Storing - 2C-E dissolved into alcohol?

Discussion in 'Phenethylamines' started by Pinkavvy, Jul 20, 2004.

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    Jul 3, 2004
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    Does anybody know if 2c-e could be dissolved into alcohol and stored in it without losing quality? I would be more convenient and easier to dose at festivals if I could store it in alcohol.

    also, if it is possible, would it be possible to dissolve it into the ratio of 5mg per every 1ml? I'm considering putting 1gram of 2c-e into 200ml of 80proof rum.
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    Jul 8, 2004
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    Yes it could, although the more pure your solvent the less likely it is that the compound will be harmed. For this reason I would use something a little stronger than 80 proof rum. The best method (if for some reason you want it in a rum bottle) would be to dissolve the compound in everclear and transfer this solution to the rum bottle.

    In order to make a 5mg/mL solution you would need to dissolve thegram of compound in enough alcohol to produce a solution with a volume of 200mL after mixing. Putting 1g of a compound in 200mL of solvent doesn't necessarily give you 200mL of solution. Another way to accomplish this is to dissolve the gram of compound in the minimal amount of solvent (say 10mL), creating a solution of a known volume (say 14mL for sake of argument) after mixing, then diluting this solution with additional alcohol sufficient enough to bring the total volume of solution to 200mL (in this case this would be 186mL). I would suggest the second method as measuring ~10mL accurately is easier than measuring ~200mL accurately.