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Experiences - 4-propoxy-3,5-DMPEA (Proscaline)

Discussion in 'Phenethylamines' started by KomodoMK, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. KomodoMK

    KomodoMK Newbie

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    Oct 23, 2005
    Male from earth
    Please add your experiences with 4-propoxy-3,5-DMPEA (Proscaline) here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    When posting a experience, please describe:

    * body weight & gender
    * dose taken
    * route of administration
    * Setting: in what environment it was taken.
    * duration of main effects
    * main effects
    * side effects
    * after effects
    * rating of the experience
    * any other valuable information

    Drug information regarding 4-propoxy-3,5-DMPEA (Proscaline) should be posted here: http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?p=481977
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  2. fnord

    fnord Newbie

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    Dec 8, 2003
    Proscaline Experiances And Info.

    Grandmas getting some proscaline today and was wondering what others experiences with this compound are.
  3. fnord

    fnord Newbie

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    Dec 8, 2003
    Re: Proscaline Experiances And Info.

    Typos have been included for historical accuracy.

  4. fatal

    fatal Newbie

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    Feb 19, 2006
    Male from U.S.A.
    Subject is male mid 20s average height and weight. Substantial prior experience with many other phenthylamines and tryptamines. Other psychedelics had been used in the weeks leading up to this experiment including 2C-I, 4-HO-MET, and 5-MEO-DMT. Sample is crystalline, supposed purity of 98%.

    Surprised there aren't other reports on this substance from this year. This was "easily available" for a short time.
  5. zerozerohero

    zerozerohero Titanium Member

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    Oct 11, 2010
    Male from earth
    Hi friends!

    So William got his hands on some Proscaline, 1 Gram to be exact.

    Will has an old scale, only goes down to the 100mg (0.1g) detail - given the advised dosages, Will had a lot of trouble figuring out how to make propper gelcaps for his friends without sending them off to Tripperhell, but we'll talk about that later in the post.

    The Proscaline was obtained from a FOAF, someone William knows for a long time and who has never failed his reputation.

    Said source made clear that it wasn't the purest batch he'd made but also insisted that the purity was "somewhere above 90%" which was good enough for everyone in the group, especially since the same guy also produces chemicals like LSD with levels of purity that seem to be non-existant on the black market (even on SR or similar sites).

    The powder is off-white, confirming the purity concern of the (mostly annoyingly) perfectionist source.

    Will first took the "allergy" test - the extremity of a syringe needle was made wet, a pinch of proscaline was laid on a clean surface, the extremity of the needle dipped in the proscaline. Will then proceeded with lightly penetrating a spot on his left hand with said needle (depth of maybe .5mm) in order to trigger an eventual reaction. Will is a very allergic person and therefore had friends and the appropriate medication (promethazine IV and Epipen) standing by. With no apparent reaction besides a little tingle where the needle hit the skin, Will decided to weigh off 100mg and roughly divided it in 10 doses before putting the smallest of these doses into a tiny gelcap and swallowing it.

    On that allergy test day, Will experienced no allergic reaction and felt unusually calm and had much ease to concentrate - is there a "nootropic" quality to Proscaline?

    In the evening came the time to test the product in depth. First Will and friends had to do a few tests.
    One little piggy started by weighing off 100mg exactly and separated it in three doses. Off a ~33mg dose, he took a tiny bump. His nose hurt, he advised everyone against snorting it. The Source later mentioned that this might be due to impurities. Despite the tiny dose, the snorter clearly felt this little brain-tingle one gets just before most Hallucinogens start hitting.

    Will proceded to take a tiny dip on another little dose of around 30mg to put it in his mouth (like he often does with cristaline MDMA). This was maybe 5mg and burned his gums as hell, he had to rinse his mouth out immediately - again, this might be due to impurities but another friend came up with an article found somewhere on the web stating Proscaline had a low (aka acidic) ph - this is to be verified though.

    In the end William and Friends decided to gelcap that stuff. They decided to make caps with ~30mg and make some "re-dose caps" with only 10mg each in order to take no risk and ending up way farer than expected.

    A couple 1000mg Paracetamol pills were crushed (they're huge and actually weigh 3.8g each, so they're mostly filler) to make the mix. 0.7g were weighed off and 0.3g of Proscaline were weighed off with much care given the low precision of the scale (as mentioned before it only goes down to .1g, but otherwise it is very precise and Will tests it with a .1g clump of gold (because it does not oxydise, denaturate and therefore change weight because of oxydation) every time he uses it.

    Both products were then mixed thoroughly in a small ceramic container with a pyrex rod and afterwards on a pyrex plate with a credit-card shaped pyrex piece - This is no precision work and one should have a more sensitive scale to do such things, but it was done as precisely as possible given the means at hand on that day.

    ...Except when it came to fill the gelcaps - the guys had no helping gear at hand and the 1g of proscaline/paracetamol mix ended up in 8 caps plus a bit of powder residue that Will, at the expense of his sinuses, couldn't help to snort.

    In the end they ended up with caps that contained roughly 35 mg of Proscaline. Everyone in the room took one and about 90 minutes later the effects started to show. The coming-up was quite slow, slower than expected and the dose was upped for everybody with the "light" 10mg capsules. At H 2:00
    of the experience, the effects seemed to be coming full force for everyone. There was a great feeling of inner peace and euphoria, visuals (nothing too fancy, discolourations, some patterns) and intense closed-eyes visuals (the whole shabang really). About 1 hour later in the Experience, the ridiculous crackhead decision was made to re-dose 10mg each.

