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Sniffing neuropeptides: a transnasal approach to the human brain

Sniffing neuropeptides: a transnasal approach to the human brain

  1. Anonymous
    Jan Born, Tanja Lange, Werner Kern, Gerard P. McGregor, Ulrich Bickel & Horst L. Fehm


    Neuropeptides act as neuronal messengers in the brain, influencing many neurobehavioral functions1. Their experimental and therapeutic use in humans has been hampered because, when administered systemically, these compounds do not readily pass the blood–brain barrier, and they evoke potent hormone-like side effects when circulating in the blood. We administered three peptides, melanocortin(4–10) (MSH/ACTH(4–10)), vasopressin and insulin, intranasally and found that they achieved direct access to the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within 30 minutes, bypassing the bloodstream.

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