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Experiences - 4-EMC (NOT 4-MEC!!!) Experience Reports (4-ethylmethcathinone)

Discussion in 'Beta-Ketones' started by jWilson3585, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. jWilson3585

    jWilson3585 Silver Member

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    Nov 3, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    Please add your experiences with 4-EMC ( 4-ethylmethcathinone ) here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    Information about this substance, other then experiences, should be discussed here: 4-ethylmethcathinone (4-EMC) Drug Info

    Research Chemicals Index - Phenethylamines
    Research Chemicals Index - Tryptamines
    The Research Chemical Index
    Research Chemicals Index - Beta-Ketones
    Research Chemicals Index - Synthetic Cannabinoids
    Research Chemicals Index - Piperazines

    This is an Research Chemical that as far as I know is the closest related analogue to Mephedrone (4-MMC). It is simply Mephedrone with an extra carbon chain on the first methyl group. Hence the "ethyl" in the name. I am curious to see what changes from an experience point of view aside from the chemical structural differences. Please post your experiences here!
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  2. jWilson3585

    jWilson3585 Silver Member

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    Nov 3, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    Really!?!? No one has tried this? Cmon don't be lazy!
  3. MasteroftheUnderworld

    MasteroftheUnderworld Newbie

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    May 29, 2011
    43 y/o from U.S.A.
    SWIM's friend recently got a sample of this (99.9% pure as certified by GC/MS analysis). Here is his report:

    "Got 500mg from a trusted vendor. Appearance: white crystalline powder. Smell: not as strong as 4-MMC, but perhaps it was because A) it was very pure; and/or 2) it hadn't had time to oxidise from the oxygen in the air. Anyways, here goes..
    T- 0: ~100mg was prepped for IV.
    T+1: Slowly pushed down on plunger.
    T+1.5: WOW. Extremely euphoric.
    T+30: still going strong
    T+45: feelings start to subside
    T+60: almost back to baseline
    T+60-120: nice "after-glow" effect

    In comparison to Mephedrone (4-MMC), 4-EMC is definitely MORE potent and more enjoyable by FAR. Doesn't feel as TOXIC either and less strain on the body/heart. Definitely recommended for any researcher."

    I know this isn't the best report by far, but should give a general idea about the potential of this substance.

  4. hatrix

    hatrix Silver Member

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    Sep 25, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    Does anyone else have any experience reports to add ? I'm rather curious about the effects of 4-EMC but there is a severe lack of reports on this RC.
  5. truthandloyalty

    truthandloyalty Newbie

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    Nov 25, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    SWIM's bobblehead received a shipment from his favorite supplier today. This is what he said compared to 4-mmc:

    "2 other bobble heads were in attendance. Allergy tests were performed and dosage was gradually increased until all the bobbleheads were comfortable trying a worthy dose. At lower doses the perception was that it may not be anything to write home about. The mood at that time was lethargic, but the bobbleheads were tired.

    one bobbleheads experience:
    Weight:275 pounds
    Comfortable friendly environment, but nervous about the new chemical, especially IV'd

    T- 0: 75-100mg was prepped for IV and administered.
    T- 10s: Quite noticeable chemical taste. Not as unpleasant as 4-mmc
    T-15s: Warming sensation over body followed by a steady, but slower rush than 4-mmc. The peak was quite similar for the next few minutes. Slight eye twitching, which is relatively uncommon for the this bobblehead. There is a lesser "stimmy" effect, but a much more developed change in tactile perception. Perception is one of warmth, sensitivity, and lightness of body.
    T-30: The body buzz is very comfortable and almost fuzzy. Time seems to be much longer or shorter than reality. There is an attention detriment with a slight mental fog. It differs from 4-mmc in that thought activity is similar in nature, but producing them vocally doesn't come as easily. This clears up shortly. The chattiness in general is lower. The tell tale behavioral signs and "bugged eyes " of mephedrone use aren't as pronounced. There was some sweating and obvious signs of vasoconstriction, notably tingling hands. Similar to being slightly asleep, but this bobblehead is prone to that. Heart rate remained in a much more normal range than mephedrone would produce.
    T++: From this point on effects gradually diminish into a glow and the physical body feels quite relaxed and easy to move. The comedown is so gradual that it's difficult to notice the change and when baseline has been reached. The desire to re-dose is there, but more casual than 4-mmc. Main effects don't last too long, but the glow sticks around.

    This was repeated with a significant overall amount 1-2 grams, but ill effects were minimal. The session was stopped 3 times without the overwhelming desire to restart immediately. After many hours of steadily paced re-dose it was apparent that there wasn't much left in the bobblehead to produce that intense feel good effect.

    The other bobbleheads insufflated, but experienced similar effects.

