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Kinetics of the Birch Reduction.

Kinetics of the Birch Reduction.

  1. Electrolingus
    Kinetics of the Birch Reduction.
    A. Greenfield and U. Schindewolf
    Universitat Karlsruhe, Institut fur physikalische Chemie und Elektrochemie.

    The Birch reduction is a very powerful tool for the hydrogenation of benzene and its derivatives to yield the cyclohexa-1,4-dien compounds. It is performed in metal ammonia solutions (MAS, electron donator) with added alcohols (proton donator), e.g.: 2Li + 2CH3OH + C6H6 --> 2 LiOCH3 + C6H8.

    The Birch reduction is in contrast to the catalytic hydrogenation that leads to the corresponding fully hydrogenated compound, e.g.: 3H2 + C6H6 -->C6H12.

    In spite of its importance for the organic chemist, only little and partly contradicting information about the kinetics of the Birch reduction is found in the literature...

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