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Experiences - 25I-NBOH Experiences

Discussion in 'Phenethylamines' started by Terrapinzflyer, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Terrapinzflyer

    Terrapinzflyer MDMA, RC & News Forums Platinum Member & Advisor

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    May 10, 2009
    Male from U.S.A.
    25i-nboh trip reports

    Please add your experiences with 25i-nboh here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    Originally Posted by EXAMPLE
    When posting a experience, please describe:
    • body weight & gender
    • dose taken
    • route of administration
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken.
    • duration of main effects
    • main effects
    • side effects
    • after effects
    • rating of the experience
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential
    • any other valuable information

    Info about this drug (other than experiences) should be discussed here: 25i-nboh

    Research Chemicals Index – Piperazines
    Research Chemicals Index - Phenethylamines
    Research Chemicals Index - Tryptamines
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  2. Dope Amine

    Dope Amine Silver Member

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Female from romania
    25i-nboh trip reports

    Dosage: approximately 550 micrograms on blotter paper
    Route: sublingual
    Duration:4 hours full-trippy, 6 hours to baseline

    • Male 185 lbs
    • Setting: outdoors in the majestic Los Padres National Forest
    • duration of main effects: 4-5 hours
    • main effects: extremely similar to a strong but not overwhelming dose of LSD
    • side effects: slight anxiety, small amount of phlegminess, day-time tracers, faces in the mountainsides
    • after effects: typical LSD afterglow
    • rating of the experience: definitely at least as good as LSD, possibly better, had a blast
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential: none
    • any other valuable information: remarkable similarity to LSD. More physically stable than LSD (no need to worry about light or heat destroying it). Only drawback is that you must hold blotter tab under tongue or lip until completely broken up. Many people normally do that with LSD blotter anywayz.
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  3. Dope Amine

    Dope Amine Silver Member

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Female from romania
    What else would you like to know? It was like a good strong, not overly strong dose of acid. The tracers were somewhat more intense, especially considering that it was daytime. I would be happy substituting this material for acid if I were ever in the mood for that experience. Some people find 2C-I to be anxiety producing. I find I can be comfortable in a crowd on 2C-I, no problem. I would be a bit more cautious with this material in a potentially overly-stimulating crowd, but still, I think I would be a bit more comfortable than if I were in a large crowd on LSD. Lemme know if you want any more details. I can't think of much more to say about it.
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  4. Bras

    Bras Silver Member

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    Feb 6, 2012
    33 y/o Male from earth
    This is what afoaf found on a sheet in the street:

  5. super_natural

    super_natural Newbie

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    Jul 2, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    A friend of mine had a blotter of this particular chemical and took it the other day. Just talked to him today and got a pretty good experience report from him.

    Dosage: ~450 micrograms on blotter paper
    Weight: ~145
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Setting: Passenger in a car driving around the streets of a major city. Underage friends of the tripper were attempting to buy alcohol, which caused the subject some anxiety. Also comments he was not able to communicate his experience well with the company he was in.
    Duration: ~6 hours (harsh comedown)

    Physical Effects
    - enlarged pupils
    - teeth clenching
    - increased heart rate
    - bitter/metallic taste

    Mental Effects
    - aggression (asked people to fight him)
    - slight paranoia (probably from setting)
    - weightless feeling
    - fractal patterns, geometric patterns, broad spectrum of false colors (same or very similar visuals open and closed eyed)
    - increased appreciation of music
    - feeling of wonder and awe at regular scenes
    - euphoria

    My friend enjoyed this chemical, and plans on experimenting with it further. He also compared 25I-NBOH favorably to 3 grams of shrooms. He's hoping to trip in a better setting next time. Overall, he would suggest this compound to others.
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  6. killbotfactory

    killbotfactory Silver Member

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    Dec 16, 2013
    21 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    Dosage:1000 ug
    Route: sublingual on a tab
    Duration:11 hrs
    18, M, 135 lbs
    previous experience: Cannabis, Methylphenidate, corisoprodol, LSD, Datura, Psilocybin, DXM, 25i-NBOMe, Alprazolam, 2C-I, DMT, 25c-NBOMe, 2C-P, DOB, LSA, MDMA, 2C-B
    Setting:My room with the lights off/around my house
    duration~11 hrs
    main effects-Powerful colorful geometric and organic visuals, some auditory effects, stimulation, euphoria, confidence boost, increased empathy
    side effects-Tremors, chills, sweating, bruxism, hyperthermia, muscle twitches, difficulty balancing
    after effects-None of note, did kinda feel a bit down and very calm for most of the next day
    rating of the experience-8/10, not the most introspective and physically uncomfortable at times, but the visuals were so prominent and were some of the most beautiful I've ever gotten so that made up for it imo, along with a long duration and interesting cognitive effects.
    addictive qualities / abuse potential-I haven't done tests on tolerance yet but I for now I am assuming it has similar tolerance buildup to the NBOMe's negating any addiction potential.

    Here is the full detailed report I wrote:
    (is there a way to spoiler this so there isn't this big block of text here)
    T0:00-One tab in the mouth. Bitter taste, numbing flavor, pretty much like an NBOMe.

    T0:20-I can feel something building. I feel like there is buzzing through my body and energy is building throughout my veins.

    T0:40-Start to notice visuals-blank surfaces appear to have more depth and texture to them, things begin to look more colorful. I start getting a more intense bodyload-slight nausea, and really intense shaking. My jaws are beginning to clench and all my muscles are starting to feel twitchy and uncomfortable. Soon, I feel like the building energy and the building psychedelia has just overflowed and spilled over-the dam breaks and it hits me all at once. Patterns and spiralling fractals begin faint and slowly grow in intensity dancing over every surface. I'm shaking so hard I begin to get paranoid I'm noticeably shaking the entire house. I feel cold and shivery but hot and sweaty at the same time.

