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Methamphetamine Synthesis Inhibition: Dissolving Metal Reductions.

Methamphetamine Synthesis Inhibition: Dissolving Metal Reductions.

  1. Electrolingus
    Craig A. Kelly*, David S. Lawrence, George M. Murray, and O. Manuel Uy.

    Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

    In this paper, we report the status of our investigation into the feasibility of introducing a chemical agent into agricultural grade anhydrous ammonia that will render the ammonia useless for methamphetamine synthesis. Our goal is to provide a means to reduce the number, ease, and stealth that clandestine methamphetamine laboratories using the dissolving metal, or Nazi, synthetic method currently enjoy.

    We have conducted investigations of additives that span the broad classes of organic, inorganic, and organometallic reagents. We have identified numerous compounds and classes of compounds that effectively inhibit methamphetamine synthesis. Feasibility evaluations of these compounds are ongoing. However, we have identified two candidate reagents that possess properties useful for consideration as additives for anhydrous ammonia: ferrocene and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane. Details of the reactivity of these compounds and issues relating to their application for the inhibition of methamphetamine synthesis will be presented.

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