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    all his reactions looked fun to me.I tried this last night.. at 22:00 i
    took a 10mg pill.. after 30 minutes, I didn't feel much. At the
    same time while I took this I was drinking tequila. 22:30 I took my
    second pill.. and my friend took his first pill. He has used grass and
    opiates, but not the uppers before. Also he used benzos etc.. at 23:00
    my friend took his second pill. I noticed that my friend was a little
    stoned, while he said he wasn't and I was laughing my ass off. This
    felt kind of a laugh pill.. He denied he was speeded, but slammed the
    windows, moved his aftershave bottle so fast that he spillt some on the

    Later he complained that he isn't getting drunk... and I bursted into
    laugh.. it appeared he didn't know much. Earlier the day he spoke lot
    about drugs and wanted to teach things to me. In the club, we drank
    water.. at about midnight, we took two more pills each.. and at 1
    o'clock he started beeing stupid. He wasn't able to sit still, I told
    him to relax, and he was asking me all the time what I gave him.
    Suddenly he wants to go home.

    Myself, I experienced a weak trip.. very weak. And the reports people
    have on erowid.. I have no idea how they got that... myself I
    experienced something that was closer to +1 than +2.

    Ok, at 1 o'clock, my friend said let's go home. I was visiting him and
    had no idea where he lives and I do not know how to coordinate in that
    city. Further, I had no money on me, no CC, limited cash and batteries
    on my phone. Then I also got expensive must-have electronic equipment
    at his home. He told me he will wait for me outside, I came after a
    minute, and he had left. Then he refused to answer when I called him.
    Finally he called me back and cared only about when effects are going
    to stop, I told him we better meet, because I am lost, I can calm him
    down and I need my electronic stuff. He said he is at the central
    station.. so I asked people the way there. When I got there, I didn't
    see him waiting.. so I sat on a bench waiting for him. Suddenly there
    are two busses full of cops and a car running around me. They run
    around and seem not to find what they look for. I just hoped they won't
    notice that I am stoned, and further I did not shut my eyes, in case
    they would think I am sleeping there and come to wake me up... at about
    1 o'clock when the cops had dissapeared, I walked away and got
    compleetly lost in the city. This friend of mine was really an asshole,
    refusing to answer the phone.

    While walking lost in the city, I met a few guys who were mugging drunk
    people at night.. I had 12 pills, and tried to sell them a few,
    because I really needed money for my phone, a ticket home and possibly
    my electronics back.. they didn't like to change.

    Went to some gasoline station asking for directions, when a cabdriver
    offered to help me for free. We figured out about where my friend could
    live and I got there. Then walking around in the blocks, I found a guy
    that could open doors for me. Finally I got to my friends appartment. I
    first thought I smash his face in, but thought I better keep the cool.
    He can be that fuckhead as he likes, I know myself to stay away from
    him.. no more friendship with this guy.

    He told me he got angry and stressful from the aces, not happy and that
    he felt time had stopped. Also he was paranoid and wanted to goto the
    hospital, but didn't.

    I would compare this drug to a low dose of amphetamine... or to the
    after effects of mdma but without the jaw clenching. Nor did my friend
    have any clenches or blinung. In the morning, I went home and took
    another pill.. and found out that I would not be able to use this for
    sex. I have never tried 5-meo-dipt. 4-aco-dipt is said to be better for
    sex than 5-meo-dipt, in my case.. no use.

    Maybe this drug is for the first times and sensitive people? Now I'll
    go sleep.. feeling so tired. If I missed something, the I'll write
    about it later.
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    Did your friend smoke cannabis with it?
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    Oct 26, 2004
    from sweden
    To make things clear.. there is a typo.. blinung should be blinking.. I
    am compleetly new to that city and I had no clue of my friends
    address.. to get lost there had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.

    My belief this drug could be something for first timers.. my friend
    isn't first timer, but he was first timer on 'uppers'.. and still
    behaved like an asshole to me. Nor did he or I experience the same as
    those in erowid (except as those who said it is mild)... but our trip
    was very imilar.. except that he wasn't laughing.

    (The most magic part with the chemical was pherhaps the incredible luck
    I had when I was on it, and after when it weared off.. explaining them
    would be off topic to this forum.. but I found money when I had none..
    etc etc..)

    If this drug gets sched.. so should alcohol, benzos and SSRI.. this is quite mild IMHO.

    I have understood that 4-AcO-DiPT converts to 4-HO-DiPT in the body..
    and lasts longer. If I quote something from Tihkal, then I think
    following experience is closest to the one I had.. notice how
    everything is explained to be mild.

