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Mescaline action on "memory decay" and "problem solving" behavior in the rat

Indicates that mescaline causes an acceleration of the spontaneous decay of memory

  1. Calliope
    Prog. Neuro-Psychopharmacol.& Biol. Psychiat. 1986, 10: 709-715

    Molinengo,Luigi, Maria Chiara Cassone, Alessandra Baroli and Marco Orsetti: .

    1. The modifications of behavior caused in the rat by a chronic oral administration of mescaline have been studied in three experimental situations.
    2. In the staircase maze mescaline accelerated the spontaneous decay on the conditioned reflex (memory decay) during the period without daily training.Only the results observed at 30 mg/kg/day of mescaline were statistically significant.
    3. In a T maze two lateral alleys closed by two swinging doors, 30 mg/kg/day of mescaline increased the time spent in opening the first door. When the two doors of the lateral alleys were closed with a latch, mescaline 30 mg/kg/day, caused an increase in the time spent by the rat in opening the doors.
    4. Mescaline caused an increase in food consumption. The increase at 30 mg/kg/day is statistically significant.