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Keys to Soil Taxonomy

Keys to Soil Taxonomy

  1. Cakes
    This text accompanies a separately posted map ("Map of Global Soil Regions").

    The text describes ratios of organic contents verse mineral contents in SWIM's soil. It gives many specific relative values, especially about subsoil contents.

    That means SWIM can tell what is deep in his soil.

    The language in the text is lots of scientific terms. SWIM can look up definitions online. checking a few descriptions that differ from each other can help to see it rephrased and better understand.

    One tip I can give is about pH.
    if SWIM's soil is said to be a calcic, calciargid or a calcium carbonate area, his soil is alkaline. If his area is related to the gysiargid/gypsum type, then it is maybe close to neutral. But otherwise it is probably acidic.

    if nothing else, the map is pretty and SWIM can compare his soil ratios in the world to the fertilier or less fertilier ones. is it as fertile as the Hindu Kush? or as Bogota? or does it have similar properties?