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Teachers' screening for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: comparing multinational samples on

Teachers' screening for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: comparing multinational samples on

  1. Expat98
    Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, August, 2003 by Mark L. Wolraich, E. Warren Lambert, Anna Baumgaertel, Santiago Garcia-Tornel, Irene D. Feurer, Leonard Bickman, Melissa A. Doffing

    Despite extensive research, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), its diagnosis, and its treatment remains the object of controversy. The differences in the number of children diagnosed and treated across countries, along with major differences in the use of stimulant medications, support the argument that ADHD may be a value-laden social label, rather than a legitimate medical condition. In particular, methylphenidate is prescribed at a considerably higher rate in the United States (US) than in other developed nations, and even within the United States patterns of use are highly variable. In some countries, such as Italy, methylphenidate is not even available.

    The present study compares four samples and examines four questions:

    1) Is it necessary to distinguish two aspects of ADHD (inattentive vs. hyperactive/impulsive) as done by DSM-IV?
    2) How well does a two-factor model of the 18 ADHD symptoms fit a wide range of samples?
    3) Do the 9 hyperactivity/impulsivity symptoms represent 1 factor or 2 factors (hyperactivity and impulsivity)?
    4) How do ADHD symptoms relate to performance in school?