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The Prevalence of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Among Regular Marijuana Smokers

Approximately 2.75 million (2.13–3.38 million) AmeAmericans may suffer annually.

  1. Calliope
    Study Author(s):
    Joseph Habboushe, Ada Rubin, Haoming Liu and Robert S. Hoffman
    Journal Name:
    Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology
    Publication Date:
    2018 Jan 12
    Abstract: Epidemiological data, including prevalence, for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) remain largely unknown. Without these data, clinicians often describe CHS as ‘rare’ or ‘very rare’ without supporting evidence. We seek to estimate the prevalence of CHS in a population of patients presenting to a socio-economically and racially diverse urban Emergency Department of a public hospital. This study consisted of a questionnaire administered to a convenience sample of patients presenting to the ED of the oldest public hospital in the United States. Trained Research Associates (RAs) administered the questionnaire to patients between the ages of 18–49 years who reported smoking marijuana at least 20 days per month. The survey included questions related to CHS symptoms (nausea and vomiting) and Likert scale rankings on eleven symptom relief methods, including ‘hot showers’. Patients were classified as experiencing a phenomenon consistent with CHS if they reported smoking marijuana at least 20 days per month and also rated ‘hot showers’ as five or more on the ten-point symptom relief method Likert scale for nausea and vomiting. Among 2127 patients approached for participation, 155 met inclusion criteria as smoking 20 or more days per month. Among those surveyed, 32.9% (95% CI, 25.5–40.3%) met our criteria for having experienced CHS. If this is extractable to the general population, approximately 2.75 million (2.13–3.38 million) Americans may suffer annually from a phenomenon similar to CHS.

Recent Reviews

  1. Reasonable
    Version: 1
    This is an excellent study that determined the prevalence of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome among patients in an emergency department of a public hospital to be 32.9% at a 95% level of confidence. I found it interesting the condition was most common in patients who were between the ages of 18-29. I learned of CHS through this study and remembered a forum thread where someone asked why they were experiencing stomach problems and pain when smoking cannabis. The symptoms were said to be relieved with hot showers and cessation of smoking.