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    [Trip Report]
    2C-e +MDMA

    Before my trip report here is some info about swim :
    I am used to both MDMA and 2c-e, and I have taken each one many times and sometimes at a very high dosages.
    I had also try mixing MDMA and 2CT-2 before, which was quite great, but nothing special, all I can say about that mix is that I did feel the 2c-t-2 effects plus MDMA feelings, leading to a very nice trip, just more colorfull and energy than 2ct-2 alone.
    SWIM must also say that I have been using Research Chemical for more than 3 years now and I have try lots of tryptamines and phenethylamines.
    I have also quite a good experience with entheogenic plants, extracts, mushrooms etc... (Salvia, ayahuasca...)
    But that last week trip, 2c-e and MDMA, is probably one of the most powerfull thing I have ever experience. (althought it is of course not possible to compare the potency when effects are so differents between drugs)
    Setting :

    They were 8 peoples, all experienced in drugs and 2c-e, at least at low doses.
    they had all drunk few beers and half a bottle of vodka.
    First at around 9pm they split in eight one gram of MDMA (small, not-weighted, street quality, said to be quite good by a friend of a friend...) , so they probably all eat around 100mg of mdma.

    Few minutes and few beers later, they decided to put some 2c-e into the end of the bottle of vodka, SWIM first put around 40mg, which is not much for 8 but they didn't wanted a full 2c-e experience, they did just want to ad a little psyche-side to mdma. but all the bottle was drunk by only 4 peoples, so SWIM made an other glass with around 40mg again, plus a little extra by sctraching few empty bags.
    so they had around 80mg gone for all, wich is 10mg 2c-e per personne if they all have drink the same quantity.
    just after that they went outside to meet some friends at a bar. they had to walk maybe 15-30min and when they arrived at the bar they were all experiencing very strong effects coming up, and 3 of them went puking at the same time. that is when the trip start.
    I didn't manage to stay more than 5min in the bar, and mostly was in the street in front of the bar with friends.

    Effects :

    Exept laughing, colors, confusion wich were normal, i mean expected, the first strange effect SWIM notice was flashing flickering lights. I had allready experienced this with high dose mdma but never with 2c-e, and it was very strong, just as if there were projectors, stromboscopic low frequency lights, it was not very fast maybe 2or3 fash/sec, with a different color each time. this last maybe 30min.

    the second unexpected effect was a sound echo+reverb in SWIM's head. Each sound SWIM heard was repeating for so long in my head, with pitch variations and other modulations. sometimes it was very beautifull, when things were harmonics, but sometimes it was horible, painfull. That sound effect stay in head for more than 6 hours. I had never experience so much of echo in his head. SWIM have had echos before but not for long and not that much, and never with 2c-e.

    Things really started to get strongs when I found himself alone in a street next to the bar. he was there cause he went with his girlfriend to take cash at a bank, but after when we were going back to the bar a man spoke to SWIM because he wanted a cigaret. it tooks SWIM a long time to find cigaret in his pockets so his girlfriend had gone and I was alone.
    SWIM knew exactly where he was, he knew exactly were the bar was, that was the quarter were he grew up when he was a child (wich was a strange feeling also) but he couldn't know how to connect the 2 places, how to go back too the bar. SWIM knew he was just next maybe 200 meters but he didn't manage. after going left then back then right then back SWIM just sat at the point where his girlfriend left him and decide to smoke a cigaret. but I couldn't find no cigaret in his pockets although he hade some 2 minutes ago when he gave one to that man.

    So I started believing that there was no man who had taken him a cigaret, it was just in his imagination. Which made him believe that he was not with girlfriend it was also just imagination. then he believe there was no friend nor bar.
    SWIM really believed that he had taken a drug alone and was just hanging around alone in street.

    So SWIM start concentrating on what he was feeling, he made some marvelous musics in his head just by making little noises whith mouth and hearing their echos. he had marcelous fractal images when eyes closed, and sound echos were very related to fractals. he thought about new theories about almost everything, at this time he thought he wasn't stoned, but hyper-acuitive.
    i mean I had very strong visual and auditive effect but his thoughts were very clear and comprhensive.

    every mouvement I saw was decomposed. a car pass in street where I was, letting a douzen of static cars beside.
    he rose to inspect one of the images of the car. he knew it was not a car but just an image, but it was so detailled and it stayed so long here in the street. he turn around the image of the car, he could see every details, the face of the driver, what was at the back, the immatriculation number,etc..
    it last maybe 2 or 3 minutes, until an other car arrived scaring him cause he was in the middle of the street.
    After that SWIM smoke a cigaret, which was back in his pocket he don't know how, and so that made him think about that man who took him a cigaret maybe 1hour ago, so that man was real, so it was true that I was with his girlfriend and other friends at a bar, so he decided to go at the bar and found the way easily.

    Come down

    that is just one episode, things did just continue like this, then the bar closed wich was a good news for me because i couldn't stay inside the bar, then they hang around in streets, then the sun show up in the morning so they went back to the house, listened to pink floyds doors aswad mozart and more. all music was marvelous. all stay awake untill 4pm and effects had started coming down very slowly from 8am.

    For everybody it was a very powerfull trip. everyone had differents effects but everybody is ok to say they feel no MDMA effects and no 2c-e effects, just a totally different thing, more related to LSD or shrooms, and very long lasting.
    For the few moments where I was really verry far from reality, some aspects reminds him of salvia (x20) experience.

    A friend didn't manage to support that, she didn't understand anything, she was panic, she thought she was dead, her heatbeat was around 200bpm and so she was taken to the hospital (she asked for that) where they gave her sedatives then she slept for 30hours and now she is totaly fine.

    I had already experienced strong trips before, he has been far away from body and earth many times, but always with high doses in prepared environnement. One important factor here is the surprise : they were just expecting little mdma + 2c-e feelings not a so strong, long lasting and completly psychédelique trip.

    i think to get an equivalent in strong with only 2c-e one should eat more than 50mg, and it wouldn't be the same effects i believe.

    (oups i see my post is very long sorry, i hope it is not too boring and i hope it is understandable, sorry for my bad english)
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