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Experiences - 2-dpmp / desoxypipradol trip reports

Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by Terrapinzflyer, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Terrapinzflyer

    Terrapinzflyer MDMA, RC & News Forums

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    May 10, 2009
    2-DPMP Desoxypiparadol trip reports

    Please add your experiences with 2-DPMP here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    Info about this drug (other than experiences) should be discussed here: 2-DPMP / Desoxypipradol info

    Research Chemicals Index – Piperazines
    Research Chemicals Index - Phenethylamines
    Research Chemicals Index - Tryptamines
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  2. pokraka

    pokraka Newbie

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Is 4FMP-M another acronym for desoxypipradol?
    Or maybe it's just a mistake and it's something else?
    I had never heard of this name yet.

    In all case, here is my contribution to the thread :

    The lab rat is a 55kg male, in his twenties.
    He has some experiences with stimulants (street amphetamine sulfate, some beta-ketones, etc), but had not taken anything for months when he tried desoxypipradol. He has never taken methylphenidate, which seems to be closely related to desoxypipradol.

    First try : ~20mg insufflated.
    The first few (5-6) hours he liked the effect, attention and focus was enhanced, and it was helping him for studying.
    But then that effect started to disappear, and he started being nervous and tired. Sleep deprivation was intense, even if he was feeling quite tired. Actually he wasn't able to sleep until 3 days (!), during which he couln't focus on something anymore, so he was just wandering around in his house like a zombie waiting for the effects of the substance to wear off. He's insomniac and used to not sleep the night, but 3 days was definately too long and unsafe.
    When he was finally able to sleep, his sleep was still not easy, and he felt very tired the day after.
    He also experienced the worst jaw tension he has ever encountered, he even accidentely bite his tongue so much that it was painful for a week.
    The effect was never actually too strong, it was just way too long, and with many unpleasant side-effects.
    It was his worst experience with a stimulant, but he also took quite too much for a first trial (many people report 20mg being a very strong dose).

    Second try : ~3mg ingested (2 weeks after the first trial).
    This time the subject didn't want to make the same mistake, so he measured a few milligrams using volumetric methods (desoxypipradol diluted in distilled water).
    He took it again to see if desoxypipradol could help him for studying. To his surprise the substance was still potent at this very light dosage. But this time he didn't even feel focused, the same feeling of being "zombified" directly started (but it was bearable this time). It made him nervous again, but maybe it was because of the bad memories of the previous experience.
    He was able to sleep on the evening some 12 hours later, but it was a bit difficult.

    He doesn't think he will try this substance again, that's not something for him, and now he's too disgusted about this stimulant to want to try it again.
    But he was also irresponsible to take so much for his first trial, and maybe he's also a bit oversensitive to desoxypipradol.
    Maybe that people looking for a long acting stimulant could find this substance useful, but he doesn't recommand it.
  3. MisterV

    MisterV Silver Member

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Taken from the 2-dpmp info thread:

    Here is SWIMs little desoxy report:

    SWIM took 10mg at 3 pm. After half an hour to one hour SWIM felt it work. SWIM was very awake and wanted to do some work. SWIM worked on his computer for about one hour until SWIM had a bad headache. SWIM took some painkillers. Continued work until 7 am. SWIMs eye lids felt heavy so he decided to sleep, but it was impossible. Every 20 seconds he had to open his eyes and look on the white wall above him. So he took 1mg xanax, 600mg seroquel and 60mg chlorprothixe. An hour later he felt asleep. His dreams were very intense and strange. At 4 pm he woke up with a giant headache so he took another 400mg ibuprofen. The sleep was not very good so he took another 400mg of seroquel and went to bed. Awakening at midnight, headache again!

    SWIM paused one day and took some desoxy again, but he splitted the dosage from 1 time 10mg to 3-4 times of 5mg. Now he is taking desoxy for about a week. He is very awake and clear in his mind. SWIM wants to work, he wants to do something, he is on the run! The problem with the headache didnt appear a second time since the first use! Sleeping isnt a problem either because he has to take his night medication anyway.

