Experiences - 5-meo-mipt group trip report

Discussion in 'Tryptamines' started by pankreeas, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Swim and 2 friends decided to dose on 5-meo-mipt 12 hour ago. This is the tale.

    After having swim regale them of the great time he had on his first dose of 5-meo-mipt, swim set out 12mg for himself, 8 mg for mommy bear, and 4.5 mg for baby bear who had no previous hallucinogenic experiences, save for a couple forced trips on bunk lsd.

    Tolerance issues for I will not even be mentioned as he has put enough in him over the last month to rule him out, not to mention he did some of the meo 2 night ago. The other 2 individuals however, were blank canvas' so to speak, and tonight was all about their comments.

    Too bad there were none... what do you mean? ok well.. there was some, mostly along the lines of "yah I think I saw that uh.. move?", and "my pupils are big.. that means it's working right.. thats what i heard"?.

    Swim shrugged off his super weak experience to tolerance, however the other 2.. this is just bizzare? His one friend momma bear (who took 8 mg, which was even 1 more mg than swims first dose which got him off his rocker) and its got swim going bonkers. Does his new scale have the power to inhibit a decrease potency of chemicals when placed on its metallic surface? (this is in reference to his askew methylone experiences as well)

    Sure maybe i'm hyping it up a little as everyone mentioned very mdma like happiness for the duration, with "trippy face" syndrome in the mirror, and a sense of overall well being, but just dissapointing as it was nothing near what I had hyped for them... They even had plenty of mary jane which did not seem to click with the meo this time.

    Only 1 main thing swim can put as a factor for all 3, was a big meal 2 hours before intake. Could that have slowed absorption to the point of blanking or drawing out the peak instead of getting it thrown into ones face as with empty stomach contents?
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    Re: 5-meo-mipt *group report*

    yes, big meals tend to reduce / delay absorption indeed, hence an empty stomach (and to prevent those did i just shit my pants moments, an empty bowel) is a prerequisite around these parts.

    5-MEO-MiPT is notoriously variable in effects, some have claimed to feel nothing 3 hours after a 15mg dose, wanting more of the same (???) and only their partner's astute observation (dude, she's trippin balls, she shouldn't take any more, i'll take it away) prevented ingestion of another 30mg, thank the allmighty.