Methadone deaths: a toxicological analysis

To perform a toxicological analysisof deaths involving methadone and todetermine the fatal concen

  1. TheBigBadWolf
    Study Author(s):
    C M Milroy,ARW Forrest
    Journal Name:
    J Clin Pathol2000;53:277–281
    Publication Date:
    october 1999
    There is an overlap betweenquoted therapeutic methadone concentra-tions and methadone concentrations seenin fatalities. However, those dying frommethadone poisoning might not be thesame as those in a methadone pro-gramme. A degree of caution must beexercised in determining a fatal concen-tration because of the phenomenon ofpostmortem redistribution. Pathologistsand toxicologists need to examine all theavailable postmortem findings in identify-ing the cause of death.