Morgellons Disease, or Antipsychotic-Responsive Delusional Parasitosis, in an HIV Patient

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  1. Calliope
    Study Author(s):
    Freudenreich, Oliver ; Kontos, Nicholas ; Tranulis, Constantin ; Cather, Corinne
    Journal Name:
    Psychosomatics, 2010, Vol.51(6), pp.453-457
    The patient agreed to a risperidone trial of up to 2 mg per day. Within weeks, his preoccupation with being infested lessened significantly. Because of subjective fatigue, he was switched to aripiprazole 5 mg per day. Although not 100% convinced that he might not have Morgellons disease, he is no longer pruritic and is no longer damaging his skin or trying to trap insects. He remains greatly improved 1 year later.