    This is a decent chemical, different from mephedrone but somewhat comparable and the other effects are pleasant. The bobbleheads are not sure about the comparable potency, since they gradually titrated first. They agree that the potency is relatively comparable, but it's possible that they might be higher.

    The comedown left the bobbleheads in a decent place physically and mentally, even slightly pleasant.

    They will see how tonights sleep and next day pan out.

    This might be a new favorite."

    truthandloyalty added 2 Minutes and 12 Seconds later...

    Oh, produced quite a calm, happy, and content feeling.

    truthandloyalty added 2 Minutes and 46 Seconds later...

    Definite recommendation for the very pleasant effects and less body/mind strain.

    truthandloyalty added 11 Minutes and 30 Seconds later...

    Addiction potential seems like it would be much lower.

    truthandloyalty added 410 Minutes and 18 Seconds later...

    Update:sleep was achieved without significant trouble and the next day bobbleheads are feeling fine.
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  6. MD426

    MD426 Silver Member

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    Oct 18, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    SWIM received a sample of 4-EMC, will edit and report with oral dosage this weekend.
  7. llamer

    llamer Silver Member

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    Oct 19, 2007
    from U.S.A.
    I used this one about 2 weeks ago. Like others have said, it produced effects similar to 4MMC, only felt palpibly different.

    Come up is strong (plugged), bringing a warming rush and tingle to the exremities. There's something of a ringing going on in the ears, a sort of 'here we go' kind of sensation.

    Then there's the headchange: unmistakeable high, a chatty rippy sort of stoked upper wowzers kind of zone, like getting nice and high on cocaine or any other euphoric stimulant. Stimulation was less intense as 4MMC but still there, giving one a sweat and some heart pounding.

    Comedown came on after 45 minutes or so, though not as bad as with 4MMC. Urge to redose is definitely there, and it's hard to say if I could easily just put the bag away because he didn't, he kept on doing it all night til 3 am, drowning himself in chemicals to go to bed. Redosing got him high but it couldn't reproduce the exact feeling of the initial comeup, probably because he was still a little high each time, and one's body gets used to that feeling. Like cocaine and most other redose-popular drugs, the first line gets you high, the rest is just maintenance.

    Overall it was about 20-30% less intoxicating, euphoric/crazy body high, and overall toxic feeling than 4MMC, which to me makes it a pretty good chem to have around if you want to treat yourself to a night of useless self indulgence. I would like something that could give the same weird stoney body high that 'drone could provide, but this stuff ain't bad. Hope this makes some sense of the stuff.
  8. keepinitreal

    keepinitreal Newbie

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    Jun 27, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    When posting a experience, please describe:
    • body weight & gender - 125/male
    • dose taken - multiple, preferred between 150-200mg's
    • route of administration - oral/insufflated.
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken. - in a glass shop/at home.
    • duration of main effects - peak seemed to be around 30-45mins
    • main effects - euphoria, talkativeness, entactogen, empathogen.
    side effects - nystagmus, dilated pupils, urge to redose, girls love you.
    • after effects - warm glow, and light headedness.
    • rating of the experience 7.5/10
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential - if irresponsible, youll go until you run out.
    • any other valuable information - need more toxicity data.
    • information on heart rate / blood pressure effects if available - dont have measurements but id say theres an increase in both (its a stimulant what'd expect"

    initial dose: 120mgs - no effects.

    2nd dose: 45 mins later swim insufflated 50mgs. after about 5 minutes could definitely tell there was some effect, however not very strong.

    3rd dose: after about another 45 mins, swim bombed 160mg's. after about 25 mins started to get a very strong and pronounced euphoria. was more talkative and felt the need to pace the shop he was in. (not in front of people of course)

    ended up topping up for the next 4-5 hours or so, was able to maintain decent euphoria and chattiness. was insufflating around 30-50mgs just about 40mins-hour.

    so far from what swim can see its definately a worthwhile substance. with further experimentation I would like to try bombing 200mg initially and topping up with .05 every 40ish mins. I think that that would be the ideal way to dose this.

    also too add: the substance was strong smelling micro crystalline product. swim also wants to add that it burns for around 5mins when insufflated.

    my first experience report ever! hope you guys dont mind that i dont use apostrophes, capitilization, and that the format is appropriate.
  9. mikebailey_uk

    mikebailey_uk Silver Member

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    May 27, 2010
    from U.K.
    4-EMC Report

    I am a very heavy 4-MMC (Mephedron, mkat, drone.....whatever) user swith a very high tolerance. Although I find it hard to get as high without taking copious amouts SWIM still gets what he classes as his favorite side effect and that is being horny for hours.

    Recently I have found it hard to obtain any 4-MMC and then came across 4-EMC, now I'm no chemist but the structure of this compound share a remarkable resemblance to 4-MMC so I was hoping it might be a good replacement.