    T0:50-The bodyload becomes extremely uncomfortable. I read a lot of trash talking on the NBOx series before this and I'm starting to understand where they were coming from briefly. My body just cannot sit still, it feels like there is lightning coursing through my veins and muscles. The patterns grow in intensity. Spirals twirl across every surface splattering the world with rainbow tracers. The white lights of my keyboard are spinning off rainbows as the text and images on the screen begin to warp and melt and leak even more colors. I decide to lie down under blankets to try to take some deep breaths and stave off the bodyload.

    T0:55-I begin to breathe deeply and focus on keeping my body still and for the most part it works. I close my eyes and am greeted by an infinite 3 dimensional world of colorful fractals and spirals. I open my eyes and the dark room is dominated by flashing bullseye like patterns and snowflake patterns in a rainbow of contrasting colors. Mentally, I don't feel very different. I am still lucid and thinking straight, all my thought processes proceeding as normal, just with intense visual stimulation. I stand up and return to my computer, floating the whole way there amidst a galaxy of pulsing colors.

    T1:00-The visuals begin to dance with the music, dots and colors and circles spinning and swirling and pulsing to the beat. The music begins to take on a strange tinny artificial sound like it's being played through chopping fan blades. I am overcome with a wave of great sweet euphoria that I could only describe as "colorful" at the fact that the bodyload seems to have fallen away.

    T1:10-I begin to feel more impaired. The room is swirling and rocking like I am on a boat. Every thought suddenly explodes into a chain of more thoughts, my mind becomes scrambled trying to pursue each thought and the fountains of thought exploding in turn from each one to any sort of conclusion. I close my eyes and become immersed in intense closed eye visuals to try and sort this out. While my eyes are closed it feels like I am repeatedly having a really bright light flashed against my eyelids. I sit there for what seems like half an hour with my eyes closed, eventually stringing my tangled thought processes together into straight cut paths where they can flow freely and no longer redundantly tangle in on themselves. I open my eyes, calm and focused, and notice only 3 minutes have passed. Oh.

    T1:20-Auditory hallucinations become marked. I turn off my music which is beginning to echo and sound very "robotic' and "artificial" and sit there to appreciate the sounds of the world. There is a beeping sound that resembles birds chirping resonating through my room. The sound of my fan which is usually one steady block of white noise begins to raise and lower in pitch, sounding like its pulsing through the room in waves. Strange beeping and chirping noises begin to crawl out of the corners of my auditory environment, entering my ears and bouncing off each other and dancing and synesthizing into visuals around me. For the next half hour or so I alternate between using the computer and lying on my bed when the body load comes back. I notice it coming in waves and alternating in strength. Eventually, the people I'm talking to begin to drop off and go to sleep. At one point I'm lying on my bed, my laptop is closed and my phone is no longer buzzing, and I suddenly feel so alone. The last time I triped alone in my room I was talking to people until sunrise. This time however, there is no one, and nothing. I suddenly realize how alone I feel withotu technology, without constant connection to people, it feels cold and desolate, and I realize how addicted i have become to constant human interaction.

    T1:50-I go downstairs to grab my jacket. I don't feel very impaired and my thoguht processes are proceeding logically and normally, but I have a lot of trouble walking and balancing. My living room, lit up only by streetlights, becomes a world of red and blue double images, like in old 3d movies. In my basement, everything is overtaken by rainbow double images. I run upstairs and grab my cat on the way up, his fur swirling and warping. Climbing the stairs in the dark holding a cat while tripping too hard to have balance proves to be the most terrifying task ever. I pretty much hold my breath the whole way up, heart racing with what is probably unhealthy intensity. By the time I finally reach the top, I have to collapse in a chair and I am hyperventilating. In the darkness of my room, my cat's entire substance soon becomes a field of chomping teeth, sinister and dark. This freaks me out so I put him down, but the hallucnation spreads, and all around me in the dark are mouths of glimmering white and faintly red teeth biting at me. This doesn't really bother me that much anymore and it eventually fades.

    T2:10-My thoughts are beginning to uncontrollaby chain again, and I browse the internet taking extreme interest in every little detail and every little thing that could possibly distract me. In the end I have about 10 tabs open to various things that have caught my interest. It's the same attention to detail that weed gives me, but x100. I end up focusing on one thing-a random girl's instagram. I forget how I found it, but I soon find out that I am pretty much able to witness her entire life unfold on this one piece of social media. I watch her begin as an innocent teenager taking pictures of her pets, who then gets really into partying and raving. Soon are pictures of bong hits and acid tabs and sweaty scantily clad people at music festivals. Then pictures of large sums of money from dealing drugs and stripping, and the large amounts of drugs she moved. Then her as a full time professional stripper. I just found it so fascinating and I connected so empathically with this random person (I honestly don't know how I found her instagram, I think it was something commenting on something somehwere?) and I was just amazed at how it felt like i knew exactly how her life unfolded. Bodyload is all but gone at this point. Visuals still powerful and universal. Auditory hallucinations are gone.

    T3:20-After that whole adventure, the next 3 hours are just more chasing random details and distractions. Visuals are still going strong. Not all consuming as they were before, but impossible to ignore. Aztec like patterns breathe on every surface and emit impossible rainbows of color.

    T6:10-I decide to smoke a bowl as I watch the sun rise. This kicks everything back into gear. The visuals suddenly become prominent and solid again, appearing bright and 3-dimensional. The clouds outside lit by the glowing rising sun begin to dance and form into shapes and recede into the distance. I take a shower. Each drop of water is a sphere of rainbow colors and I become entranced by an architectural visual in the floor of my bathtub-it appears like I am lying in a courtyard looking up into the sky, the roofs of buildings framing it, except I am standing up and looking down, making it appear like the sky and buildings are in the floor. I finish up and dry myself off with a towel taht is swirling and crawling. I bundle up and decide to take a walk on this frigid winter day amongst the snow. It is about 8:00 AM now.

    T6:40-I walk around town. Visuals are only apparent anymore when I stop and stare at anything. I feel very lucid and in control, but while walking I am struck by a tidal wave of empathy. I suddenly feel immense guilt and sadness for past actions and unfair ways I have treated people (mostly a certain person) in my past. I admit, I started tearing up while walking around (which became pretty uncomfortable when the tears froze). The rest of the walk was alternating intense sadness and remorse and explosive confidence and unfounded feelings of self worth. When I get back to my house I look to the sky to see the clouds appear to be rushing and shrinking and receding into the distance. That shouldn't happen.

