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    Please post info about 2C-T here.

    Can anyone add information about:
    • names / synonyms
    • molecule
    • dose
    • duration
    • side effects
    • legal status
    • have there been any reported incidents with this compound?
    • since when has this research chemical been available?
    • stability of the molecule / compound
    Experiences with 2C-T should be posted here: 2C-T experiences




    DOSAGE: 60 - 100 mg.

    DURATION: 3 - 5 h.

    QUALITATIVE COMMENTS: (with 60 mg) Poetry was an easy and natural thing. Both the reading of it and the writing of it. This is a potential MDMA substitute since it opens things up but it doesn't do anything to get in the way.

    (with 75 mg) I am already aware at a quarter of an hour into it! It develops very quickly but very quietly. There are no visuals at all but, rather, a tactile sensitivity, with warm close feelings. This could be very erotic. There is some fantasy to music, but nothing very demanding. The viewing of pictures doesn't do much either. The drop-off was extremely relaxed, with a good body feeling. At the fifth hour I was able to drift into an excellent, deep sleep with busy dreams. In the morning I felt refreshed and active, without apparent deficit.

    (with 75 mg) I got up to a thin and fragile plus two, but there was a continuing feeling of a hooded cloak brought down over my head. Nothing obvious--it is transparent--but it somehow separated me from everything around me. I do not think the overall experiment was worth it.

    (with 100 mg) Material all right, but a little bit along the lines of a 'generic' psychedelic effect. Sharper edges than 2C-B. The one true negative, which has been pretty consistent with this drug, is that there is a certain emotional removal. One teeny step removed. One is connected with feelings, certainly, but there is a tendency for the intellect to be more evident, in me, than the heart. All this is moderately so. Nothing extreme. Pretty good material, but there are more inter-esting ones. However, if you are looking for a really short one, this is one of the answers. For most people. For me, it's still around 5 to 6 hours long. I wish we had more shorties, indeed.

    (with 125 mg) There was some physical tummy uncertainty, but once that was past, talking was extremely easy. This is probably really psychedelic, but I am not really sure why, as there is not much in the way of visuals. Dropping was noted just after hour number three, and I was at baseline three hours later.
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    does anypone know if this rc is still legal or is currently beging researched, could be a possible xtc alternative so probably is illegal
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    Hmm. Never noticed this one in Pihkal before. I would surmise that it is unlikely to be a convincing xtc substitute. Probably more likely a weaker version of 2CB, or perhaps one of the more entactogenic tryptamines like 5meomipt or 5meodipt. Pihkal's descriptions are often misleading since there are a few subjective reports, but most sounded more like a + - ++ mindset which SWIM often finds when underdosing psychedelics. Was it ever available ?

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    there is a quote, I believe in sulfurous samadhi, that refers to someone having tried many of the 2C-T's, including 2C-T.

    here's an excerpt from the chemistry section of sulfurous samadhi:

    "The original compound in the series. It is a psychedelic described by Shulgin as "generic" in dosages of 60 to 100mg. In contrast to this evaluation, one person interviewed while collecting 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7 experience reports for this paper mentioned having used this drug as well. He said "I actually prefer 2-CT despite it's lower potency (100mg) because it doesn't seem to engage your mind as much - like DMT, it's just watch the fireworks." Having tried several drugs in the 2C-T series, he observes, "As the aliphatic chain gets longer the effects seem to become less visual and more mind-manifesting (in the sense that thought processes become more important. For instance 2-CT can be floridly visual with patterns and color changes similar to mescaline, whereas 2-CT-7 is rarely very visual with some exceptions (colors get brighter, contrast is accented))." He also stated that his partner got more nausea from 2C-T than other drugs in this series, but pointed out that "she has a pretty sensitive stomach." While the low potency is a negative, it has the advantage of producing a short trip of only 3 to 5 hours."

    I doubt his reaction would be the norm though, as most people find 2C-T-7 to be outrageously visual.
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