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Drug info - 5-MAPB (1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine) drug info

Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by GentlemanTom, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. GentlemanTom

    GentlemanTom Titanium Member

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    Jul 25, 2012
    Seems we have another 6-APB modification, 5-MAPB.As all other APB compounds are posted here, not in phenethylamines, i'm posting this one here too.
    Can anyone add information about:

    names / synonyms
    side effects
    legal status
    have there been any reported incidents with this compound?
    since when has this research chemical been available?
    stability of the molecule / compound


    Names: 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine or 1-benzofuran-5-ylpropan-2-methylamine
    CAS Number: ?
    Formula: C12H15NO
    Mol. Mass: 189.25 g/mol (freebase)
    Mol mass of hcl salt; 225.715 (83.8% 5-MAPB)
    Mol mass of succinate salt; 307.3416 (61.5% 5-MAPB)
    First reports: Emerged at online vendors at February, 2012, was described in rumours at 2010
    Boiling Point: 279.8±15.0 °C
    Density: 1.043±0.06 g/cm3

    It seems to be a new compound with little information about it existing on the web, except for several vendors and manufacturers, listing it amongst their products, one forum listing it amongst "imaginary drugs that could exist" and several rumors on other drug related forums.

    Yet the little controversiol information that is available claims these
    *more stimulating than 5-apb
    *coming up faster than 5-apb, close to 30 minutes.
    *increased emphaty, but it's not as strong as mdma's universal-love
    *similar psychedely to 5-apb
    *strong vasoconstriction
    *increased tactile sensations
    *at the start the effects feel very similar to MDMA
    *at the end the effects feel closer to methylone, with more straight stimulation
    *strong jaw clenching
    *time dilation

    Light tan powder. Fine material - insufflation reported to be unpleasant as material is too fine and goes too deep to the lungs (same as 6-apb).

    Insufflated: 25-50 mg
    Oral: 100-140 mg

    Oral: 5-6 hours

    Structurally it seems like a middle step between MDMA and 5-APB. The main difference from 5-APB is that the new chemical has a methyl group attached to nitrogen. The main difference from MDMA is lack of MDMA's oxygen atom in dihydrofuran ring - it's replaced with carbon.

    (and i can't add a 5-MAPB tag, so if someone can - thanks)
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  2. GentlemanTom

    GentlemanTom Titanium Member

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    Jul 25, 2012
    *updated effect list
    *added duration
    *added doses
    *added appearance

    (my 100th post, hooray)
  3. pcp saved my life

    pcp saved my life Mercury Member

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    Oct 11, 2012
    I should have some of this coming soon. I''ll let everyone know how it goes though I won't be able to compare to 5/6- APB since I've tried neither but I can give comparison to MDMA/MDA/methylone.
  4. LifeSucceedsDeath


    Reputation Points:
    Feb 2, 2012
    Thanks DorianBlack for the hard work of bring this chem to the attention of D-F, with good detail and info. I really don't have much to add but I'd like to post my thoughts...

    It looks to me like a "hyped" version of the original 5-APB. And well as things go, the addition of the N-methyl group will most likely extend it's effect to some level since metabolic enzymes have a harder time breaking it down (I wouldn't be surprised if it doubled in duration). For anyone unaware of this function, compare the differences between Amphetamine and Methamphetamine.

    Furthermore, if the above is true, it should be a harder hitting high with increased euphoria - at a lower dosage especially. I would raise caution upon this chemical to everyone to approach the dose with the most exhaustive and consummate of investigation. Apologies if I sound like a broken record on that, but too high of a dose and you could be dead meat. My precaution would take me to start at 1/10th of 5-APB's dose first (if you have experience with it).

    Another angle which could very well be more promising is the actions of MDA vs MDMA, where MDA is sometimes reported with a longer duration, but still needs a higher dose regimen (MDA lacks the N-methyl group which MDMA has, which further confounds my thinking).

    Either way, it is fair to say that a careful experimenter will find it's effects to be at least or more positive than 5-APB, allow the length is questionable and sleep may be a problem to those who work later in the day.

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  5. pcp saved my life

    pcp saved my life Mercury Member

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    Oct 11, 2012
    I finally received my 5-mapb. Tried snorting a tiny amount as an allergy test (or test against vendor sending wrong chemical), and waited before doing this again. I'm not sure if the effects I felt were placebo, but there was something going on although very subtle I am pretty sure they were not placebo, I thought I even noticed some slight tracering. But I won't really know anything until I do a trial with full dosages.