    T8:00-Visuals still dance around my vision. I am talking to several people and trying to present myself as moral or empathic or something. I feel like I have the confidence to understand people's feelings and connect with them (it really doesn't end up working). I drift around on my inflated ego.

    T11:00-I can say I've returned to baseline at this point. Feelings of confidence and connection and empathy have been replaced with dulled feelings of bleak sadness and regret and deepset boredom and self loathing, as usual. I guess nothing ever sticks.

    Conclusion-I can't really see any permanent psychedelic therapy uses for this one, as while it does fill the user with beautiful colorful empathy while it lasts, it eventually fades to the exact same state as before. Afterglow as negligible.That might just be me though. I can say though, it had the most beautiful and intense visuals of any trip. I would use this to go on an adventure somewhere to make the world look more interesting. I would definitely do it again, just for how it alters perception. Cognitive and emotional effects were interesting and noteworthy but don't seem to contribute developmentally. It lasts longer than NBOMe's too which was nice. I also noticed that unlike NBOMe's, which usually prey on my self loathing and intensify it, this one had more a confidence and reasonable remorse effect, where it didn't just cast unfounded hatred upon myself but made me feel more empathetically and justifiably wrong about things that needed to be addressed.
  7. pupnik

    pupnik Silver Member

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    Feb 20, 2014
    Male from Canada
    A series of 5 tests with 25-i-nboh and some summary comments
    Male - 130lbs - ( born 1951 )

    #1 Dosage: 300 mics – 1/4 blotter
    Route: Buccal / chewing – strong taste, but not as strong tasting as nbome.
    Duration: 6 hrs
    • time taken and date 16:00 2014-02-07
    • previous dose taken and date n.a.
    • tolerance from previous dose n.a.
    • state of health & mindset Coming down with Flu symptoms (nose dripping)
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken. Taken at home then went to a nearby Wine Bar
    • duration of main effects 5 hours
    • main effects euphoria, visual enhancements, conversational
    • side effects extra trips to washroom – need to void bladder
    • after effects Positive: afterglow next day
    • rating of the experience 9 out of 10 – exceeding expectation
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential inclination to repeat is high see follow-up
    • any other valuable information first test from new vendor

    #2 Dosage: 300 mics – 1/4 blotter
    Route: Buccal / chewing .
    Duration: zero
    • time taken and date 11:00 2014-02-08
    • previous dose taken and date – 300mics 16:00 2014-02-07
    • tolerance from previous dose complete mask of any effect
    • state of health & mindset sick with Flu symptoms (sore trhroat and nose dripping)
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken. bathtub session
    • duration of main effects zero
    • main effects no effect due to tolerance of next day
    • side effects no side effects
    • after effects no after effects
    • rating of the experience 0 out of ten – no effect
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential dissapointing to see total mask of any effect

    • any other valuable information will attempt test after 48 hours

    #3 Dosage: 600 mics – 1/2 blotter
    Route: Buccal / chewing .
    Duration: 6 hrs
    • time taken and date 13:00 2014-02-10
    • previous dose taken and date (300 mics) 11:00 2014-02-08
    • tolerance from previous dose minor tolerance (effect diminished by 30-50% )
    • state of health & mindset Sick with Flu
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken. bathtub session
    • duration of main effects 6 hours
    • main effects A stunned kind of euphoria, strong visual enhancements, some auditory hallucinations
    • side effects hard to concentrate on work
    • after effects Positive: afterglow next day
    • rating of the experience 9 out of 10 – exceeding expectation
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential inclination to repeat is high see follow-up
    • any other valuable information this test reveals 600 mics much stronger than 300 mics, but some tolerance diminished full effect

    #4 Dosage: 600 mics – 1/2 blotter
    Route: Buccal / chewing .
    Duration: 6 hrs
    • time taken and date 11:00 2014-02-14
    • previous dose taken and date (600 mics) 13:00 2014-02-10
    • tolerance from previous dose NO TOLERANCE AT ALL with 3 day gap
    • state of health & mindset still sick, ate greasy breakfast so stomache problems
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken. Taken at home after breakfast out
    • duration of main effects 6 hours
    • main effects A stunned kind of euphoria, visual enhancements, exagerrated body sensations, sweating hot and freezing alternating
    • side effects Tweaky & need to void guts – nearly blackout twice
    • after effects Positive: afterglow next day
    • rating of the experience 9 out of 10 – way exceeding expectation
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential none, serious review of dosage to tolerance relations
    • any other valuable information 600 mics seems too high for me when there is low to no tolerance.

    #5 Dosage: 300 mics – 1/4 blotter
    Route: Buccal / chewing
    Duration: 6 hrs
    • time taken and date 19:00 2014-02-19
    • previous dose taken and date (600 mics) 11:00 2014-02-14
    • tolerance from previous dose NO TOLERANCE AT ALL with 4 day gap
    • state of health & mindset emotional after serious family discussions
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken. Taken at home after dinner – will watch videos
    • duration of main effects 6 hours
    • main effects A stunned kind of euphoria, visual enhancements, sweating hot and freezing alternating
    • side effects mild anxiety – due to confined space and conversations
    • after effects Positive: afterglow next day
    • rating of the experience 9 out of 10 – way exceeding expectation
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential none, serious review of dosage to tolerance relations
    • any other valuable information assessed that 300 mics is the sweetspot.

    Summary Comments: For my usage, this compound could be used at the low dosage ( 300 mics or 1/4 tab a few times per month with no problems)

    Nature of Psychedelic Intoxication: Strong visual and sensory enhancements including persistence of images, tracers, and resonance. Both OEV and CEV occur and some auditory phatasms as well. Temperature shifts from too cold to too hot. But not too disturbing. Some mental enhancements - access to calming wisdom etc but the euphoria interferes slightly.