    Conclusion: SWIM searched a substance that would help him over his massive hangover from the night medication. Before the desoxy he drank a lot of coffee and energy-drinks. Took some colanut and guarana. Amphetamines and cocaine were out of the question because he wanted to stay really "clear" in his head and mind. Methylphenidate could only be prescribed off-label by his doctor, he never really asked for it because he thought he wouldnt agree anyway! So he found the desoxy and is really happy with it. The often claimed negative point, the long duration of its effects he can control with his night medication. The dosing is another problem, even with a scale it can make problems. SWIM dosed like this: he took a toothpick, licked the head of it, scaled it, put it in the desoxy and scaled again! The only thing negative at the moment is the price!

    SWIM will take the desoxy now every day until he runs out of it. Perhaps he will try i.v. use ( i think its more efficient). SWIM will repost if any adverse effects occur with this high and daily dosage. Hope SWIM could help with his report and exuse him if he made some mistackes in language (SWIM is not a native speaker) ;)

    Edit: Adding news about SWIMs daily usage!

    Now SWIM uses the desoxy for over 2 weeks. First SWIM took 3-4 dosages of 5mg a day which was a little bit to much, so SWIM tried to figure out a good dosage for daily use. So SWIM reduced to 5mg a day, which seem to be perfect for him. Now to SWIMS adverse effects occuring during 2 weeks of usage: SWIM had some reapeating thoughts, he had to think through some stuff again and again until he was happy with it. This occured every day but SWIM didnt experience this as bad. No, SWIM was more concentrated and searching for perfection. So it seems, no idea if its the truth! Another effect SWIM noticed was getting pickels, not much but one got angry. SWIM can not be 100% sure that the desoxy made them but it is possible. The last and baddest effect SWIM got from using is bruxism. SWIM is "playing" with his teeth every second he is awake. From dangling his teeth to pressing his jaws against each other, its all in the game. SWIMs jaw hurts when he wakes up in the morning and his teeth got a little bit losse trough the dangling. This may sound a little bit strange but SWIM knew that there would and could be adverse effects. On the other hand SWIM integrated the desoxy perfectly in his life. SWIM will keep on reporting and tell if something new happens!

    Edit2: Bruxism

    The bruxism now lead to heavy pain in SWIMs ears. Its really hurting inhuman and SWIM will take some painkillers now and try to get some sleep.

    Edit3: Bruxism under control

    SWIM tried to get the bruxism under control, now it got better, only little ear pain left. Some thing SWIM didnt report yet is a light paranoia-feeling after 1-2 days without sleep working in front of the computer. But SWIM didnt really mind because he knew that it was introduced by not sleeping and working to hard and concentrated while being on the desoxy.
    Drinking one beer works really well to weaken the effects of the RC a little bit.
    Today it was really very hot up here under the roof and SWIM took 1mg of alprazolam to come down a little bit. SWIM takes 1mg of alprazolam anyway as his night medication but today he took it some hours earlier. No idea if its worth to be mentioned but SWIM wants to inform SWIY about every thing he experiences.

  4. NeuroChi

    NeuroChi is not his mind Staff Member

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Drug: 2-DPMP
    Dose: 8mg
    Route: Insufflation


    The drug was taken at home in a comfortable setting. Previous exposure to NDRI's includes methylphenidate, (Ritalin, Concerta) methyenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), cocaine. There had been no recent use of psychostimulants. The test subjected was permitted the usual environmental enrichment. The temperature was warm, window open for fresh air. His mindset was somewhat ambivalent; a poor nights sleep rendered him with a slight lack of motivation.


    12:58 - 8mg insufflated. A very unpleasant pain is experienced that persists for <5 minutes. On par with insufflating 2C-x compounds, not as painful as insufflating Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

    12:59 - HR 80 BPM

    1:03 - A headache localized to the anterior section of the frontal lobe is apparent. It then ceases within 1 minute.

    1:05 - Threshold CNS stimulation is first noticed.

    1:13 - Very gradual rise in focus and stimulation. Comparable to a low/moderate dose of time release methylphenidate.

    1:18 - Hear Rate: 96 BPM. Significant increase in perspiration under the arms is prevalent, akin to action of amphetamine.

