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Taxing the UK Cannabis Market

Taxing the UK Cannabis Market

  1. jon-q
    IDMU was established in 1998 and incorporated as a limited company in 1999, providing expert witness services to the UK courts on issues surrounding controlled drugs. Our mission is to provide accurate, up to date and unbiased information on drugs to all parties in the debate on drugs policy. We conduct annual surveys on drug consumption levels, prices and drug-arrest history.

    IDMU has been commissioned by CLEAR to investigate the current size of the UK cannabis market and estimate potential tax revenues and cost savings if the cannabis market were to be regulated and taxed at recent levels of activity.

    Sources of information used re cannabis offenders have included official Home Office & Ministry of Justice statistics, annual reports of official bodies and studies commissioned by from the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and devolved governments in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as written answers to parliamentary questions. Departmental budgets have been taken from annual reports of the relevant agencies.

    Data from IDMU sources have included core data from annual surveys of drug usage, purchasing behaviour and prices at different market levels, cultivation methods and past arrests for cannabis etc, and from the IDMU plants database derived from legal casework data.

    The stages in this investigation include:

    (a) The size, value and composition of the UK cannabis market
    (b) The levels of domestic cannabis production
    (c) Potential excise duty revenues based on potency levels
    (d) Potential Criminal Justice System cost savings
    (e) New cost implications for a regulated cannabis market
    (f) Calculation of net benefit to UK Treasury

    Disclaimer: Provision of this report for CLEAR does not imply any affiliation with CLEAR nor any formal endorsement of the aims and objectives of CLEAR on the part of IDMU Ltd or members of IDMU staff.