    Nature of Euphoria: The euphoria is similar to MDA or coke for me, uplifting but stunned or stupefied - expansive from the chest, the body seems a bit confined or tight, and I think of myself as a deer transfixed by oncoming headlights - note this detracts from the beauty of the psychedelic effects (visual and mental).

    Nature of AfterGlow: The physical afterglow is characterized by all parts of the body feeling fluffed up like when hotel bedding has been fixed by housekeeping, freshened and fully padded. Ready to be lived in. Mentally it varies from flat or vacant, to ready for the next challenge.

    more detailed account of the first tests:

    I have a cold.
    I came down with this cold in the middle of my first taste of 25-i-nboh which was a quarter tab (after I carefully cut a 1200 mic blotter which was already the size of most 1/4 tabs into 4 very small bits of hard paper.)

    that was Friday afternoon about 4 pm.
    it was fantastic.
    very visual,
    but my nose started dripping, we went out and drank some wine and I had to keep swabbing at my nose as if I was coming off coke.

    On Saturday it was no longer kidding, I was really sick, sore throat - I guess the flu got me.
    Saturday afternoon I tried another quarter and it did nothing as expected due to tolerance.
    So today, Monday I took 2 quarters (half). and it was fantastic 600 mics of 25-i-nboh....lovelee

    I am still sick, but I thought it would be a great time. so while in the bath at about 1:10 PM I popped them in my mouth and started chewing.

    In summary, the tolerance within 48 hours is not good (same as nbome),
    but tolerance after 48 hours is fine for my dose size (same as nbome),
    but less tweaky than nbome overall. (so I will probably use these up first.

    anyway within 25 minutes I had spit out my well chewed bits of paper and the effects were clearly building.

    I got out of the bath in the normal way but was already pretty stoned.

    I shaved, dried up cleaned the washroom as if I were unaffected by anything - so it is very clear headed in some ways.
    I went to my desk and worked on a web page project and hardly seemed stoned,
    but felt my sore throat and full nose symptoms too much
    so I got more medicine and then returned to work,
    It was hard to keep looking at the screen because of being sick and stoned so
    2 hours in

    I put away the electronic toys, the mac and the phone
    and I dissolved into my bed

    holy fuck!
    amazing OEV when lying down, like graffiti sprayed on my bedroom walls
    and there was a ticking sound and it was everything. or everything was in it

    2.5 hours in I still hear the ticking which does not correspond to anything around me,
    no clocks, nothing melting and dripping

    and if I get into it the sound becomes many other sounds, or people sounding or singing
    I had a clear vision and audience of one black dude singing beautiful tunes with a guitar at the bedroom door
    and one teenage girl was dong some precious complaining (not seen just heard/imagined)
    and I became a yellow dragon asking for water and an advil for my cold which my wife brought me upstairs.

    {this is great medicine.
    as manic and compelling as salvia
    but as friendly as lsd.}

    typing detracts but not too much. (so I put away the computer and pull it out when I feel like it)

    I wanted to write so I would remember how complex and lifelike the visuals were in CEV mode too
    how clear and amazing the imagined audios are and how much presence entities may attain and then vanish

    yet if need be I can type or respond to communication and make sense,

    it is 3 hours in and I don’t want to waste it. it is light but perfect.

    so over and out
    back to lying down with closed eyes.

    daughter is texting me and I am tripping out on her and her life in my mind

    4hrs in
    oev’s of little neon dna chains or text
    some tags or klingon

    ordinary sounds are like music in some whacked out arrangement
    until they become interpreted as washing machine or pots clanging downstairs.

    there is a wonderful sense of stonedness capacity
    which is a measure of satisfaction in that every state of mind is nearby - I am able to be as mad or sane as I need to be or want to be
    I mean every mode of being seems accessible - from perverse to pristine.
    in that way all is right in the world

    of course I am in bed sick
    between the blankets and thinking about layers of mind
    and someone is taking care of me.
    which - except for the pain - is fucking perfect.

    this is probably the end of the peak intensity,
    but I am sure it is no further than 2 days away if need be.

    5hrs in - visuals still but no longer in the middle of all states - end of the ride.
    6 hrs in visuals still affected like cars and streetlights - gorgeous

    after dinner it is movie time...
  8. Davidrobbo17

    Davidrobbo17 Newbie

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    Oct 18, 2013
    Male from U.K.
    Dosage:1.5 mgs
    Route: Buccal (between gum and teeth)
    Duration: 8-12 hrs with about 4 hours of residual afterglow
    Experience: My pet cat started by administering the blotter buccaly and leaving it to naturally fall apart and all be absored, the trip was very present He noticed a distinct stimulation and closed eyes visuals, when in motion he couldn't really feel his body but He would touch his forehead and be pouring with sweat He found this concerning and weird at the same time, his eyes were almost completely dilated, an effect that his friends on the same substance got but he didn't was constant giggling which he didn't really mind, to keep it short he believes that there is no abuse potential with 25I-NBOH but he wouldn't consider doing it often.
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  9. pupnik

    pupnik Silver Member

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    Feb 20, 2014
    Male from Canada
    Dosage: 300 mics – 1/4 blotter
    Route: Buccal / chewing
    Duration: 6 hrs
    • time taken and date 18:30 2014-02-25
    • previous dose taken and date more than 96 hours previously
    • tolerance from previous dose NO TOLERANCE AT ALL with more than 4 day gap
    • state of health & mindset comfortable, some promising job prospects on the horizon.
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken. Taken at home after dinner – will watch video
    • duration of main effects ~5 hours
    • main effects A stunned kind of euphoria, visual enhancements, sweating hot and freezing alternating
    • side effects mild anxiety – due to confined space and conversations
    • after effects Positive: afterglow next day
    • rating of the experience 9 out of 10
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential - not really since not daily, but it is around in my mind all the time.
    • any other valuable information ~~~~.

