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Life-threatening Necrotizing Fasciitis Due to ‘Bath Salts’ Injection

Life-threatening Necrotizing Fasciitis Due to ‘Bath Salts’ Injection

  1. catseye
    Life-threatening Necrotizing Fasciitis Due to ‘Bath Salts’ Injection

    Russell Russo, MD; Noah Marks, MD; Katy Morris, MD; Heather King, MD; Angelle Gelvin, MD; Ronald Rooney, MD

    ORTHOPEDICS JANUARY 2012, Vol 35:1

    pp e124-e127

    Necrotizing fasciitis is an orthopedic emergency. The ability to quickly and accurately diagnose
    this rapidly spreading disease can save a patient’s life and limb. However, the diagnosis is complex because necrotizing fasciitis usually manifests as a less severe cellulitis or abscess while the majority of the damages rage beneath the surface of the skin. Although the diagnosis is not new, the potential causes and vectors continually change. This article reports a new source of necrotizing fasciitis in an intramuscular injection of “bath salts,” a rapidly emerging street drug that is legal in some states and evades authorities with its innocuous name.