    (with 20 mg, orally) "It has a bitter taste. Early signs noted at
    15-20 minutes which include mild sensation of central stimulation,
    'loosening' of muscles in arms, legs, and neck. Mild distortion of
    objects and slight color effects, typically 'rainbow halos' around
    objects. Plateau reached in 20 minutes. Mild elation with relatively
    simple intellectual musings about the nature of the compound and how
    one could describe the nature of the state of mind and body caused by
    this material. 2.0 hours, mild effects. 2.5 hours, nearly normal. Mild
    but entirely pleasant experience with rather abrupt termination of
    effects. Could be a good candidate for psychotherapy sessions,
    certainly good for 'novice' introduction to hallucinogens."
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    Oct 26, 2004
    from sweden

    I just noticed you asked when I put that 'correction' there.

    No.. we were on 4-5 small shots of tequila, salt, lemon and 40mg aces.
    My guess it is months he last time touched weed.. but he always liked
    to talk about it.. my guess is that he cannot handle the stress... no
    uppers for him.[​IMG]
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    Oct 26, 2004
    from sweden
    Hmm... he also took sleeping pills when he got home, and couldn't fall
    asleep. Then he told me he almost picked fight with the taxidriver for
    driving him for an hour, when it in reality took 5 minutes..

    He knew and I warned him about the effects. Still he behaved like this.

    There is a chemical I would like to use.. adrafinil... I migt test
    small doses of these aces (5-10mg) to use for the same purpose as

    In a swedish site, they explain this one is better than 5-meo-dipt when
    it comes to sex.. I will give samples to couples and let them evaluate.
    Would be nice to know if someone I know could get intense orgasms as
    written in other forums.

    BTW.. I think this mild chem might get on sched in Sweden on 1:st
    Feb... that is a request from WTO. The WTO in finland sent some letter
    to the Swedish one (or was it vice versa).. and some Swede authoroties
    are sending letters to the baltic states to sched this.
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    Few hours ago I tried this again... first I thought I'll try to smoke
    it.. all I got was a black burnt pill.. I cracked it and it was black
    inside aswell.. threw it away.

    Then I took 2 pills (10mg) and put them into a glass of water... they didn't
    disolve.. so he cut them with a knife in water.. a site that sell these
    pills.. sell the powder at higher price than the pills.. pherhaps it
    has to do that they don't disolve well??

    It is 19:15 right now.. when I write this.. about sex, I feel it would be nice with a blow job [​IMG].
    It feels like someone is itching the top of hole in my gland with a
    feather. No girl around.. wanking could be interesting, but this isn't
    my home... better show respect even if I knew I had the chance
    when I was alone here. Now I am not alone, and nobody knows about
    me... [​IMG]

    I took this pill about 16:00.. these more or less dissolved 20mg are as
    good as the 40mg when I took them the first time. Here is nobody with
    sad faces or swearing.. good good.. I feel I am on a ephedrine hcl
    "kick" or on steroid "kick".. there is lot of energy and I could do
    lots of excerisize.. My eyes are not dilated.. so I could go in the
    public without people noticing anything as long as I do not reveal that
    I am speeded.

    There is no floatiness like with the real X.. and I am smoother than on
    X.. if I would dance, it would be smoother movements, while on X I
    would be more violent.. no blinking.. no clenching.. no need to breath
    as the way I am on X.. when I close my eyes.. there are very weak
    visuals, but still something there.. lightblue light.. sometimes I see
    something like a heart pulse one can see on hospital equpiment, I don't
    know the name of that device in english (EKG)..

    I wonder what could happen if I tried to disolve 2 pills in alcohol..
    or in water overmight.. anyone who can tell me if there theoretically
    should be some reactions?? Can I disolve it in hot water??

    When taking 20mg and I am getting this positive experience, I am OK
    with it... before I was let down by my 20mg experience.. maybe I
    shouldn't drink this with tequila.. or then I should grind the pills an
    disolve them for best experience.

    Now it is 19:54 and I have been runnig back and forth, eating a bit..
    squezzing pimples.. writing this.. speaking in the phone.. I think it
    has come down a quite a bit... feeling pure and clean.. still this bj
    would be nice.. hehehe..

    Will try this again with 10mg, and see if I can excerisize well.. study.. and I will try one day to mix 10mg aces with 20mg amt.