    1:31 - HR 92 BPM

    1:57 - HR 100 BPM

    3:02 - HR 84 BPM

    3:32 - HR 84 BPM


    Commentary: At a first exposure this appears to be a very useful long acting psychostimulant. The subjects resting heart rate is usually in the 60-70 BPM range and it was generally elevated for duration of the first day. This report ends where he proceeded with his daily activities. The most noticeable effects tapered off between the 3-6 hour mark making a concrete assessment difficult but he did observe a general increase in focus and concentration for the remainder of the day. Ethanol and cannabis were employed in a recreational manner and served as a sleep aid; it would likely have been somewhat difficult to fall asleep otherwise - another assay is required. Unlike MDPV this compound produces no noticeable come down or hangover.
  5. NeuroChi

    NeuroChi is not his mind Staff Member

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    Dec 18, 2007

    2-DPMP has a very generic stimulatory effect on the test subject most comparable to methylphenidate. At this dose it caused a significant but not overwhelming rise in mental energy, clarity, focus, and some rise in motivation as well. His activities and tasks for that day were carried out with more efficiency and were more enjoyable to accomplish. In contrast, amphetamine (dextroamphetamine, IR, adderall, ER) can cause some euphoria with a low tolerance and has been noted to, ironically, impair his concentration while he experiences a rise in stimulation. Not surprisingly it should be noted that cocaine would be even greater extension on this side of the spectrum; even more euphoric and thus much more recreational than therapeutic (as a study aid). Also in contrast, MDPV takes effect and reaches a peak too quickly, then tapers off and comes down rapidly as well. There is no euphoria as with 2-DPMP, but its quick action and comedown make it less preferable unless he were to only require about an hour or two of stimulation. This compound is also less effective for his purposes.

    Caveat lector, I predict that some individuals would experience quite serious sleep issues as a result of the extended NDRI activity. I think there could also be a significantly difficult withdrawal period if long term use of this compound was ceased, because of the much longer half life, daily dosing would solidify the rate of tonic firing more so than daily use of the closely related, extended release preparations of methylphenidate like Concerta.
  6. Gradient

    Gradient Chem|EB|DMT Staff Member

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    Nov 9, 2007
    Recently found a notebook in the gym that I frequent with a handful of journal entries, some of which I've decided to transcribe. Accordingly, I can't personally elaborate on any effects described. Here's one of them:

    I must strongly emphasize the volatile nature of this compound's dose-resopnse curve. Appropriate doses appear decidedly low; this is not a party drug by any means. Any foolish attempt at utilizing it as such will inevitably result in dangerous overstimulation, and potential fatality. To reiterate at the risk of redundancy...
    Absolute caution is utterly mandatory with 2-DPMP. In sum: this is not a toy, and potentially presents genuine danger.
  7. anj0vis

    anj0vis Gold Member

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    Jan 6, 2005
    I also thought I could share a few experiences on this new stimulant that I happened to hear in local supermarket from about 30 year old person I happened to know. He is not very experienced with stimulants overall, though has tried more or less all of them at least once. He does not use any stimulant regularly, not even caffeine in any form, so he seems to have some sensitivity to them as even a half dose of single energy drink (~50mg caffeine) keeps him very active and alert for 4-6 hours after poor night.

    So, he had used his mg scale to its fullest and taken ~1mg dose on a few consequent mornings after only 3-5 hours of sleep per night (normally he mentioned to be sleeping 8 hours to have a good rest). This amount of 2-dpmp worked like a full energy drink (~100mg caffeine) extended to about 10 hours, after which it started to become less and less noticable. The effects had lingered well beyond 15 hours, which in turn caused slight disturbances in the sleeping rhythm the following night. Due the strict working and family affair schedule (he has two young kids), the night was left short easily and thus the following day a new low-dose supplement was needed. Overall his opinions were quite good on the experience, he mostly forgot the whole thing for the day. Working was good, steady energy, no specific euphoria but also nothing negative to say. Specifically good seemed to be the lack of "peak" experience which is typical to some stimulants, i.e. that they are very strong for a few hours and with a long downward tail. This seemed to keep a long steady plateau of energy on this low dose at least. Also physical side-effects seemed to be absent on this amount. With caffeine he often got sweaty palms and slight jitters, with this nothing. The only problem he mentioned was specifically this length, which could disturb his regular sleeping patterns easily if the dose was taken too late. There seemed to be small tolerance buildup even after 4 days of this low-dose experiment, but after stopping there was no other significant problem than catching up with the lack of sleep from previous nights.

