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    I recently decided to try combining 2CE with shrooms. He is experienced with many different hallucinogens. For background purposes, he has tried lsd, shrooms, mescaline containing cacti, doc, 5meo dmt, dxm, and 2ce several times. His previous doses of 2CE ranged from 14mg - 20mg. He has enjoyed every 2CE experience and has never had a "bad" trip on any of the substances mentioned.

    So I had the day off from work, 18mg 2CE in a gel cap and a bag of shrooms. Since 2CE takes longer to kick in he decided to swallow the gel cap first around 9AM. He stayed in bed meditating until the physical effects started to be felt. At this time (10AM) he ate one gram of shrooms that were known to be rather potent. He then decided to watch Chronicles of Riddick for the first time during the ride up to the peak. He watched about half the movie, then decided it was time to relax with some music as the trip was getting quite intense.

    SWIM put on some Ozric Tentacles and had some amazing CEV's. The visuals were jagged almost skeletal in nature with alot of moving and colorful in an electric way. The music sounded amazing and it was easy to get lost in the guitar jams and synth effects. Time dilation was setting in alot also and three songs seemed to last for hours.

    Next, SWIM decided to take a shower and go out with his girlfriend's daughter to the store and to run errands. While getting ready he experienced some confusion regarding his normal tasks and couldn't tell if he took a long shower or a really fast one. The shower was a great experience and I could see the light breaking into its full spectrum while it was shining through the water drops and stream.

    So after Swim finished getting ready to go, she drove him to the store. Traffic seemed to speed up and slow down and other cars had tracers as they drove by. A few times, one car turned into three as it drove in front of them. At the store waiting in line seemed to take forever and it was like he was watching a comic sketch with humorous events taking place with everones interaction with the clerk. He tried not to laugh. Also, the music in the store was like someone had paused a video game and it was in a repetitive loop with an eerie star wars type theme. He was glad to finally leave the store after what seemed like a really long time in a busy store. Next up was the post office with another long and slow moving line. Everyone's body language was exaggerated and it was clear he was in tune with them in a heightened sense. He was able to pick out child like tendencies in a great many people through their impatience. Then he noticed the life size cardboard cutouts display of r2d2 and c3po in the corner. They became rather three dimensional and life like when he gazed at them. There was also an aniken skywalker stamp poster that became life like and and 3d. He moved alot with an intense look on his face. Finally, he got to mail his letter and leave lol.

    By this time I was ready to be in a private setting because he was tripping balls and doing his best to contain it all. So they drove home and he went in the backyard to meditate and enjoy some peace and quiet. He enjoyed some more profound CEV's that looked like he was viewing a dragon from the inside. The CEV's were very colorful and fast moving. OEV's were apparent but lacked the color of eyes closed. There were alot of tracers and perspective shifts from focusing on the large to the very small.

    Overall the trip was a very intense and fun experience. The shrooms definitely increased the intensity and quality of visuals of the 2CE. They did add some degreee of mental confusion to the trip that is absent on 2CE alone. 2CE also makes me jittery or shaky sometimes and this was magnified when combined with fungi. This could be partly due to not eating until the afternoon as well. The shrooms added to the humor and comic appearance of everyday occurances. The mix was a "normal" dose of 2CE and a small dose of fungi. Neither were heroic doses but combined they produced amazing results. YMMV

    One question for anyone inclinded to answer, is shakiness common on 2CE? I experience it alot and grow tired of it. Its the only thing i dislike about this RC.
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    Re: 2CE + Shroom T/R

    Shakiness is not that uncommon on either chemical. Did SIWY eat at all during the experience? It could be the case that you's blood sugar was simply low.

    But, at some point in SWIM's 2CE trips there is a bit of tremor/shakiness/spasms that manifest themselves. But he is a slightly twitchy guy (all fast twitch muscle fiber!). Also on 4-substituted-Ts his pec/lats will twitch a lot.

    This combo sounds interesting. I would be trying 2CE (rectal) and 4-AcO-MiPT (rectal) for a similar type experience.

    Thanks for the report (the couple I've seen on this combo were all slightly dysphoric iirc).