    That's when things got a bit tricky. It was a lot of fun, but self-control started to be a difficult task to perform by itself (so not much else was doable really) and everyone decided it was time for a nightly walk through the peaceful area surrounding the place.

    The walk was a good idea as it helped shaking off the pretty heavy body load that proscaline seems to induce. Also, they were laughing their asses off enough for their abs to remain painful for days and the dark of the night provided the right conditions for spectacular visuals. The walk ended up to last 5 hours - at the end they were 8 or 9 hours into the experience and still very high, although calming down a bit. The group returned to the house, played some music, discussed, laughed and started coming down. After a couple of hours more (they had to have been in their 12th hour or so), the group decided to end the trip as people were starting to feel a bit edgy - not aggressive or anything of that sort, but the jaws were clenching and laughter almost stopped for some time. Clonazepam was distributed in 2mg doses, as well as promethazine at 75mg doses. A few beers were consumed, as well as many many hash joints along the meds.

    The comedown was therefore very easy, with the exception of the fact that anyone, even before beer and joints, was complaining of headaches.

    Then came the next phase: totally mellow but wide awake despite everyone being up at least 24 hours and no one had eaten anything 'solid' in at least 16 hours.

    Then came the next phase: totally mellow but wide awake despite everyone being up at least 24 hours and no one had eaten anything 'solid' in at least 16 hours. It was impossible for anyone to sleep. Most of the participants dosed 1mg flunitrazepam as a last resort, to no avail. Still all mellow but still not sleeping. They ended up finding salute long hours later in resorting to Opium and more promethazine, which finally started to show its neuroleptic powers - Sleep was becoming a priority since the afternoon was there and the next day work was on schedule for all of them.

    In the end Proscaline is a very interresting substance, less agreable than Mescaline itself, but still a lot of fun. One does not get any nauseau, unlike with mescaline, but my guess is that the sleeplessness and the headaches make up for that :)

    The group decided to re-experiment with the substance soon and dose 50mg just once and see what happens then (no redosing naturally) in order to ge to the bottom of this substances potential.
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  6. Mushroom Murph

    Mushroom Murph Newbie

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    Feb 4, 2015
    Male from Canada
    Proscaline has been around a while,1971,I believe. Here is afoafs experience with Proscaline.
    After receiving a 1g bag of proscaline I was very excited. I red it was similar to mescaline,stronger,too. The ROA was IV, never seen anywhere that IV was the ROA.
    80mgs of Proscaline was places in a spoon,the powder completely dissolved in H2O.
    Proscaline is a white (faintly yellow) powder. I've been using IV since age18/now31 so It's Very rare for me to IV now,but,reading reports that it's a slow acting substance.
    I put 5mgs into a spoon for the allergy test n it all dissolved,I was interested. After the test 80mgs was added to h20, it was filled.
    Haven't done IV in a while but a vein was found. In it went............
    Whooooosh!!! An instant ,non familiar feeling took hold
    For a sec I wondered what was going on,then thinking I did way too much,Panic!! I walked up n down the hallways feeling I'll,I went to the washroom knowing I had to either "go",vomit,or shower,It was vomit. I had to calm myself down. I was afraid. Shouldn't ve done IV,why d I do that?!
    I did have visuals,other reports via oral reported no visuals.
    - the walls n carpet were breathing
    - a very eerie feeling ( dark,gothic,just eerie)
    -blurred vision
    -comparable to a week batch of PCP
    -alone,I reflected about my life
    -2hrs, 2mgs Klonopin taken w 100mg MT45
    -Enhanced music appreciation
    -Could no sit still (1st3-3.5 hrs)
    -should ve done it with someone
    - I count the hrs until the wife gets home.
    - I'm still alone when she arrives (she does NO drugs) I'm talkative.
    -hungry,I eat,no problem
    - approx 6-8hrs in the feeling fades but remains
    - I sleep not that night
    - in the morning,making coffee,I notice specs of the effects but I'm not hungover nor intoxicated

    Would I do it again? Yes,not soon and not IV. If u are doing IV please be very careful in dosing. I have a lot of dissociative/hallucegenic experience.. My recommendation for a starting dose oral is 30mgs. It WILL burn if snorted. Don't IV ,my recc.perhaps plugging (25-30mg)
    Should NOT be taken by persons with serious mental health issues(mania,Psychosis,Schizophrenia, or anyone with a history of depression as I do feel their cond.s would probably worsen. I see how paranoia can be a side effect. Not for anyone with a history of suicide attempts. I feel it's a dark drug,can be scary,but that's IV.
    Originaly got a g this'll be saved for Halloween or after dark long walks, please post any ROAs avail.

    Mushroom Murph added 2 Minutes and 46 Seconds later...

    I'm 31 200 lbs 6ft
    Length-7hrs (no sleep even w Seroquel n Klonopin)
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2015
  7. ChromeDome

    ChromeDome Silver Member

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    Feb 10, 2017
    30 y/o Male from Earth
    My friend is getting some of this soon (Proscaline) soon as the prices seemed to have dropped reasonably since this chemical was released on the market.

    Was wondering if it would be ok to mix proscaline with 1p-lsd or Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.

    Using proscaline as a replacement for MDMA and doing a quasi candy flip with 1p-lsd or Hawaiian baby woodrose.

    Anyone have experience doing so?