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The DMT Handbook

The DMT Handbook

  1. Jasim
    Part 1: Extraction of DMT
    Step 1: Prepare the Bark
    Step 2: Acid Cook
    Step 3: Basify and Extract
    Step 4: Freeze Precipitation

    Part 2: Methods of Purification
    Section 1: Recrystallisation
    Section 2: Crystal Growing

    Part 3: Salting
    Section 1: Theory
    Section 2: Practical

    Part 4: Making DMT Enhanced Leaf

    Part 5: Methods of Ingestion
    Suggestion 1: Smoking Enhanced Leaf
    Suggestion 2: Smoking Crystal
    Suggestion 3: Using Salts
    Suggestion 4: Pharmahuasca

Recent Reviews

  1. biozen13
    Version: 2010-06-20
    Wow, never expect this simple handbook have existed. The good thing it is have pictures and diagram that really understand to read. The overview really helpful. Thanks for upload it.
  2. MillenniumMind
    Version: 2010-06-20
    Excellent !
  3. Ace193
    Version: 2010-06-20
    Awesome little ebook! It packs a punch for how small, simplified, and packed with good info that would take hours and hours to learn on the forum.
  4. kalishakti
    Version: 2010-06-20
    Very nice! Thank You!