    All in all he rated the compound was very good for working and general "push tiredness a day later" sort of workout on the small dose. But as with other stimulants, he thought this one also would produce some dependency if used regularly. No other psychoactives were consumed during this period.
  8. Synthesised

    Synthesised Titanium Member

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    Mar 30, 2010
    Found a notebook containing the following reports.
    Transcribed as-is.

  9. TerrorFromTheNorth

    TerrorFromTheNorth Newbie

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    Mar 17, 2011
    I overheard a story about 2-DPMP at a bathhouse. The man, who appeared to be in his late twenties, was in average physical/mental health, and was remarkable sexually attractive, relayed the following to a fat man he was sharing a bubble bath with.

    He received 1 gram from overseas, the powder was white with a hint of yellow and clumped easily, like a fluffier version of good cocaine. He was excited to start his experiments and administered 5 mg (+/- 1mg) to himself via insufflation at 9am. He said the onset of the effects were slow and pleasant, comparable to time release amphetamines. There was a lift in his mood, but no pronounced euphoria. He went to work and wasn't bothered by the mundane tasks he had to do. He was focused and efficient, he almost liked working that day. He waited for 4 hours and administered another 5mg to see if it had any more positive effects. He said, after redosing, he didn't realize the first dose hadn't taken its full effect and braced himself for the anxiety and headaches that come with high doses of stimulants. The onset of the second dose took less time. He said there was no anxiety or dysphoria, but there was no further mood elevation. He said his face and jaw muscles were tense for hours and he felt only slightly "zombified". The effects lasted a long time were still prominent. He tossed and turned for hours but was able to get 3 or 4 hours of light sleep. When he woke up he still felt the effects. He said he didn't crash, just had a slow and drawn out diminishing of effects with no cravings to take more.

    He warned the man he was talking to about the gradual onset of this chemical and said that he would take this again, but only once in the early morning and taking no than 5 mg a day. He said it was a very useful "working" drug but also extremely potent and not something that someone would want to take to get a strong rush off of because at higher doses, only the negative side effects increase. He also thinks that the desire to take it every morning because of its positive impact on his performance and overall outlook might be a concern.
  10. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    (over)Dose taken: 50mg* (hint, wear glasses when reading scales if you need them, it would appear that decimal points are put in between numbers like 5 and 0 on scales for very good reasons to do with 'mathematical accuracy')

    Route of admin: Smoked slowly over an hour.
    Setting: Various.
    Duration: 70 hours.
    Main effects: 1 hour of non euphoric stimulation, 1 hour of slight productivity, followed by 80 hours of paranoid stimulant axiety.
    Side effects: High BP, high BPM, Excessive Bruxism, Mild hallucinations, Chest Pain, Palpitations.
    Rating of experience: -1
    addictive qualities / abuse potential: None, unless just including first few minutes of mild rush.

    Not going to go into major detail of events/situations here, but I have a very good idea of a lot of useful cardio data throughout the experience, and will try to just include that plus the major reasons for the changes in them.

    T=0 Taken after being awake for 10 hours already. Smoked the overdose of 2-DPMP slowly in a long rollie over an hour to help study (this ROA is HIGHLY not recommended, this fool was being impatient and curious). Presumed it was a very light powder as it did look like a lot, and had scales on an unusual sig fig point setting. Unaware that dose was ten times expected dose (50mg). Few tokes every other minute. Immediate rush, very brief though. Soon as it was all finished became very aware it was far too strong. Small pupils.

    t + 2 Very restless, killer headache. Can still vaguely concentrate on tasks with effort. BPM 100.

    t + 3 Very restless, very aware of heart, headache worse, chest muslces tight, can not focus on anything productive. BPM 90. Small pupils.

    t + 5
    Restless, uneasy, blurred vision, dont want to move, resting BPM 90. Very cold feet.

    t + 6
    Bad paranoia, takes 5 minute walk, all else same as above (except BPM 120 after walk and mild Mydriasis)

    t + 7 Tight chest, bad paranoia, blurred vision, pronounced Mydriasis (constantly pronounced from now on till t=~36), very hot. Temp: 103C / Oxygen saturation = 96% / BPM (after 10 min walk) 130 / BP 200/110.

