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Herbal Drugs of Abuse: An Emerging Problem

Herbal Drugs of Abuse: An Emerging Problem

  1. Bajeda
    Some herbal products are emerging as popular drugs for recreational abuse. Plant and herbal supplements used recreationally can have a wide spectrum of clinical effects ranging from euphoric and stimulant effects to hallucinogenic experiences. Despite the potential for abuse, addiction, and serious adverse effects, there may be a false perception that these products are all safe, legal, and organic. These perceptions and the ease of accessibility to herbal products could result in greater potential for recreational abuse and subsequent complications presenting to emergency departments. Health care professionals must be cognizant of this emerging problem as increased media coverage and marketing have made these products accessible and recognizable to many young adults and teenagers.

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  1. MrG
    Version: 2007-05-13
    Can someone say "Grant money please!".

    I like how they also use the famous alcoholic Kava test subjects as a proof of liver damage.