    When I am able to submit to a full trial of this chemical, with full dosages, I will post the results
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  6. ianzombie

    ianzombie Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Jun 12, 2007
    Dont you have a digital scale?
    I would not recommend eyeballing doses with any drug, least of all some new research chemical.
    Please be very careful, many times vendors send out a little more for free, if you do not weigh it and presume you have less than you actually have, you could end up taking more than you think.
  7. gongola

    gongola Silver Member

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Hello fellow researchers,

    First, let me talk a little about the subjects.
    Subjects are 24y and 27y old (male and female, 90kg and 55kg), male in very good shape, natural bodybuilder and strongman, female with quite some scars and bruises from previous life changing cirurgies. Togheter for the last 10y, with her being new to drugs since 2011.

    Male first started using mind altering substances when he was 12y old. Yes, you got it right, 12 years old. Coming from Brazil to Portugal, the adaptation to the people in this country wasn't very easy. A lot of dificulty understanding the new accent, also he had an older brother already in Portugal, with lots of experience with cocaine (a cheap fucker in subjects born nation, around 2 dollars / gram. ), so subject started doing ecstasy pill under his brothers wing, in order to discover new horions. He started to djing in small psytrance parties in Sintra, and had a blast while he was on the decks. Went up to 14 xtc pills on his 14th birthday, when he saw Tim Shuldt going mad with a guittar :) at PsyClub Alcantara ;) Good old days! The 2000's were a blast, good MDMA going around! After 2003, he went cold turkey untill 2010.

    Since then, subject has experienced pretty much all drugs in the market except for Heroin and it's derivates. To be honest, he won't slam anything, ever! He also, don't like to snort or smoke anything, always eat or take it up the bum. Like a man should :)

    Enough with the shit-chat, going straight to the 5-mapb experience:

    Male subject is very, but very experienced with MDA, MDMA, MBDB, Ketamine, Mescaline, LSD, 2-CB, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and RC's such as Methylone (his favorite, way over MDMA), MDPV, 6-apb. 6-apdb. 5-apb, aMT and 4-mec.

    Just ordred a gram of 5-mapb from a trusted vendor. Started with 150mg up the bumway (he and his lovelly wife), after a whole day of fasting, 30 minutes later, he feels exited, nowhere near as Methylone (their drug of choice) and they start playing around. Sex started good, but male didn't fell as well as he would feel on Methylone. When they're on Methylone, true feelings pops out, like him getting fisted in the ass from his wife, (yes he knows, strong example, but withing 4 walls, there are no physical or mental barriers with his wife). To be honest, they have been fornicating for 15 hours straight, with both of them cumming inumerous times. Never the way, male felt good but coundn't stay away from the "not so high" felling.

    For the last 3 years he's been doing drugs with his wife, and that has oppened a new door for them in terms of sexuality. They feel more connected, more toghether, even when there's a 3th or 4th people with them :) Sex is sex, carnal, but love, goes way beyond that! All kinds of dirty shit have no barriers between them.

    Continuing with the 5-mapb experience, well, they did fell good, but male don't feel like the price paid for the gram was good, as the couple consumed 1gr in 2 days. First day was mild, slight trippy but wierd for male, as he has a lot of experience controlling drugs. Some CEV and OEV but nowhere near as MDA or MDMA. Actually, both subjects felt a little tired in the second day, even after a 250mg up the bum was administred. Still had visuals, but the lack of speed/euphoria was a big NO NO. To male, he won't be doing this substance alone in the near future.

    Female enjoyed, but sex wasn't near as good as they had with Methylone. Anal sex in fact, was boring for male.

    The comeup was quite speedy, but no drive to do anything after that.

    Both male and female feels like this new RC isn't worth the price. They rather stick to MDMA or Methylone for they love life.

    They both believe there's no point doing drugs without a trustworthy partner.

    In a scale of 1 to 10, male gives 4/10 to 5-mapb. He rathers the 4-FA with 6-APB combo.

    Hope this report is helpfull.

  8. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    This is a very good drug. Hands down the best benzo-furan. The original synthesis of it in the UK apparently yielded 10kg, which has now all been sold on to resellers, and I highly suspect that after that has gone the only form this will be available in is pills/binders, due to basic economics and experience of the market.

