The prevalence of substance-induced psychotic disorder in methamphetamine misusers: A meta-analysis

Lifetime prevalence of substance induced psychotic disorders of 42%

  1. aemetha
    Study Author(s):
    Tania Lecomtea, Alexandre Dumaisa, Jules R. Dugréa, Stéphane Potvin
    Journal Name:
    Psychiatry Research
    Publication Date:
    17 May 2018
    There is little consensus regarding the prevalence of methamphetamine-induced psychotic disorder (MIPD). A search of the literature was performed, effect size estimates were calculated with event rates and were aggregated with a random-effects model. Seventeen studies were included in the meta-analysis, resulting in a composite event rate of 36.5%. The event rate of MIPD was significantly higher when the period of assessment was lifetime (42.7%) and when only individuals with methamphetamine use disorders (MUD) (43.3%) were included. The prevalence of MIPD in the reviewed studies is elevated. These results highlight the need for detection and prevention strategies, and population studies.
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