Experience Report - 4 gram magic mushoom trip report

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    I want to begin this report of my Magic Mushroom trip from last night by saying that so much happened on it that I feel like it will be a real struggle to include all the details that I would like. I must also apologize in advance if my recounting of the timeline feels a bit confused. Nevertheless I will do the best as I feel a deep desire to give the reader some inkling as to what I experienced.

    Having taken some time to acquire the necessary amount of Cannabis necessary (My country is experiencing a dry patch) to make the trade with a friend in exchange for four grams of Psilocybe Subaeruginosa, I knew I would be in for an interesting evening. The next day would be my Birthday and so I knew that the majority of this trip would take part on on it. This would be my third trip with my first having involved a 1.7 gram dosage and the second a 2 gram one. I have also had some experiences with Salvia Divanorum including one in which I experienced total ego death. I had prepared for this trip by not eating since dinner which had been around 3 hours ago.

    I felt a small amount of anxiety at the unpredictable aspect that always comes into play with the use of these substances but there was really no debate in my mind about whether I should go through with this experience or not. I began to grind the Shrooms up sometime just after 10pm and by 11:08pm I’d made the lemon tek. I allowed this to sit for 20 minutes and then consumed it. I was immediately hit with that interesting feeling of knowing that there was now no turning back...

    Knowing that it would be difficult to predict how soon I would start to feel the Shrooms kicking in, I decided to turn off any music on my laptop and simply converse with a few people on Discord and read a few internet articles. I quickly began to feel that the silence was deafening and I’m not sure if that was the first sign of something changing or if it was just my anticipation making me feel that way. Perhaps around 20-30 minutes in (I will try to do a somewhat better job of keeping track of time in future trips) I felt this feeling that I had felt on my first Shroom trip which was that this wooden cat statue I have on a bookshelf was aware of me and looking at me. This feeling caused me to laugh to myself just like it did on the first occasion I experienced it.

    Soon after that I felt that I was beginning to feel something of the body high that comes with Shrooms which to me is kind of like a numbing, relaxing sensation in which you feel the urge to lie down. I believe at this point I was still not really seeing anything when I shut my eyes.

    As I mentioned in the first paragraph of this report, my recollection of the timeline for this trip is somewhat confused and this is the part where things begin to get muddled. I’ll do my best to reconstruct it as accurately as possible but I think some parts are probably going to be out of order. I think at some point I closed my eyes and began to see the earliest sign of fractal images, possibly some eyes and faces (which as you’ll see, I would see a huge number of later). I believe at this point that I was starting to feel the nausea quite strongly and so I decided to go to the bathroom just think at some point I closed my eyes and began to see the earliest sign of fractal images, possibly some eyes and faces (which as you’ll see, I would see a huge number of later). I believe at this point that I was starting to feel the nausea quite strongly and so I decided to go to the bathroom just outside my room to throw up.

    I quickly felt the presence of this peculiar feminine entity that I also felt was there on my last trip. I didn’t so much seem to directly see it this time but I felt like I caught glimpses of it through the mirror, it’s dark, quite elegant and I feel like it belongs to a different species. I cannot tell if it shows any signs of being aware of me but it’s interesting that I feel like it’s a female presence.

    As I vomited into the toilet it began to transform into this dark hole as it had also done on the previous trip. I returned to my room and lay down on my bed again. At some point during the trip I began to feel as if I was being possessed by a being who, if they’d ever been a human person, would have probably been a warlord or tibal leader or something. I felt this aggressive confidence swinging through me and I began to reassess who I could be in life. This mindset receded relatively quickly and around this point I was sort of wondering if maybe I’d reached the peak of the trip. Perhaps this would be a disappointing experience compared to what I had expected. Boy, was I wrong...

    I don’t recall noticing the fractals gradually increasing in power or anything but suddenly whenever I shut my eyes there would be endless pairs of eyes and faces staring back at me whilst constantly moving. I would see these side-on images of what I’ve decided to call alien-goddess type entities some of which had an almost Ancient Egyptian look to them, I saw plenty of the type of fractal like faces that you see in Alex Grey art that seem to proceed infinitely into the background. As I looked at them and they looked back at me I said out-loud “I can talk to you...Can you talk to me? Should I talk to you?” I would see mechanical type fractals as well, the type that people do sometimes report seeing.

    I walked into the bathroom again briefly (as I would do many times this night) and I can’t recall if my eyes were shut but I saw what appeared to be a male being of light and when I looked into at his head there was nothing there except the light just seemed to recede back infinitely making me gasp and mutter “Oh my god...”

    Everytime I have tried shrooms they have made me cry and this occasion would be no different. Some of my personal demons quickly began to surface and I felt the need to acknowledge the lifetime of hurt they had caused. This stage might have lasted about 20 minutes but it’s difficult for me to say with any certainty. I really believe that Shrooms force you to get real with yourself in a way that can be very confronting.

    The trip began to get progressively more unusual. Soon I began to feel that my brain, as my instrument of cognition, had been replaced by something alien resulting in me experiencing the world in a completely different way. I am not a scientist but I began to link physics and biological evolution in my mind in a way I never had before but made sense to me at the time. Just as we are always in freefall, evolution is always moving us forward into history (even if biological changes are something of a slow process).

