Effects - 2C-N Used to Enhance Other 2Cs

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    Dec 2, 2006
    I found a obscure Research Chemical known as 2C-N. Alone, I found it to be to mellow. However when mixed with another 2C compound (2c-e, 2c-b, or 2c-c) the effects of those 2Cs is enhanced considerably. Now when I use a 2C compound he always mixes 2C-N to maximize (2c-e, 2c-b, or 2c-c) effects. 2C-N takes these compounds to a much higher level. Swim's dosage is 25-35 mg of a 2C and mixed with 100mg 2C-N to maximize the 2C effects. Together they are quite synergistic and compliment each other extremely well. :)
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    Apr 12, 2005
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    one may be surprised to learn that, yes, Virginia, there is a Santy Clause, cause many 2Cs cross-synergize. 2C-N is an odd choice for a catalyst as it is known to produce gastric distress.

    that said, there are cases where 2C-D was used with great success as a catalyst for those wishing greater depth from a LOW DOSE 2C-X experience. of particular interst seemed to be 2C-D and 2C-T-21 combinations. many will also vouch for 2C as having a sort of 'zoom' function in re other 2Cs.

    note, the word potentiation is not used above. food for thought.

    for all y'all, i'm going to start pruning potentiation threads and references to same as this is a harm reduction site, first and foremost.
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    Feb 1, 2005
    Bongo posted info on the cross-potentiation between 2-CI and 2-CT-2 some time back. So caution should be used with ALL 2-C's. Be careful with all of these in combination - more so than ever.

    Happy Pruning, Nano.
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    Oct 12, 2005
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    The obvious example for a potentiating 2C would be 2C-D - Shulgin's "pharmacological tofu".

    2C-T-2 is a MAOI so that might explain its action with 2C-I?
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    Yes some chemicals can increase the action of the 2c-x's but not necessarily add their own effects to the mix. As stated earlier 2c-d is one of these chems as mentioned by shulgin, in swim's experience 2c-c is another good candidate in smaller doses near 10-30mgs where it will increase the action caused by the other chemical without imparting it's own effects, at leaste not to a noticable degree. It seems that the 2c's with the best effect are the ones that require a quiter high dosage to produce effects are used as the catalyst with sc's that are active in smaller doses such as 2c-e. My theory is tha tsince all these 2c's act in a similiar fashion in then brain there must be a "saturation" point to be reached before the psychedlic effects begin. This would also explain why the dosages are not linear and have a steep dose-response curve as seen with 2c-e most classically. So a certain number of receptors must be activated first before any effects manifest themselves. So once this base number of receptors are activated any number above that is what actually causes the effects. With 2c-r lets say 8mgs is needed to reach this base level of activation and anything above that level is what causes the psychedelic effects. So when one take 14mg for the sake of the arguement only 6mgs are actualy causeing any effect and the first 8mgs are jus tthere to saturate he receptors in order for the effect to take place. This may be caused by receptor "spillover" where the 2c compound first activates a certain receptor group, probably some 5-ht-a2 (not sure of the actual receptors will have to looki it up) and then when that receptor is saturated to spills over to activatingm a difffernet receptor group that in normall ywouldnt' and this is wher eit manifests it's effects. Something similiar to this can be seen with mitragyna (kratom) where at low doses it activates kappa (maybe delta) opiod receptors but at higher doses spills over to mu receptors and causes the opioid euphoria.

    So in short the 2c-n saturates the primary receptors that the 2c-e or whatever chem would and allows the 2c-e to fully act on the appropriate receptors. So 100mg 2c-n will saturate and allow the full 14mgs of 2c-e to act upon the receptors that will cause the psychedelic effects without the first 8mgs being taking up in saturating the first group, thus the potentiation :) In theory these means that 2c's that are currently inactive even in large dosages can be used to potentiarte the effects of other 2c's without changing the quality and character of the trip.