    Dosage: 120mg insufflated + 60mg + 60mg +60mg
    Body weight: 80kg
    Effects: Increase sociability, increased lucidness, music appreciation, the horn,
    Side effects: None noteworthy

    The powder is a fluffy beige color. It has small solid lumps in it too. Amazingly (unlike 6-apb) its not too bad to snort, it's not as light and powdery and has more weight to it. I started with a 3mg allergy dose, waited three hours and then railed 120mg.

    Effects felt within a minute. Extremely pleasurable buzz developed. It has a very different headspace than 6-apb or other MDMA analogues; the best I can compare it to is MDA. It has a very lucid yet very mongy buzz, theres no rush or urgency about it like with MDMA. Music appreciation way up. Extremely sociable. Feel extremely relaxed and content. No real burn on snorting worth complaining about. I'm guessing it's duration is slightly shorted than 6-apb but longer than MDMA, I'd guess it's about 14 hours (6-apb is thought to be 17 and MDMA 8).

    An extremely interesting chemical. The main thing I like about it is that there is no real noticeable gurn on it, it doesn't have the worst side effects of MDMA. I could feel myself expecting to gurn due to the effects but getting no pleasure from doing it when I did. The comedown was pretty tepid too, though I did dose 4g of GHB to send me off three hours after the last dose. Very binge-able, I re dosed three times with 60mg even though I didn't plan to.
  9. thirdeyelasik

    thirdeyelasik Silver Member

    Reputation Points:
    Jul 10, 2011

    Thanks for the report I have been waiting to see more info on this one. Can you describe the after effects of this one? Did you have significant serotonin depletion where sleep paralysis can occur? What were the changes in mood the following week compared to 6-APB or MDMA. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  10. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

    Reputation Points:
    Sep 18, 2008

    After effects are unpredictable from the above, I was asleep within three hours as I had 4g GHB. Which would have made accurate after effects hard to gauge. I get sleep paralysis every time I do MDMA two days after (the more, the worse). I didn't with this, but again it was not natural sleep, so hard to be definitive, as you wake up in a slightly different head space than natural sleep.

    Also my dose was very high, I had read experience reports on numerous forums and judged it would be ok, even though rather high. I would start with no more than 50mg and wait a bit, it builds up over a while and peaks within 5 minutes if snorted, an hour if ingested.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2015
  11. FreeLizard

    FreeLizard Silver Member

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    Feb 14, 2013
    Have had two experiences ~120mg with this fine compound and rate it as highly as MDMA, slightly longer duration ~6 hours compared to 4, come-up around 1 hour of a slow build (Feeling in the chest) and then suddenly the peak. Both times were wonderful experiences with empathy on a par if not exceeding MDMA.

    Negatives would be jaw tension and elevated heart rate but neither were major and are part and parcel with empathogens. Very mild psychedelic effects similar to MDMA. Little hangover other than typical day after lingering stimulation.

    Would recommend!
  12. geezaman

    geezaman Gold Member

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    May 12, 2006
    Brief notes on a combination of 6-APB and 5-MAPB

    Until 5-MAPB can be classed as identified or there is enough content for a dedicated Experience or Combination Thread for 5-MAPB this seemed the best place to post this, Please can it be moved should a more suitable home appear

    - Body weight 12 stone 8 pounds, (80kg)
    - Gender - Male
    - Dose taken - 60mg 6-APB & 50mg 5-MAPB
    - Route of administration - Oral
    - Duration of main effects - 5 hours
    - Main effects -Mood lift, Empathy, Desire to Engage, Visual appreciation of art, colour and shape, Music appreciation.
    - Side effects - Perceived increase in body temperature, difficulty in urination, vasoconstriction, Jaw ache and grinding
    - After effects - sleeplessness
    - Rating of the experience 8.5/10
    - Addictive qualities / abuse potential - urge to keep experience going could result in problems encountered due to excessive re-doseing
    - Other substances consumed- Alcohol.