    So after more than 96 hours since any psychedelic of any kind, I try another 1/4 blotter, approximating 300 micrograms of 25-i-nboh, I take it a half hour after a late light dinner and good tooth brushing…

    I chew it for about 15 minutes and then I can’t find it in my mouth any more, partly because it is small and partly because my oral tissues have been numbed by it. (probably swallowed it)

    Within 20 minutes, I get a bit sweaty (feet) and squirmy but sensuous, and within 40 minutes I have gone to the washroom and am clear of any belly action for the night. (all sympathomimetics accelerate the gut - like speed coke etc.)

    I checked the traffic outside and the car and street and traffic control lights were lovely.

    So we watch a compelling crime drama (True Detective) and
    I get really into the characters.

    Then I just browse the net for a while and put the lights out while sitting in bed with some water or diet coke, and I just chill watching mild neon arabesques of some undecipherable writing forming and sifting on the walls and ceiling.

    It's not really writing, unless you call graffiti writing (many do)
    - it is a pastiche of colored shapes and line segments that probably has much more to do with the true electrical nature of mental activity
    - signal fields interacting and triggering other fields, leaving some debris tossed like flotsam and jetsam in the cerebral cortex and changing many times per second.

    it is the same eye opened as it is eye closed.

    After 3 hours all the squirmy bits have stopped.

    5 hours in I just lie down and go to sleep - it is luxurious turning a stimulant into sleep. (I can take coke and sleep on that too)

    During this session, I kept asking myself, why do I do it.
    I have some quality LSZ (not much) around - yet I am more attracted to using this cheap thrill stuff, and I seem to want to take some of it every evening that I can squeeze it in, kind of like the transformation of a few drinks of whisky, but no hangover and no depressant cloud.
  10. surftube

    surftube Newbie

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    May 26, 2009
    Male from U.S.A.
    I was in downtown Seattle last summer. I happened to end up in the infamous Capitol Hill district near Cal Anderson Park after doing some traveling consisting of hitchhiking and riding freight trains across the country. I was offered "25i". I had never heard of it before but decided to take it (tab/sublingual) as a few of the other people I had met had reported positive experiences with it. It tasted like battery acid and I sucked on the tab for a while then swallowed. I was living/sleeping outside. I decided to take my boots off as it was a warm summers day and relax.

    The trip began and I experienced seeing a myriad vortex of colors that was inside of myself but also outside. I began to walk around and definitely noticed that I was tripping in a very interesting synthetic way. People would say sentences and I would register part of someones words with what other people were saying and found a kind of syncretic flow happening. I was in an artificial park with fake grass and people playing hockey on bikes and it was very very wacky. I noticed ebbs and flows in everything as I would reach a state of 'awesome'ness followed by a dip into horribleness.

    I began walking around and felt as though I was in some sort of circus. Everything seemed fake and artificial around me and the electrical lights were strange. I would say the first three hours of my trip were great, informative, and enlightening. I would notice cool things about life and was shown "the fabric of life"... how everything ties into and is woven into everything else. It was awesome.

    Then it became dark. I was told that the experience would last around 6 hours. I continued wandering around and as it became dark I started having a bad trip. I was alone in downtown Seattle, tripping balls at night, there were helicoptors flying overhead, an ambulance siren going off right near me, and about 7 police cars with sirens on. I'm not sure what the incident was but I was convinced they were coming for me.

    All of the lights outside fucked with my vision and I kept having these hardcore swings of ebbs and flows, experiencing something intense followed by something horrific and I couldn't find a middle ground in my mind. There was no rest, no peace, and I thought "omg this is what life is like and its eternal - I thought I would never be able to find a balance or peace in life even after death because everything was constantly swinging.

    I "came to" maybe 7 hours after ingestion. I was laying on some steps of cement with my face straight in the concrete. I hadn't realized what had happened and realized "shit - I better get my pack (with everything I owned in it). I was still barefoot at this point with my hands inside my overalls I was wearing, cold.

    I returned to the park and everyone was gone that I knew as was my pack, boots, and all my belongings. I was still tripping. Everything was very wacky, synthetic feeling, and everything around me appeared very fake and circus like. It was horrible. I didn't know what to do, was very cold, barefoot, and it was wet outside. I walked around for probably 3-4 hours looking for someone I knew and for my belongings (sleeping bag mainly) and found no one and nothing.

    At this point about 3 am, I decide to laydown on a park bench and try to just rest til morning when I could figure something out. It was fuckin freezing. I shook all night, was wet, barefoot, and still tripping the tail end of a really bad fucking trip.

    I didn't sleep at all. I just waited and prayed for the fucking sun to come up. And finally it did and peeped up and it was the best moment ever!!! I soaked in that warm sunlight and felt myself able to connect with the sun and with source. I was still tripping a little at this point.

    Finally around 11 am my friends came out of the woodworks and I hoped to god they had my pack but they didn't. They said I disappeared and they thought I'd come back so they left my pack with X but X disappeared without my pack after a night of heavy drinking. Pack was gone, boots gone, everything I owned gone.

    Found the guy who gave me the 25i and told him about the experience. He said he realized he had given me a stronger dose than he thought he did. I don't know how much it was. He offered to buy me a pair of shoes at least so we went to Value Village across the street. I looked at maybe 100 pairs of shoes on the wall all at once and knew exactly which ones were the best and i grabbed them and put them on my feet and walked out the store.

    He goes "arent you going to try a few out, see what you like best?" I was like - "no". LOL I just knew - I could sense and knew they were the only ones that would fit me right and the best pair out of the large selection and they were. Great shoes, I still wear them today, haha.

    So for about 3 days I am still not feeling right in the head. Feeling very wacky and that everything is circus like, and not enjoying it. Around the same time I see a guy walking through the park wearing my pack! I go "hey that's my pack!!!". He made up some story how he bought it from some guy, later I found out he was lying and had taken it that night. I got it back from him and found a lady with my sleeping bag in her shopping cart and at least got my pack and sleeping bag back.

    It was a hell of an experience. I had just broken up with my girlfriend who I had met in the Seattle area the year before when traveling through. The weird part is that I had lost my pack the year before in the same exact location at the same exact time in the same exact place literally within 1-2 days two years in a row. I call it the capitol hill curse as I have had other odd coincidences in the area.

