Drug info - 3,4-cfp; kleferein - euphoric

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    Please post info about 3-chloro-4-fluoro-piperein here.
    Can anyone add information about:
    • names / synonyms
    • molecule
    • dose
    • duration
    • side effects
    • have there been any reported incidents with this compound?
    • since when has this research chemical been available?
    • legal status
    • stability of the molecule / compound

    Short Name: Kleferein
    Synonyms: 3,4-CFP,
    Legal: I have not found a country where it is forbidden.


    Powder or crude
    Sniff (20-100 mg)
    Oral (30-110 mg)
    3-10 drops of liquid with concentration 200mg/1ml
    The duration of action is strongly dependent on the dose. For smaller doses it is 2-3 hours, for larger doses after euphoria lasting 2-3 hours there may be stimulation up to 8 hours.
    It works best swallowed. The effects are like MDMA. According to reports from darknet forums, Euforia may be stronger. The effects are described in detail in the kleferein FAQ. The activity of kleferein liquid has not been described yet. Pairing with an e-cigarette or aluminum foil works differently than powder. The effects are weaker. It resembles a herb that is relaxing and euphoric.
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    The original source suggests that the word "piperein" has a German origin. However, a translator doesn't return anything for it. Not Piperazine, piperidine nor piperine.

    One user described the effects as "MDMA-like with psychedelia mixed in." He/She also cautioned others not to start with over 100mg as it can apparently be rough.