    The biggest realization that came from this from a stronger conviction about something I’ve felt for a while which is that we can’t plan for and manage our species effectively on either a global or local level because we don’t understand ourselves and where we are meant to be going well enough to avoid all kinds of misfortune and the capacity for total catastrophe. I saw this in relation to both political events in the world and also in relation to individuals I know or have known in my life.

    By this time I had reached what I would consider the peak of the trip and began to experience some pretty powerful things. I felt like I experience the birth of a planet, a small ball of light, within myself, whenever I closed my eyes the fractals were simply incredible, I saw a never-ending world of eyes and faces that I also seemed to see flashes of as I opened my eyes, some were beautiful, some looked like something out of a zombie movie.

    I saw cats with 6 pairs of eyes, I also managed to catch one or two glimpses of some beautiful natural scenes including a yellow field that I can only describe as enchanting. I saw beautiful floating 3D model structure that was made up of small balls that twisted and turned to reveal ever more elaborate aspects of itself.

    Around this time I needed to vomit again and I can only describe the sensation of this second vomit for the evening as resembling what I imagine transforming from a human into some kind of insectoid species might feel like. I would liken what I experienced to a croaking feeling that seemed to spread itself through my entire body. Like so much of this experience, it saddens me that I can’t adequately put into words what it was that I experienced here. Whenever I would look in the bathroom mirror in the darkness my face would morph in ways that were very creepy or macabre. My face would resemble an insectoid type creature or look very skull like and evil (I have a shaved head). My arm would also look like something off an insectoid creature or would look totally black.

    At this point I would look out my bedroom window to see the trees right outside of it full of these evil looking fleshy creatures. I’d almost say they looked a bit like the Flood from the Halo video game series, sort of a combination of the humanoid looking ones and the blobby ones that explode when they get close to you. I’d also see Africa and South America morph into the faces of these monstrosities on the world map on my wall. Eventually they morphed into Grey Aliens as well. I should add that none of this was particularly frightening to me, just intriguing more than anything.

    Around sometime after 4pm I decided to try and go to sleep but the images I would see every time I closed my eyes had other ideas about this plan and prevented me from doing so. I recall shutting my eyes and seeing this strange, almost giant-rat like creature posing on the ground, that was transparent in a way where I could see larvae (which I presume were it’s children) moving in and out of it’s body.

    It was not until around 5:00am at the earliest that I was finally able to get some sleep. All in all this was a fascinating experience and the most varied and eventful psychedelic experience I have ever had in my life. Mushroom hunting season is coming soon in my country and I hope to do stronger doses in the not too distant future.
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    Psilocybe Subaeruginosa is supposed to be slightly more potent than P. cubensis, so 4 grams would probably be around 5 grams of cubensis. Just saying this because cubes are the most common species commercially in my area (the US). So that's a pretty heavy dose - now wonder you got such an intense trip!

    The Lemon TEK is something I've never tried, but theoretically the Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Citric Acid turn the psilocybin into psilocin before you ingest it, so it kicks in faster and and the trip is more intense. But this doesn't totally make sense because your stomach is also quite acidic, so it should turn the psilocybin into psilocin pretty quickly anyway. So I'm not sure if it really makes a difference. What do you think? Why did you do the Lemon Tek?
    Furthermore, I've heard that Vitamin C can boost your trip, make the visuals brighter, or give you more mental clarity (reducing the chance of a difficult trip). However I've also heard that Vitamin C can reduce your trip. These may be placebo effects, or urban legends, or they may be true - but since they pretty much say opposite things, only one can really be true. Would love to hear other's opinions on this.

    This resonates with me. I have often felt that the inability of most people to see us as we truly are - animals, governed by the same biological instincts and drives as any other animals - gets in the way of us managing our species effectively. We may have technology, and may be more intelligent than other animals (with, as a result, more complex and nuanced emotions), but this doesn't mean we aren't the same as other animals.
    I forget who said it, but I once heard humanity described as a mass of "rumbling stomachs, raging genitals, and clenched fists". Just like any other animal, we are governed primarily by our instinctual drive to eat and to fuck. When one of these is threatened, our response is to fight. If we realized we are just animals following these instincts, we could learn to understand them and work around them. Allowing us to curb overpopulation (by increasing education for women in developing countries, and making contraception more widely available, and generally avoiding having more than 2 or 3 babies per couple). Curbing overpopulation would reduce famines. Reducing famines and limiting populations would make people less likely to fight. And many of our species' problems would be solved, and we could manage our species more effectively and sustainably, leading us to a better future!

    Not sure if this is exactly how you meant it, but it is what I thought of reading it.

    If only more people (or all...) took psychedelics, more people could come to these realizations and perhaps our species could be more sustainable... but alas, psychedelics are illegal in many places, difficult to acquire for some, psychologically dangerous for others, and heavily socially stigmatized by many groups. So this really isn't a feasible or even good idea. Just pointless dreaming...