    It is a place with heavy drug flow and if you're not careful will suck you in. Beware of the Capitol Hill curse.

    surftube added 11 Minutes and 37 Seconds later...

    Also I would like to add that I am not a fan of research chemicals. I have since then partaken in Iboga and Ayahuasca and much better recommend natural plant medicines over man made research chemicals.
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    Male from france
    Surftube, if you were offered "25i" there is a very strong possibility that the drug you consumed was 25i-NBOMe, rather than 25i-NBOH. The former is much more readily available than the latter. Did you have any other information regarding the substance that might help clarify this distinction?
  12. Polar94

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    Mar 15, 2014
    Male from U.K.
    AFOAF e-mailed me this trip report:

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    Aug 31, 2014
    Male from U.S.A.
    Dosage: initial 1000ug, added 500ug
    Route: insufflation (hcl, NOT in a liquid solution)
    Duration: 4-5 hours
    140 lbs male

    In calm and content/kind of excited frame of mind going into dosing. In my room with my girlfriend taking part as well, we measured out 1mg doses for each of us and insufflated. This was accomplished with a microgram scale received from a family member that used to work in a lab manufacturing all sorts of things, soaps, spices, etc. who had kept it for similar purposes to rc measurement but no longer uses it.

    +00:15 - initial warm feelings in body, excitement for serious come up.

    +01:00 - By this time there was some distortion and tracers were present, as well as somewhat orgasmic sensations in the crotch area. We had not really experienced that "catapulting into effects" come-up that we had anticipated from reading, and so we measured out another 500ug for each of us and insufflated.

    +01:30 - Definite increase in effects mentioned, but still not a "catapult" come up. Some disappointment arose for each of us from this, and these feelings on further analysis were probably amplified, creating somewhat of a "sad trip".

    +02:30 - Noticing a lot of colors trailing off of objects, especially tv screen, pc monitor etc. still feeling pretty bummed and generally as if something is wrong. Definitely a good deal of tracer action going on though, we had just expected more. At one point around this time my body felt as though it shot up in temperature and I freaked myself out a little, which I believe caused my chest to start hurting, but I calmed myself down with some water and some soft words from the gf.

    +03:00-03:30 - during this time we began to realize, at least for us, of the more emotional impact this substance has for us rather than a visual impact. As we conversed, our moods would fluctuate greatly. It was as if every emotion we had became amplified for a time, which is probably why we were so bummed for awhile. We settled in to a good positive talk about video games as we capsuled our Kratom for the next day and were quite giddy and giggly hereafter.

    +04:00-5:00 - Still some distortion and and tracer activity but pretty wound down. Effects have largely diminished.

    -Side effects: feeling feverish, muscle tension, pupils dilated.

    -main effects: Tracers, Some colorful patterns but not quite geometric in nature, breathing walls and objects. Most notable effect was how it intensified emotions and brought things to the forefront of conversation that we may have been avoiding subconsciously.

    A good note to add is that as there are no other reports I know of about insufflation of hcl without making a solution, I can only assume this method is inferior as it has not produced quite the results expected from other reports. This is also only the second psychedelic either of us have ever used with the first being 4-ho-mipt, but be assured that utmost caution was still exercised. I cannot compare to the nbome, but as stated I suspect this method to be inferior to insufflation using a solution of nboh or nbome, Especially since my oral dosing of 4-ho-mipt proved more profound overall, just not having the color patterns like with 25i-nboh.

    Id rate it a 5 out of 10 with this ROA. Maybe I'm just partial to tryptamines.

    Very low risk of abuse.
  14. Th3Razz96

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    Nov 25, 2014
    Male from U.S.A.
    Hey guys, first time posting, I'm a newb here, and I have a quick question. We had some lab rats that we were conducting research of 25-i NBOH on (500 ug each), and initial test results were spectacular, the rats had a fantastic time getting completely involved in looking in awe of very simple objects and watching the colors shifting and swirling and what not.

    Now, I knew that I was going to have to wait to run more tests, but I didn't know how long exactly. Upon seeing pupnik's reports I noticed he said he had no tolerance after a 4 day wait, so I figured I'd find out if it worked for me too. So, on the 4th day I decided to re-administer the substance, with a slightly higher amount than the last, 2 ml out of my 33 ml solution which contained 1 mg per 3 ml, so I guess this was somewhere around 600-700 ug. The rats sat waiting for the come-up, becoming noticeably agitated and impatient as it was taking much longer than the last test. After an hour and a half of waiting, when they should have been peaking normally, they only barely got any results, stating that it was there, but it was so boring they would've rather stayed sober than waste the stuff only to get teased.

    So, how long is REALLY needed to wait for tolerance to go back to normal? I know everyone's different chemistry blah blah blah but there must be some definite wait time, yes? I know I've heard that you're to wait 2 weeks to be absolutely sure, but this is very inconvenient for the rats, they try to research at the very least once a week, if possible twice or even three times (not necessarily of the same thing).
  15. DementedBeast

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    Jul 15, 2014
    Male from U.S.A.
    Time of experience : Feb 2014
    Dose: um... 5-6mg accidentally.
    Duration: 11 hours

    So this is one of those reports about how you can be super careful and still screw yourself over.

    Got 25mg from a trusted vendor with gc/ms analysis and msds. Got some ever clear and mixed it with 25ml in a shot glass to make 1mg=1ml and dosed sugar cubes for a party. Noone really tripped but had some alright effects.

    Fast forward a month later. Sitting at home alone, decide fuck it and just squirted 1ml under my tongue and bypassed the sugar. Some at the party had done this and still didn't trip much.

    30 SECONDS, not minutes later, heart Explodes to the 250bpm range, the world melts away, and I'm hearing a disembodied maniacal laughter like a demented clown or hyena on Crack. I panic and dive for my bottle of vodka and start taking a few shots then lay on my bed after putting on an infected mushroom Playlist.
    The entire world has melted away to a pure realm of crystalline chaotic energy, morphing and contorting. At this point I can see in 6 spatial dimensions and I'm talking to a being that lives in this realm. We have a mental showdown/battle of sorts (I had agreed to this in a past trip) and I'm removed from this plane for what I thought was a few days. My physical body from what I can gather at some point in the first 6 hours had died and I came back on my own a couple of minutes later. At the 6 hour mark I think, the main strong visuals were gone, but me and this being kept talking for another good 8 hours.