    Snufkin recently acquired some 5-MAPB from a source he had dealt with on previous occasions. The opportunity was not planned but chanced upon, a friend had recently returned from abroad so a group met up to welcome them back at their local pub, unfortunately the traveller did not stay late as they were still jet-lagged. Snufkin would estimate his intake of alcohol at roughly 4 pints and estimate similar intake for his friends, so this may have skewed his experience.
    Shortly after the traveller had departed it was decided to go to a friends and experience the 5-MAPB 6-APB mix. They taxied to the friends house and each took a dose (50mg/60mg 5-mapb/6apb) in roughly 30 mins the first signs were noted by some while by 40 mins all had noticed the onset of the experience. By the 1 hour mark all were noticeably on the come up.
    Each chemical is its own independent experience but by way of conveying to someone who has not experienced this what it might be most similar to Snufkin would suggest it provided a stronger, and quicker come up than a 5-apb/6apb mix of the same weights, it also crossed into having the odd even if subtle tingly rush reminiscent of MDMA, the push to talk, interact, and enjoyment of physical contact was also greater than Snufkin has experienced with 5-apb, 6-apb, or a combination of them.
    Roughly 3-4 Hours after ingestion a drop off in effects was noticed by all so a dose of 60mg 6-apb was taken. It was an hour or so after this that side effects such as jaw clenching, difficulty in urinating, and vasoconstriction became apparent. With the aid of some Etizolam Snufkin found sleep a good many hours later.

    The side effects although annoying could not detract from the positive experience the combination provided. All were agreed it was a very positive night.

    Snufkin hopes to provide some further report on this chemical hopefully in greater detail (he is unfortunately working from memory rather than notes on this occasion) but as it seems in Snufkins opinion to combine so favourably with 6-APB he is not sure if he will experience it on its own.

  13. lom2

    lom2 Silver Member

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    Apr 29, 2009
    - Body weight 62kg
    - Gender - Male
    - Dose taken - 50mg insufflated + 1 hr another 50mg crushed pellet
    - Route of administration - Insufflated
    - Duration of main effects - 6 hours
    - Main effects -Improved mood, some music appreciation but not nearly as much as on other substances, actually some music annoyed me which I normally love.
    - Side effects - Big rises and falls in body temp, vasoconstriction, Jaw ache and gurning, eyes rolling about
    - After effects - unable to sleep for 1 hr and head a bit wooly the next day.
    - Rating of the experience 6/10
    - Addictive qualities / abuse potential - Urge to redose but I felt in control most of the time.
    - Other substances consumed- Cigs.

    My pet fish bought some 100mg 5-MAPB pellets from the man in the moon to do at home. First time doing them so crushed them up to half the dose. Unfortunately no other fish around to share with but chatting on IRC and facebook for something to do.

    0h Half a pellet insufflated. After reading about people really hating it my fish expected something awful but he said it was nowhere near as bad as Mkat back in the day. Slight burn, very little drip but basically fine.

    +5m Might be psychosomatic but effects noticed immediately, lack of concentration, stumbling about etc.

    +20m really feel like he's coming up. Smooth though, music appreciation increases and so does socialbility.

    +30m Effects start to wear off (ALREADY?!) At this point he had 0 energy and wasn't feeling it at all.

    +35m Another 50mg insufflated.

    +50m Now we're talking. Mood much higher music appreciation up, chattier on the internet, feeling good. Little bumps of energy to make him want to dance but as soon as he gets up he wants to sit down again. Nothing anywhere near 6-APB Mkat or MDMA, normally he can't stop dancing.

    Times get a bit squiffy here. Totally lost track.

    +2h Still feeling good but keep going hot and cold. Mostly cold. Went out for a few fags but they didnt taste good. Normally he's chain smoking while rolling but this time I he just really didn't feel like it. It was bloody cold outside though.

    +4h Euphoria coming and going now. Even less energy. It's now around 10pm and he even remembers he said he do the washing up so goes and does it. Warm water feels nice. Can wash up without too many problems. Properly in control but slow and methodical. Still, clearly not the monged out experience one might be looking for.

    +5h starting to feel tired now. Gurning his head off and occasionally rolling hard but never in an energetic way. Vasoconstriction in legs pretty bad, helps to walk around and stretch them but he does just want to go and sit down straight away.

    +6h Takes a shower. Feels nice and its good to be warm.

    +630h goes to lie down and actually prefers silence to music. Lovely sense of calm. Feels like this is what I should have been doing all evening. Bed feels amazing!

