  1. Scrofula
    This was a master's thesis (hey, they signed off) looking into forensic sample preparation of suspected meth seizures.

    While the wet work focused on the most efficient way to remove pseudoephedrine, starting around page 28 is a discussion of various previous methods of removing contaminants from meth samples. ISO is not mentioned, and wouldn't be removed by acetone anyway.

    MSM, however, IS mentioned as a common cutting agent, but being an excellent solvent itself, also won't be removed by acetone (but very cold water, or a heat treatment, can--she doesn't mention this, that's my editorial).

    What she does offer: unfortunately for the home meth user, removing ephedrine or pseudo-eph. requires either solvents not found at Home Depot or conversion to the free base using caustic chemicals, and then organic solvents.

    Biggest disappointment: the most interesting references return only a library in France.

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