    To compare the strength of this trip, I once IVed 30mg 2cE and it was lame in comparison to this nboh experience.

    Upon further inspection, what had happened was since I used a baby Tylenol oral syringe, a lot of the solvent had evaporated out of the tip leaving the remaining liquid far more potent. Judging by the level of fluid loss I'd say I had around 5mg. I dosed a couple of days later with 1/3 the amount and got a satisfactory trip, breaking through nbohs massive instant tolerance.
  16. pantothenate

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    Aug 7, 2015
    Male from U.S.A.
    Dosage: 1.6 mg
    Route: Sublingually
    Duration: Kicked in around 45 minutes, tripped for maybe 5 or 6 hours after that, but after effects are still present 9 hours later.

    Before I start, here's some info about me. I'm 125 lbs, male. Keep in mind this is my first (intended) psychedelic drug. Maybe not the best choice, but 25I-NBOH is pretty cheap and easy to get. Before I took a whole tab, the day before I took half a tab to see how it would affect me. Needless to say, half a tab made me emotional but no visuals. To counteract vasoconstriction, I nursed a beer and pieces of a single aspirin.

    In my room, calm with music, 4:30 AM: I popped the tab under my tongue, and waited. at about the 45 minute mark, I started feeling something. Felt like my restless leg syndrome times 10; pure nervous energy. It was kinda fun at first but it felt like a dirty stimulant more than anything. Something about vision was different, depth perception/tunnel vision?

    Within about half an hour of that, I started to feel the psychedelic part of nboh kick in. My vision was twisting slightly not unlike a tie-dye shirt. Everything was breathing, and my carpet seemed very defined. My walls were being slightly twisted into my carpet and vice versa. Pure euphoria, also. I felt amazingly happy. I only noticed this on certain items in my room, mostly fabrics or cloths, but it appeared as though there was something being dragged on them.

    For the next three hours, intensity increased. This brought some new changes, such as darkness/lightness changing severely if I focused on it. Bushes/branches outside seemed to twist together and wave at me. If I stared at them long enough, each branch got really dark, like someone drew the bush into my vision with a marker. Trailers were present on everything, I thought it was cool to lie down and wave my hands above me like a madman.

    During the final peak of the trip, my carpet looked like there was a layer of crystal clear water above it, but if the water was frozen on top. Walls were breathing and twisting like crazy, like they were melting away. Massive amounts of looping thoughts, but not in a bad way. I turned off my light and the visuals were amazing. Like, I didn't see anything that wasn't already there, so I wouldn't say I was hallucinating, but it was like a very intense day dream. I would often just disappear into my thoughts and not even be aware of the world around me. Restless leg syndrome is still severely expressed.

    Despite all of this, I won't be doing it again for some time. That is due to the god-awful comedown...

    I was convinced that I had a mental breakdown or fried brain cells, because I didn't feel myself. No hallucinations, but everything looked different, like depth perception was off. I felt as though some part of my identity was missing, like I was a zombie. I knew (or at least hoped) that it was just the nbome so I didn't have a panic attack or anything, but I felt terrible. Everything just felt different and I didn't know who I was anymore. Was this ego death? This lasted until about 7 or 8 hours after dosing.

    I still feel pent up energy. Vasoconstriction wasn't an issue which was good. Head feels foggy, and it was only 3 or so hours ago that I actually feel in control of myself. Something still seems a bit odd, but I assume I'll feel normal when I go to sleep. Also, pupils were as big as they could get. A family member of mine waled in on me tripping balls but I guess I managed to play it down.

    Rating? Well being my first trip, I'd give it a 3/5. If I tripped again and it felt exactly like this, I'd probably give it a 4/5 because it's not all that scary anymore. The trip was amazing, but I legitimately thought about killing myself multiple times while coming down.

    Abuse potential? If you can get past ego death, then maybe moderate. Can't imagine partying on this though, as I only took half a tab before and felt basically nothing, but taking a full tab killed my identity. The trip was really fun but I can't ever imagine taking this multiple times for the trip itself. Only once did I ever have the want to dance, but even that didn't get rid of the nervous, raw energy.

    Thanks for listening to me rant! I'd rather annoy some people if it means letting others know what's up before they dive head first.

    pantothenate added 1 day later ...

    I was sold 25I-NBOH. I've never had any experience with nbome, so it's possible the guy sold me 25I-NBOMe instead. And it's also possible that there wasn't 1.6 milligrams on the tab, because I should've tripped harder when I took half a tab.
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    Jan 21, 2016
    Male from earth
    I was researching nbomes recently and got the oppertunity to purchase some 25i-nboh blotters from a recomended source at a very reasonable price. I have had quite a loving relstionship with psycedellics for over 10 years now and have had previous experiences with many varieties of magic mushrooms, lsd, 2cb and 2ci. My favorite has definatly been the Hawaiian shrooms followed closely by lsd. I like deep, meaningfull trips. I have never been a fan of mixing my drugs. I get easily paranoid about my heart as there is medical history across my family. However while purchasing the blotters I was offered 2 cheap tabs of emo smiley acid. At 1700ug of lsd they were irrisistable. I am writing this report at t+36 hours. Still experiencing some minor visuals, most likely due to sleep deprivation.
    My blotters arrived 2 days ago and as I live with my parents I started to phone around my friends to see if anyone was up for a holy time. A good friend said her place was free and she, like me, was on a break from college so I called over to her place at approx 7:30 that evening. I should point out thAt while there was a little attraction between us before, we never acted on it as she was dating someone longterm. When I arrived, she told me they had broken up just before christmas. She was apprehensive about taking lsd as her only trip previous was a terrifying ordeal at a festival which semi traumatised her. So we decided to try the nboh as my previous experience with 2ci (and being led to believe that the effects are similar) left me with a clear enough headspace to just chill and enjoy the colours. This was more appealing to her. So we embarked on an adventure together

