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Incomplete Submission for Amphetamine Wiki Article (Work in Progress)

Incomplete Submission for Amphetamine Wiki Article (Work in Progress)

  1. DecoyPencil
    This document is a portion of the information that SWIM has written about amphetamine. SWIM hopes that the complete document will eventually be of a high enough quality that it can be submitted as the Wiki article for amphetamine.

    Many of the sections that are incomplete in this document have already been written by SWIM. However, they are in a rather unworkable format, so SWIM is in the process of copying the information and making some pretty significant revisions.

    SWM has uploaded this partial document so that others can see his progress so far. If anyone has any suggestions, comments or even (constructive) criticisms, SWIM would love to hear them. SWIM will be keeping track of any suggestions given by others, so that they can be given credit for their contributions as well.

    Other, more complete versions of this document will follow as SWIM has time to copy the information he has written and revise it. Once SWIM feels the document is in its final form, he will "wikify" the text (format it for the Wiki and add proper BBcode) and submit it for potential inclusion in the Drugs-Forum Wiki.

    Current Data:

    Current As Of: Sept 10 2009
    Format: .doc (Microsoft Office 97 - 2003 Document)
    File Size:78.0 KB
    Pages: 10
    Words: 3,436
    Number of References:35

Recent Reviews

  1. Dickon
    Version: 2009-09-10
    This is a fantastic start to a wiki, keep it up! One small thing, you say Amphetamine effects are short-lived when injected. My cat tells me this is not true, or at least not in his case. The reference you quote for this is a thread, and I'm just wondering if this is accepted fact. Also the difference in potency between l- and d- amphetamine you talk about is slightly misleading. A few minutes on google, and although no definitive answer presents itself, it seems that l- and d- amphetamine act in different ways: i.e. d- is more centrally acting, l- is more peripherally acting, so a direct comparison of strength is a little misleading.

    All in all though, this is great work, and just the sort of thing we want for a wiki. You are quoting a lot of threads in here as references. I have not checked out these links, but it might be worth asking Alfa as to when this is suitable. For example, reference 17 is quoted for the short acting nature of injected amphetamines, but I'm not sure what post you're referencing. The one post that might be seen to make such a claim is comparing injecting Adderall to the XR (extended release) form of the drug. Maybe you could write something like "anecdotal evidence suggests....." [and then put reference such-and-such a thead. Such and such a post]. I know you've dated the d-f references, but I still think putting the post number would be better.

    Anyway, I don't wish to take anything away from what you've done, as it is brilliant. It's just something to think about.

    All the best