    +7h Fall asleep without too much trouble. Toss and turn most of the night though but feeling quite relaxed and content.

    +1130h wake up at 730 feeling pretty good. Head is a little wooly but generally calm and collected.

    Overall opinion: my fish thinks this stuff is quiiiite fun. He isnt sure if doing 50 then 50 let him down and if 100 all at once might be better. Biggest worry was the lack of energy felt. He wants a substance for clubbing and if last night is anything to go by this is not the right stuff. He danced for a total of mayb 10 mins over the entire roll, hardly a rave! Oh also forgot to mention he had no problem urinating all the way thru. Perhaps the pellet wasn't mixed up properly and was short or 50/50 isn't the best way to go about it.
  14. OneMoreTime

    OneMoreTime Newbie

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    May 12, 2012
    I'm reluctant to use SWIM because this is not a controlled substance afaik

    Insufflated 15mg and found the burn to be particularly unpleasant, to the point of prolonged discomfort and non-stop sneezing for 15 minutes. Typical stimulation was noticed as expected.

    Ingested the remaining 235mg wrapped in a rizla.

    Come up was noticeable after only about 20 minutes.

    Intense stimulation and some dry-retching but I often get this on such a sharp come up.

    Intense body rush and euphoria after 40 minutes after ingestion, comparing to mdma but not "trippy" like mdma.

    Overall a very enjoyable afternoon. There was a bit of an urge to redose but I had already consumed my 250g sample.
  15. Helkar

    Helkar Silver Member

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    Mar 2, 2013
    A friend of a friend received 100mg via mail from trusted supplier. Nicked this post template from someone further up and edited to be correct with their own information. They orally ingested <10mg (eyeballed, literally a tiny amount on the tip of the finger) 2 days before as an allergy or wrong chemical test. They should probably get some scales and do it the right way but such sensitive equipment is hard and expensive to aquire. This was taken in a nightclub environment with a group of friends around me.

    - Body weight: Very slightly under 10st, scales arent too sensitive
    - Gender - Male
    - Dose taken - 70mg 5-MAPB
    - Route of administration - Oral
    - Duration of main effects - 4 Hours for main effects, slight buzz for around 14 hours after
    - Main effects -Mood lift. Empathy (more extreme than they have experienced on other APB chems, they spent half an hour looking after some dude they didnt have a clue about who admitted taking too much ecstasy. Eventually he had to be put in a cab home) Music appreciation. Urge to talk and associate with friends. urge to talk to new people, particularly those who looked as if they were taking a similar chemical. They also experienced time dilation. Finally, their co-ordination seemed a bit messed up, as they were staggering at points, though it is plausible that it was due to alcohol in their system. Also notable, as it was a nightclub environment (They would usually drink heavily here) they were very happy to simply buy a single drink and sip it for a few hours, no real desire to add more alcohol to the mix.
    - Side effects - vasoconstriction, high jaw clenching, ended up biting their cheeks and tongue on occassion but not severely
    - After effects - sleeplessness, slight buzz through the next day until mid afternoon, they felt very exhausted for most of that day
    - Rating of the experience 7.5/10
    - Addictive qualities / abuse potential - urge to keep experience going could result in problems encountered due to excessive re-doseing, however when they got back home simply drinking more alcohol made them feel fine. Since coming down they say there is a desire to try again, but no more so than with any other fun RC. They cant really comment on addictive qualities fully though, due to only having one experience on it.
    - Other substances consumed- Alcohol, however the amount taken would normally leave them with only a slight feeling.

    All in all a quality substance, they recommend it highly. They prefer it by a reasonable margin to the other APB substances, but due to price they would go with 6-APB if it were available. They would also start with a 80mg dose, but due to them being underweight for their height this may be a bit of a low dose for an average person.
  16. kitamine

    kitamine Newbie

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    Oct 5, 2011
    Weight: 65kg
    Dosage: 25mg insufflated + 80mg (T+30) + 60mg (T+90) both orally.
    Relevant experience: MDMA, 5-APB, 6-APB, MDAI, Methylone, Mephedrone, 4-FA, 2-FA
    Main effects: Increased empathy/sociability, music appreciation, euphoria
    Side effects: Severe nystagmus, slight headache the next day

    I found this chemical to be extremely enjoyable, by far my favourite of the benzofurans, and probably equal to MDMA (though I have partially lost the magic of MDMA). What impressed me most of all was its smoothness and calmness - although I felt stimulated and had a strong desire to dance I also felt relaxed and comfortable in a way that reminded me of MDAI. I insufflated 25mg to gauge my reaction to the substance at home before leaving for the club and felt that I could have enjoyed myself equally in either setting.

