Drug info - 4-aco-Dipt (Ipracetin)

Discussion in 'Tryptamines' started by Mochachino Thug, May 7, 2004.

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    May 7, 2004
    Please post info about 4-aco-dipt here.

    Can anyone add information about:
    • names / synonyms
    • molecule
    • dose
    • duration
    • side effects
    • legal status
    • have there been any reported incidents with this compound?
    • since when has this research chemical been available?
    • stability of the molecule / compound

    Names: 4-ACO-DIPT

    Experiences with 4-ACO-DIPT should be discussed here: 4-aco-dipt experiences
    These documents about 4-aco-dipt are in the file archive
    4-aco-dipt pics
    Research Chemicals Index - Phenethylamines
    Research Chemicals Index - Tryptamines

    Is 4 acetoxy-dipt (aka tron) currently legal as a research chemical in the US? does anyone know a reliable place to order it if it is legal?
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    This one always seemed like a waste of time to me, especially compared
    to the 4-HO version, which although it is HIGHLY variable in effect
    from trip to trip, is at least a fairly strong experience at 30mg.
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    Aug 21, 2006
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    Re: 4-aco-Dipt

    Since I can't find a TIHKAL entry for this, the following basic info was taken from wikipedia:

    Click here for experience reports.

    4-ACO-DIPT files

    4-ACO-DIPT pics