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Methamphetamine: SWGDrug monograph 2016 (orig 2005)

How CSI cleans your dope

  1. Scrofula
    "The Drug Enforcement Administration's Special Testing and Research Laboratory generated the following monographs using structurally confirmed reference materials. These monographs are intended to be used for the verification of acquired reference materials. Monographs are being uploaded as they are technically reviewed and approved for publication. In addition, links to monographs authored by Forensic Drug Review are provided . . . ."

    This is the internal document for US Federal forensics scientists to evaluate external data, or something. Anyway, I've uploaded here the standards for methamphetamine, such as expected chromatography peaks.

    Of interest to D-F members is their method of separating adulterants: acetone is not used, chloroform and ether are, and the sample is often just converted to free base. No mention of MSM or ISO is made.

    It's an interesting site for anyone curious about the other drugs the DEA examines.