    I did experience severe nystagmus, to the point where my vision was hard to focus (I would have had trouble reading small text) - I also found my sight was blurred, perhaps simply due to pupil dilation (which was much more noticeable than with MDMA), or perhaps a slight hint of psychedelic effects? There were definitely changes in my perception of time that reminded me of low-dose LSD or a subtle psychedelic.

    Several people in the club's smoking area commented on how wired I looked - I would have imagined (based on my mental state) that I could have interacted with sober people without them noticing - looking back this was obviously a ridiculous idea but shows how much my confidence was enhanced. On MDMA and other substances I'm often paranoid about speaking to sober strangers, while on 5-MAPB I was quite happy to converse with anyone including the bouncers.

    I didn't experience any noticeable vasoconstriction, which surprised me as it's something I'm quite prone to (4-FA was particularly bad). After smoking a very small amount of cannabis at about T+5:30 I developed a headache which was quite bad to begin with and also persisted into the next day - though I also consumed 2 pints of beer and a dab of MDMA throughout the evening so I can't say for certain that the 5-MAPB was to blame.

    I had no trouble sleeping at about T+8:30, although I could still feel the effects of the substance - with MDMA I almost always find sleep difficult well into the next day. It's worth mentioning that I am a fairly heavy user of MDMA and have developed a tolerance - usually I'll take 400-800mg of MDMA in a night to reach a level of high slightly above what I got from the 5-MAPB - and so this could explain the reduced amount of side effects compared to what I was expecting.

    I definitely intend to research this substance further, probably with an increased dose of 100mg + 80mg booster - I didn't want to take things too far on my first experience but I felt that there was more to be got from the chemical.
  17. bhonkers

    bhonkers Silver Member

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    Mar 31, 2012
    As with many chemicals that come in little clear bags with "not for human consumption" on a label of sorts, I am always wary that what you think you are taking and what you actually are taking might be two entirely different things.

    The reason I mention this is the hype surrounding 5-MAPB and it's massive pleasure inducing qualities didn't manifest for me. I took 140mg and all I pretty much got was warm feet and wobbly legs. I kept yawning many times and eventually lay down and fell asleep. For a stimulant it seems a bit of a fraud. But then again, I could easily be consuming any number of chemicals that fall into the bracket of being kind of brown in colour and tasting really bad.

    Now, and here is where you find out that I'm really stupid and probably a danger to myself, I decided to dose again but this time I took 340mg. This gave me an entirely different experience than the lower dosage and after the earlier feelings of disappointment I perked up a lot at the strong surge of pleasure that stayed with me for about 3 hours and then left me stimulated and glowing for a few hours more afterwards.

    I had to use a different vendor than my more trusted one since they were out of stock and only had the pill form. So being confident in this new supplier is yet to manifest and may never do so as I avoid them in future.

    Positive effects of the higher dose included:

    Very warm and in a really pleasant way such as the sun on a summers day warming the body
    I'd read of much teeth clenching and jaw contortions yet I never got any of that.
    My eyes got a bit wobbly and found it difficult to really hold focus on anything without it being blurry or my eyes too active to steadily gaze on an image such as the one I was using when practising my drawing.
    Heart rate did increase but only slightly. I'd read of very rapid heart rates but that wasn't my experience.
    Stroking my cat was both enjoyable from the feeling of bonding with my pet and also enjoyable that the fur felt so much more... that's it... just more. It wasn't like some magical fur that felt like touching heaven. It was simply the same feeling only more of it. Intensified if you like. Did I intentionally put my focus on tactile sense to prove another claimed effect of this chemical of it making improvements in the sensation of touch.
    Music sounded better but music sounds better on other days when I'm not chemically altered.
    At the higher dose the body buzz was quite strong and very nice indeed. Not rushy like MDMA but its very own brand of pleasure that I would be happy to experience again. The word euphoria is used a lot when describing altered minds and the feeling I found could fit into that category but not anywhere near my most euphoric experience.
    Time just seemed to disappear. One minute it was one in the afternoon and when I went to check the time later on I was really surprised that 4 hours had gone by when it felt more like 1 hour.

