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Methamphetamine-induced toxicity: an updated review on issues related to hyperthermia.

A summary of available information relating to methamphetamine toxicity and hyperthermia

  1. the elusive eye
    Study Author(s):
    Rae R. Matsumoto,* , Michael J. Seminerio , Ryan C. Turner, Matthew J. Robson, Linda Nguyen, Diane B. Miller, and James P. O’Callaghan
    Journal Name:
    Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Vol 144, Issue 1, pp 28-40
    Publication Date:
    October 2014

    Reports of methamphetamine-related emergency room visits suggest that elevated body temperature is a universal presenting symptom, with lethal overdoses generally associated with extreme hyperthermia. This review summarizes the available information on methamphetamine toxicity as it pertains to elevations in body temperature. First, a brief overview of thermoregulatory mechanisms is presented. Next, central and peripheral targets that have been considered for potential involvement in methamphetamine hyperthermia are discussed. Finally, future areas of investigation are proposed, as further studies are needed to provide greater insight into the mechanisms that mediate the alterations in body temperature elicited by methamphetamine.
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    Very informative addition to the current knowledge.

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