    t + 8 Same as above. Resting BPM 120 / BP 180/100

    t + 9
    Have not moved for hour. 5mg Diazepam swallowed. BPM 100 / BP 170/100

    t + 10 the 5mg Diazepam onset is felt, muscles much more relaxed and paranoia is decreased significantly. Resting BPM 100 BP 170/95

    t + 11 Peak of diazepam felt, still tight chest and headache. BPM 95 / BP 175/100

    t + 13 Effects of diazepam now completely unapparent, mentally and physically. Feel very weak. Walk for 10 minutes > BPM 150 / BP 200/110. Chest pain (specially round heart) unbearable. Blackout two times in five minutes.

    t + 15 At rest, oxygen levels 96 (fine, and remain so throughout), BP 180/110, BPM 120.

    t + 16 At rest, BP 180/110, BPM 100.

    t + 17-24 For the previous 8 hours vital signs (if at rest physically and mentally) stay generally very constant at BP 150/90 and BPM 90.

    However any sort of reason for paranoia or worry DRASTICALLY effects both blood pressure and BPM very quickly, as does any sort of physical exercise. Not drinking water enough also increases chest pain and muscle tension considerably. Food seems to be easy to eat (and probably a good idea for energy). Moving is not a good idea, a walk to and back from a toilet showed a BP of 220/110 and pulse of 150 when sitting straight after.

    t + 24-36 6mg diazepam ingested. Sleep and rest still impossible. Diazepam not really felt, apart from maybe slight release of chest tightness. Walking for a few minutes seems much more tollerable to BPM and BP now, only brief however. Thoughts increasingly paranoid, brief transient psychosis type episodes towards the end where anything anyone said was being linked to, this was very dependant on setting and company than a continuous phenomenon. Vision increasingly colorful and wavy.

    t + 36-48
    Resting pulse constant at 80. BPM 140/90. Sleep still impossible as pain on left side of back where muslces have been so tight and still slightly tense muscles in general. Feel very weak.

    t + 48-70
    8mg diazepam taken @48 hours. Pulse slowly drops to baseline (55) and sleep at the three day mark is achieved (much with the help of 8mg diazepam and a single beer)

    Comments: If you ever dose this much I would phone the emergency services and explain.

    This overdose could likely have been made a lot easier by using a series of low doses of diazepam earlier in the incident, maybe up to 60mg spread over the first 24 hours. Although generally NDRI drugs are considered quite safe in overdose compared to most stimulants the severity of 2DPMP overdose (due to its long action) seems to rely heavily on how you mentally react to it over the long time of its duration more than a directly predicatable effect. Naturally anxious people will be at a lot greater risk for serious health problems.

    * By smoking it there is a good chance the actual dosage taken was slightly less than stated, as uncontrolled pyrolysis of compounds as opposed to vaporization means some will burn and waste and some will leave the lungs/end of rollie as it is smoked. Also the change of toxic substances forming is also greatly increased, as is the temptation to re-dose from the rapid onset. Not a recommended ROA for this compound, by far.
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  11. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    I have found this substance remarkably good over the last week for aiding concentration, stimulation and productivity at doses of 7mg in the morning as soon as I wake up. I put it in my tea. Not only does it give no real noticeable recreational high at this dose so there is little chance of abuse since there is no real crash or impulse to redose when the effects wear off later in the day. What happens is within 30 minutes of drinking the 7mg I find that i'm wide awake and in a very productive state. I have no noticeable rise in BPM at all, I can even go to the gym and monitor my heart rate on a cross trainer for 30 minutes and notice no noticeable difference from baseline. Also blood pressure is nearly normal level too.

    It increases lucidity, stops the chance of nodding off during lectures in its tracks, improves clarity of thought and concentration on said task, and provides motivation to do tasks that I may have usually been too unmotivated to even start. A 9/10 when used in this way, just be careful you have an accurate way to measure the dosages, the mistake I made in the above experience is evidence that overdoing this compound will result in prolonged periods stimulant anxiety and possible psychosis, however I have had no trouble sleeping with the initial dose at 7mg in the morning. I used 4g GHB on the first two nights however, but the other five I have slept naturally.
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