    A number of factors might have gone against me in how I experienced 5-MAPB such as a need to catch up on quite a lot of lost sleep and also having spent most of the last few months almost entirely under the influence of 5-IT (I love it but also loathe it. It's such a nice feeling and the stimulation is very constant and long lasting but my weakness of having to redose every 12 hours or so such that my really enjoyable state may continue for a few hours more. This has led to numerous moments over the last while of missing up to 3 nights sleep in a row on a regular basis.. not good.... a great chemical to read on) so my brain chemistry might have been a little frazzled and less responsive to other pills and potions. I took the initial dose on a full stomach so this also may have hindered how hard and fast it hit.

    But I'm making excuses for what could actually be a much less potent and potentially different chemical.

    I fell for it the last time when "benzo fury" was touted as some super ride of spectacular adventures of body and mind. And it looks like I may have fallen for it again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and some serious attitude and behavioural changes will have to be put in place to ensure I don't have to say Fool me thrice (do people still use this word? It makes me think of maybe the 17th century.. I'm strange that way)

    I know my description of the actual effects seem a little limited but that's because I don't have the vocabulary capable of fully expressing it in all it's minute detail.

    The next time any purchase of this will be from a far more trusting source when available. The prices seem very high when considering price to HIGH ratio. Not sure why the price is so high. Either it's cost of manufacture and sourcing the needed chemicals or is to make a massive profit from dumb consumers such as myself.

    It is important to stress that I'm an idiot and totally reckless with what and how much of a chemical I put in my body. Taking much larger doses than is recommended by such great information sites such as this is dicing with terrible health consequences and even death. Ultimately it's your choice but don't for one second see me as any kind of role model for how things are done.

    Be safe.
  18. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    I went on a mad weekend not so long ago with this stuff, lost track of the dosages, but it would have been pushing a gram over the entire bank holiday weekend. That week I got the most amazing lucid dreams, which as much as I hate the term and connotations I could only describe as astral traveling. Was like being in a dream but knowing your in a dream, being able to control anything in the dream to do what you want, control the speed of the dream, have a choice to let the dream do what it wants or you choose. I spent a fair while flying through the galaxy, and flying through mountain ranges whilst it rained glowing butterflies was pretty cool. The dreams felt so real and lucid when I was having them I freaked myself out a couple of times and deliberately woke myself up from them just to reassure myself that I was still dreaming in bed.

    This side effect when trying to sleep a few days later was my best psychedelic experience ever ... weirdly even though it was more a side effect of abusing it. The only thing close I have gotten to that is sleep paralysis after MDMA where I know i'm dreaming but am unable to wake up for as period, which has never been a nice feeling but is in a way similar to what happened here.

    Safe to say I'm giving my neurons a loooong break from stims for a while now.
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  19. bhonkers

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    Mar 31, 2012
    5-MAPB take two

    My first experience wasn't all that great but since this new vendor had this new batch with an NMR chart thingy that I don't know what the hell it all means but I'm naively thinking that is a good sign.

    I took one 100mg pellet over an hour ago and apart from a dry mouth and slight rise in energy and a warm headspace.

    I would post the NMR but it has the vendors name watermarked on it. There is certainly a difference in my awareness and it's kind of enjoyable in a way but not intensely enough to be euphoric.

    Will add more if anything changes.

    That's like 3 hours and I know I'm on something but that's about as much as I can say on the matter. I feel nice and mellow and want to chat but that's me anyway. music sounds good but nothing new there. The dry mouth has been increasing steadily and became more apparent with time but that's not what I signed up for.

    Maybe a double dose would have put a bit more POW!! into it.

    With so much mention of MDMA I find it hard NOT to compare the two. MDMA is mind blowing amazing and 5-MAPB is kind of like wearing a really big jumper on a hot day.

    I suppose on the stimulation side there is some of that but very little of note and no pupil dilation.

    4 hours. I feel slightly clammy. I have a cold feeling down my back and any positives that were there have faded and my eyes are a bit gritty. Still very thirsty and my belly feels hungry but I don't feel like eating (if that makes sense.)
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  20. Lelebee

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    Dec 13, 2013
    Going to try this for the first time with 4-ho-mipt. Any recommended dosages for both?!