    19:30 : oral: 75cl wine, 500ml jack daniels

    20:30 : oral : 600ug 25i-nboh

    21:30 : oral : 600ug 25i-nboh

    23:00 : oral : 1200ug lsd

    We got in a good headpace by havin a few drinks and chatting to unwind. Set the tone so to speak. But after an hour I became giddy and couldnt wait any longer. This was my first with this particular RC and being wary of the dangers of ODing we started out with half a tab each. At this point I stopped drinking alchohol. After an hour chatting but not feeling any effects whatsoever we take the other half. We keep chatting and listening to music for another half an hour before I become worried the 25I blotters were duds. So we made a rash decision to eat the lsd tab. Typically enough, within 5 mins of taking the acid, the walls start to breath and I realise I am coming up on the first blotter. She tells me she is starting to feel a little spacey, but the wine upset her stomach and she vomitted back up the acid.
    We tried to find a movie to watch to let the trip come on more naturally, but the bats were barely starting to fly around Johnny Depps head in the nevada dessert when I experienced lift off. A rush so intense it hits me like a ton of bricks and the room transforms into waves of colour. I asked her how she was and she told me she felt something, but nothing overpowering. As I looked in her eyes I became filled with desire but the tension was too much to handle at that time. So we put on Jon hopkins immunity and closed our eyes.
    The next few hours are a blur, I keep coming up stronger and stronger and eventually find myself in a place I barely grazed once while on an intense mushroom trip a few years back. My ego began to dissolve and I could lift my spirit out of my body as far as the celing. This is such a difficult thing to try to put into words. My consciousness was split in 3 places. My spirit at the celing, my thoughts and memories underneath and a heavy body high keeping me rooted to the ground. My muscle spasms were my link to reality, my physcal self.
    After a while laying there tripping I came around a little and realised I was alone in the living room. I called out and she invited me to lie with her in her bed. As we lay there she stroked my hair and sent the most amazing rushes through my body causing it to fizzle out into thin air. The sound of her voice cooing and laughing sent warm vibes throughout my whole being and we lay there stroking each others bodies in extacy. As I run my finger tips along her arms she moans and I can feel her pleasure like it is my own.
    I had never before this point had sex on psychedellics but had heard a few stories from friends. It all flowed so naturally from there, we kissed and grinded together and the trip caused our souls to come together. I hug her close and our heads touch. I cant tell which body is mine and which is hers. If feels like I am sharing one mind with this beautiful creature beside me. It takes me a long time to get it up but when it happens and we embrace fully the pleaure is indescribable. We are now one being dancing through a fairytale, riding the waves of a constant orgasm. The best orgasm I ever had mulitplied by 2 as I am sharing another one with her body, and it was neverending. This was hands down, the best sex I ever had by so much.
    I didnt realise throughout that I was still coming up on the acid and when she left for a smoke, I lay in bed looking around in awe at what was transpiring before my eyes. Layers of colour spanning multiple dimensions. A million universes for me to witness. A private show. Everything just kept getting crazier as the confusion took hold. I convinced myself that there was no coming back from this one. I had taken the ultimate hit to stand before god and was going to pay for it either with my life or my sanity. I was in a place I had never been to. A little frightened but completely open to it. This was the real world. The average day is spent recieving information as I the animal have been programmed. I the devine am due to inherit so much more. The aparment is completely unrecogognisable and I am sure it will never look the same again.
    Then I heard it, Jon Hopkins had.long finished and youtube had carried on to a moderat track called a new error. Patterns in sound matched patterns in colour and ripples the shape of snowflakes coursed through my body. Her voice is laughing through the air sending warmth to my heart and I thank whoever is responsible for putting me in this place and this state. We danced together in her living room listening to various idm for hours.
    Some point around this time I black out, when I come back around she is in bed and I am sitting on the sofa tapping my foot to the beats. It is now 11:30 am and I am barely starting to come down. This only further enhanced my belief that I had given myself brain damage and was most likely going to be stuck like this forever. A little disturbing but I could think of worse fates. I go to bed but sleep is impossible so I just lie there for hours contemplating what I had just been shown and what it could all have meant. We finally get up, her with little sleep and me still with none. It is aproxamately 14:00. 70cl of red wine, 70cl of kaluah and 1 gram of very nice skunk makes for an epic comedown and we flake on the sofa watching movies for the night. *WARNING* watching the movie Room was a bad choice and the dark themes of the film left us both in tears. ha. I wouldnt advise it to others in a simialr state. She goes to bed around 01:30 am and although I am almost fully grounded, sleep is still nowhere in sight.
    This was one of the best nights of my life and writing this report is my way to share it with you, and cherish the memory forever. Appologies for the length. I have done my best to put a deeply profound experience into words and most likely havnt done it any justice. I would highly recommend trip fans to experiment with this combenation, but procede with caution as mixing these 2 substances I learned this morning can cause vascoconstriction. Also 25i-nboh is closey related to 25i-nbome and there have been several cases of overdose with just a couple of micrograms. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Happy trails and go in peace. Love to you all. V
  18. Shampoo

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    Is this verified in any manner? And are these doses written intentionally different? 1.7mg or 1.2mg would hardly fit on a standard blotter tab (it is possible, but this is close to the upper limit by most estimations). This is also a MASSIVE dose of LSD which the few users who have taken in verified quantities describe as absolutely overwhelming, otherworldly and certainly not a controlled or feasible experience. Did you mean to type 170/120µg? A standard blotter has anywhere from 75-150µg of LSD, the latter end of that being rare.
  19. vunerableDreamer

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    Male from earth
    My appologies, you are absolutly right. I was still out of it when I typed this. I hadnt planned on doing a trip report, but found the experience so overwhelming I wanted to keep a record of it. I was told the lsd was 170ug. The 1200 was a mistake on my part. The nboh blotters were alegedly 1200ug so thats how I made the mistake. I have no desire to attempt a higher dosage than the one I had the other night. 2mg of lsd would leave me psychotic. Thank you for pointing this out to me. Again I appologise for the poor format of this report.