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Reduced Cannabis Use Following Low Dose Naltrexone Addition to Opioid Detoxification (2010)

Reduced Cannabis Use Following Low Dose Naltrexone Addition to Opioid Detoxification (2010)

  1. Calliope
    J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2010 August ; 30(4): 476–478. doi:10.1097/JCP.0b013e3181e5c168.

    Paolo Mannelli, M.D., Kathi Peindl, Ph.D., Ashwin A Patkar, M.D., Li-Tzy Wu, Sc.D., Chi-
    Un Pae, MD, and David A Gorelick, M.D., Ph.D.

    Although the influence of cannabis use on the abuse of other drugs or their treatment may vary, the increasing severity of cannabis use and its resistance to treatment warrant looking for more effective intervention strategies. Multiple interactions exist between opioid and cannabinoid systems; opioid antagonist medications such as naltrexone at low doses have been proposed to reduce cannabis reinforcement and consumption. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, we found that daily addition to methadone taper of very low dose naltrexone (VLNTX, 0.125 mg/day, 0.250 mg/day) was associated with attenuated opioid withdrawal during inpatient detoxification and with reduced use of opioids and cannabis, measured by urine drug testing and self-report the day following discharge (D1) and 1 week later (D7).

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