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Linking Out-of-Body Experience and Self Processing to Mental Own-Body Imagery at the Temporoparietal

Linking Out-of-Body Experience and Self Processing to Mental Own-Body Imagery at the Temporoparietal

  1. Crazy Insane Sanity
    This study demonstrates that disruption of the temporoparietal junction results in out-of-body experiences (which has profound implications in understanding cognition and the mind-body connection).

    I'm curious as to how certain drugs (i.e. dissociatives) may disrupt function in this area.

    "Olaf Blanke,1,2,4,5 Christine Mohr,1,3,4 Christoph M. Michel,1,4 Alvaro Pascual-Leone,6 Peter Brugger,7 Margitta Seeck,2
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