    I couldn't find any recent reports on here so I thought I'd post my own.

    From the few reports I did manage to read I was prepred that this would be less intense then Mkat.

    What arrived was very clumpy (anyone else notice this?) especially next to the crystal appearance of Mkat. This made it vey hard to sniff, so SWIM madea bomb, approx 20mg. I felt a little change in mood after 30 mins but could have been placebo. I took another 80mg bomb an hour later, slight pupil dialation and warm feeling after 30 minutes but doesn't last long. Finally SWIM bombs 200mg and after 30 mins feels a much stronger rush.

    This isn't a 4-MMC replacement unfortuneatly but might be ok for a chilled out vibe, depends what you want to get I suppose.
  10. lowins

    lowins Newbie

    Reputation Points:
    Jul 11, 2012
    from Tennessee, U.S.A.
    did 300mg. inhalation. no euphoria at all. just made me feel "edgy". i didn't like DMAA either and a lot of people do.. i guess it's all about each individuals's brain chemistry make-up.
  11. snubi

    snubi Newbie

    Reputation Points:
    May 29, 2010
    from denmark
    How does this compare to 4-mec?
  12. Rob Cypher

    Rob Cypher Titanium Member

    Reputation Points:
    May 30, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    It's 10x better, according to users. More euphoric and there seems to be less (re)dosing involved with it, they say,

    I have to wonder if lowins and mike bailey got a bunk version of the stuff - 30mg should be enough to feel a little something at least; 300mg all at once seems to be a bit on the high side, frankly. Either that or they were big users of 4-MMC, which probably spoiled their brain on any other type of that class of chemicals.
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  13. mumuchwal

    mumuchwal Newbie

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    Jun 22, 2013
    from france
    Hello there :)

    Any opinion about a possible IM route for this product (4-EMC)? Or will it just eventualy makes muscle sore and leaves with horrible pain/disease/etc...

    I noticed some say it's beein used IV, but:

    • What would be the "average effective" dose if eventualy insuflated?
    • What would be this dose considering an hypotetical IM route?
    (By the way, I would like to appologize for the bad English/creativity/anything else, this is my first post ever on such kind of forum.)

    P.S : first post \o/
  14. Vaya5

    Vaya5 Silver Member

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    Feb 19, 2013
    31 y/o from U.S.A.
    Round ONE: Questionable?

    T+0:00 100mg measured out using a digital milligram scale for precision; dose was administered rectally. I lay on my left side for 20 minutes to maximize absorption.

    T+0:30 Been laying here a bit, I know I feel 'something,' but nothing in any way significant. I administer another 100mg rectally.

    T+1:15 The "Im-not-sure-what-I-feel" action persists. My heartrate has quickened ever-so slightly. Mydriasis is HIGHLY, highly present. No bodily discomfort, but no real washes of euphoria, either. I find myself in a paradoxically alert, yet quieted state of being. Tactile sensations are enhanced, and I feel somewhat sexually stimulated.

    The underwhelming feeling persisted for another three hours, but there was no crash to speak of at all. Simply fade to sober.

    Round TWO: *Sublime*

    Noting my subpar first trial, and having read enough to know to avoid insufflating 4-EMC, I decided to try IV'ing it. I felt a sense of apprehension at the thought of IV'ing such an obscure compound, but felt a sense of determination to explore this substituted cathinone's potential. I measured 78mg on the scale, dumped it into a shot glass and added 1mL of sterile, bacteriostatic water. Swirling the glass lead to the 4-EMC dissolving rapidly and completely.

    Solution was filtered using cotton, yielding 0.6mL of 4-EMC solution inside the 1cc, 30 gauge 1/2" insulin syringe. Solution had a slightly off-white, diluted sandy yellow color to it, just like the powder. Injection site was prepped with rubbing alcohol, and a tourniquet fit snugly over my right bicep.

    T+0:00 Successfully registered, slowly depress the plunger. Injection took roughly 5 seconds.

    T+10 seconds - I feel a strong 'hit' of chemical flavor rise into my throat as though it were a burp. A strange, synthetic flavor that was neither tasty nor repulsive. I've since learned to love it, however ;)

    T+15 seconds - WHAMMO. There it is! I slump back in my seat and let waves of serotonin bathe my central nervous system. It feels incredible. What's more, I experienced no noticable change in heartrate the whole time, and this is reassuring.

    T+0:01 - Rushing hard. Vision is blippy and strobe-like due to intense nystagmus. Nystagmus on a level that reminds me of high-dose MDA. Everything looks psychedelic, as though saturated with color. Beautiful shades of color on otherwise everyday objects. I haven't been able to stand up yet to check, but I know my pupils are tremendously large. This is indeed a very serotonergic, psychedelic cathinone derivative.