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    I had some.. first started with 20mg.. then took another 10mg at +2h
    and another 10mg at +2.5h.. total 40mg. Add five bottles of beers. This
    time I had yellow close eyed visuals.. not dilated.. but everyone
    around swim knew immediately the adventrues of swim.. swim liked to
    laugh a lot at people.. there was some metallic tone in the close
    eyes.. I said this is nice to the genitals.. kind of slighty
    receiving oral, but there isn't any oral.. speedy and shakey with
    jitters.. no hangover. Pleasant +2 exp.. never felt something from the
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    SWIM and his partner tried this recently at 20mg and 18mg respectively.
    Neither one was very impressed.

    As for negative effects: she had two bouts of nausea, but she
    often does with any psychedelics, and he experienced some obvious
    muscle tremors, mostly like 'restless-leg-syndrome', which were not
    bothersome. On that note, as some other trip reports have
    mentioned, some of the feelings in the body during the trip were
    somewhat MDMA-like, in a sort-of stimulant manner. But there lacked
    the mental euphoria which generally makes that aspect of MDMA
    enjoyable. There was no jaw tension whatsoever.

    The comeup was quite different from most tryptamines, much more like
    coming up on a stimulant (perhaps a bit like an LSD onset). The
    experience was clearly psychedelic, but not in any powerful and/or
    definable way, as with mushrooms or miprocin, the other related
    tryptamines they have tried. Both of those drugs, when taken at lower
    doses, hint at where they can go, and promise great rewards should one
    choose to take the voyage. Even "lightweight" phenethylamines such as
    2C-C can help one achieve great depth and insight at modest/medium
    doses, but they saw no such potential from iprocetyl.

    As the saying goes, there was no THERE there. my partner's
    summation was that this drug was trying to be too many things at one
    time and thus falling short at all of them.

    As for recreation, sex was not very interesting and this material was
    found to be pretty anorgasmic. Music was generally OK but not enhanced
    by nor enhancing to the trip. Movies were interesting, and the small
    amount of visual distortions lent themselves to watching good
    photography direction.

    They sent the remainder of the material back to the storage service. She
    does not intent to try it again, and he will have to be in a a highly curious
    mood to do so. It wasn't a bad trip, but it didn't really turn them on or
    hint at better times later. They said it might be interesting at a small
    party as it's stimulating enough that one need not feel couch-locked, nor
    is one too highly distanced from normal reality.Edited by: radiometer
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    I'd say go to a higher dose. I tried 15mg a few years ago, and had a pleasant but very uninspiring experience, much like yours above. I somehow didn't feel that going higher would give me anything more, so Ididn't bother again for ages, before finally deciding I wouldgive it another go seeing asI had some of it left lying around. This timeI did 25mg and had whatI can only describe as one of the most beautiful trips of my life. It wasvery mushroom-like but had a degree ofbeauty (including the most amazing synaesthesia), euphoria, and eroticismthat I've never experienced on any other drug. It was, quite simply, wonderful. 4-ACO-DIPT is now definitely one of my favourite chems. There seems to bea major shift in effect at some point between the 15mg and 25mg levels so I'd say definitely give it another go at a higher level before shelving it for good.Edited by: prospero
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    There is something odd about the dosage for this chemical. I took 15mgs and 20mgs and had a kind of neutral experience both times. However 30mgs was an INCREDIBLY STRONG experience. I think 35-40mgs would not be too overwhelming but venturing much higher than that seems like a ticket to complete insanity.

    Great chemical IMHO!

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    4-AcO-DiPT and 'shapeshifting'?

    As related to me by a FOAF...

    "Last night I was finally able to test a sample of the 4-AcO-DiPT I had aquired a little time ago. The compound was - as I soon found out - very fresh and very pure, and very, very potent.

    "Not having been in the best of health for a little while (minor niggles, nothing serious) and already suffering from a little nausea due to 'man-flu', I took a 24mg dose of the compound. The effects came on strong and fast and within 20 minutes I was subject to a full-on force +++ psychological tempest with stormy stomach awareness. At many times I felt on the verge of throwing up, and out, every internal organ in my body. A passing thought wryly noted that such substances really would be better encountered with a better balanced bodily health...

    "Without wishing to dwell on the main body of the experience (which still has to be processed and integrated) at one point I found myself on my hands and knees in the bathroom with my head resting in my hands on the floor. By trying to focus on Buddhist principles of form and emptiness - and more essentially by not moving an inch! - I was able to completely quell the nausea to the point where it was only a concept, and I was then able to envisage myself removing the nauseaous aspect from within myself and cleansing it. I experienced feelings of peace, but knew that I still in no way could move for the time being.