    T+0:10 Im loving the fact that here is no over-stimulation present here. I've been in an intense Mephedrone/MDMA headspace but lack uncomfortable physical side effects. 4-EMC IMO likely exerts ilittle nor adrenergic effect, instead being preferential for serotonin and dopamine. This stuff is truly reminiscent of the fat MDA+MDMA bombs of the past. Really, really nice touch there EMC!

    My body feels warm, soft, velveteen, erotic. I realize that, though I've been entirely distracted by the omnipresent strobing, I have an erection the strength of concrete. Masturbation feels wonderful; if only my girlfriend and I hadn't called it quits last month!! 4-EMC is very entactogenic and I long for the presence of other people - and, in those sexually-charged moments, my ex-girlfriend. I find it very easy to move past these difficult feelings and continue to enjoy the moment.

    4-EMC is extremely versatile in this sense. Very reminiscent of MDA in the sense that you can choose when steeping in emotion is appropriate for your experience or not. I found I was able to precisely control just how "deep" into myself I went, on those occasions where I opened myself up to it.

    T+1:00 Been laying in bed in my room which is thoroughly illuminated by a deep, tranquil-blue light. Candles flicker, mist from the oil burner rises in a tempest of lavendar fragrance. Bass booster on soundsystem is optimized - accentuating the compelling groove of a tech house mix CD by Funk D'Void. All is well. I am absolutely loving 4-EMC: it provides a unique sedative-like stimulation, sort of in the same general manner as methoxetamine produces but without the susceptibility to mania. Though I exist with perception of astounding clarity, my brain feels a little heavy. Neither tired nor stressed, just... 'heavy.'

    T+1:20 All of a sudden, I realize the effects have significantly diminished. That's the way it is, there is little to no comedown of any sort. Simply a sudden realization that your oozing euphoria has subsided smoothly into a sensational afterglow. Slight bruxism, which has been present the whole ride, is ameliorated with some magnesium citrate. I notice it more now that Im not distracted by my other senses.

    T+1:30 After ninety minutes, I succumb to the desire, up until that point a mere undercurrent, to redose. It is true that the urge is less than with 3-MMC, 4-MMC or 4-MEC. Thank god.

    I measure out 105mg of 4-EMC, prep it for injection as I had before, and self-administer. A dash of red, suspended; depression of the plunger, delicate; chemical "throat hit," vivid; euphoric rush, absolutely tidal. I added 30mg to the initial dose for my re-dose, and there's no going back from that feeling again!! This material is very well-suited for close-knit social gatherings or, as in my case, a night of mindless self indulgence ;)

    The experience that followed mirrors in most ways the initial effects, albeit much more intensely.

    T+2:45 I prepare to redose again, and decide to research a potential combination to increase stimulation just a little bit. Determining for myself that the potential for risk was minimal, I prepped 100mg of 4-EMC along with 65mg of 4-fluoroamphetamine (4-FA). Anticipating additive serotonergic agonism and rapid stimulation, I gave myself the shot.

    Taste the rainbow!
    Double your pleasure!!
    I hold tight as my psyche, tethered to a series of ion propulsion rockets, is blasted well past Neptune.

    4-FA has always been a great halogenated amphetamine in its own right, possessing a consistently smooth subjective experience. And thus, using it as an adjunct to 4-EMC's comparatively languid stimulation naturally lead to discovering what I feel is the perfect complementary pair of stimulating, serotonergic RCs. I keep the dose of 4-FA constrained to below 80mg always in lieu of preventing excess PNS/CNS serotonin accumulation; additionally, I'd like to avoid becoming hyperthermic and sweaty with a racing heart. That's what 4-MEC is for!

    This was my last dose for the session described above. The afterglow, again becoming realized after about an hour and a half, persisted with me until I...

    T+6:15 ...fell asleep three hours later with the aid of some clonazepam and kava. I slept very, very soundly and awoke the next morning in high spirits and without any 'hangover' effects to speak of. I was very pleased.

    Conclusion: 4-EMC is dubby, psychedelic entactogenic/empathogenic and aphrodisiac cathinone derivative that possesses strong euphoriant properties directly comparable to MD(M)A.

    Though I had little success plugging it, I came to know it via IV administration.

    Co-administration with 4-FA was optimal and produced no irritation or swelling at the injection site.

    4-EMC's addiction potential is quite high with IV administration, and those not otherwise predisposed would do well to avoid it, if possible.

    I would say that I enjoy 4-EMC moreso than Mephedrone. The effects profile is more favorable and expansive, the duration longer, the potency by weight a degree higher, and lacking characteristic feelings of Mephedrone-induced cardio- and neuro-toxicity.
    *That's not to say that it isn't toxic, but it lacks the palpable feeling of bodily abuse that I get from 4-MMC and 4-MEC.