    "I was at that point overwhelmed by the sensation of turning into an animal, a black feline-like creature. My submissive and prone posture turned into a stance of great physical constriction, muscles tensed and ready to pounce, and I experienced 'myself' as this powerful animal pacing down the stairs and into the kitchen, an over-riding sensation of instinct as opposed to thought.

    "I was shocked and quickly brought myself back to my human state, but kept having sensations of becoming other animal-beings - a snake, then a bird flying through the sky, and the cat-creature again. I was derailed somewhat by remembered tales of LSD-induced attempts at flight, and was quite adamant that I was not about to throw myself out of a window no matter how convinced I was of my new-found abilities, and then the storm swept me to other shores..."

    I found my friend's story of this sensation of shapeshifting very interesting, and hope he is able to find himself in this territory once again and explore it more fully, and was wondering if anyone else had heard stories of this kind of occurance with this substance - or indeed any other RC?
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    Bongo recalls taking Sandoz LSD25 one afternoon and having a migraine during this. Bongo used to have migraines. USED to operative word. He, too, was curled up before the Altar of the Great Crapper. He went deep inside and found the cause of his migraines. That was the last time a migraine ever harmed the creature. It was much psychological gibberish that needed addressing.

    It was an annoying night, but it worked for the best. Bongo lost his fear once and for all.

    I wish you something similar.
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    Good grief I'm really dense, and thank you Nagognog2 for just giving me a sight on this I might have been too wrapped up in myself to ever have seen. I was only looking at a single part of my friend's story...

    Major d'oh! :)
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    sounds interesting. seemed like a high dose for a first encounter. maybe was what you needed. have heard many accounts of 4aco-dipt being a little hard on the body (load). guess I heard 4ho-dipt was stronger (load)though. so was this something I imagine having a lot of CEV's? what about OEV's? was there any euphoria or was the load too much? let us (me) know, good account.
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    My friend says he seriously underestimated this one this time, and fully realises the stupidity of it all, but yes, there was a certain necessity which he won't even attempt to justify.

    There was no euphoria whatsoever - it was a trial by ordeal and the verdict was guilty as charged. Changes must be made, and steps need to be taken. The CEVs were very reminiscent of that experienced with DPT, but like a more basic stripped-down version of that realm. A different road but the same town.

    He said opening the eyes was next to impossible, it was the first time he had experienced anything like this when there was still natural light available, and that was very disorientating in and of itself. The brief glimpses he caught were of shifting fluid planes, impossible to navigate by sight. Only as twilight set in was there any chance of looking at the external world (mainly in the bathroom!) where everything looked like a surgically precise painting by Monet, the paint replaced by a cold electric energy.

    He took many notes, which need to be deciphered, but there was a definite continuation thematically from a DPT experiment 4 weeks earlier.

    One nitrous charger was added towards the end but it was completely redundant.
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    Renctly did approx. 75 mg of ipracetin orally in a gel cap. 20 year old male weighing around 150lbs. This is considered a HIGH dose of 4 aco dipt and I do not recommend anyone taking this high of a dose.

    Have had 1 previous experience with this substance at 40 mg and the effects produced consisted mostly of a large body load with only a small amount of visuals.

    The second experience blew the first one out of the water by far.

    (T+30 min) definitely can feel the substance coming on. There is a noticeable "buzz" surging throughout my body.

    (T+ 1:30) begin to feel extremely uncomfortable with the body load that only seems to be getting stronger by the minute. heart rate has definitely gone up and cant really seem to focus eyes. Closing them seems to help a bit. No CEVs or OEVs to be noted.....yet.....

    (T + 3:00) body load still present at an uncomfortable level. The "buzz"surging now seems to be pulsating throughout
    mbody. At this point there was no real sense of time and began to notice patterns forming out of everything. Trees on the
    mountains started to shift around and morph into moving patterns .

    (T + 4:00) its hard to say when the peak occured but sometime around this hour i was getting some of the most intense
    visuals i have ever gotten. Snake like geometric patte
    rs swirled and meshed all over the sky, ground, and oth er surroundihngs.

    (T+ 6 hrs) definitely coming down. Body load is now pretty much gone for the most part. Heart rate is still up and getting some gastrointestinal pain as well as a headache. (As to be expected) visuals still show themselves here amd there if im paying attention.
    (T+ 9/10 hrs) exhausted. Almost back to baseline. Definitely have some sort of afterglow until sleep about an hour later.

    I should note that i was using high qualitt marijuana and hash throughout the experience to help with psychedelic nausea. The next day I woke up feeling completely normal. There is much respect for this substance