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Experiences - 6-APB Experiences (1-(1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by Phenoxide, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Phenoxide

    Phenoxide Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Oct 11, 2009
    United States
    NOTE: This thread is for discussion of experiences with 6-APB only. Experiences with 6-APDB or products marketed as [NOPARSE]"Benzo Fury"[/NOPARSE] belong in their respective threads : "Benzo Fury" Drug Info, "Benzo Fury" Experiences, 6-APDB Drug Info, 6-APDB Experiences

    Please add experience reports for 6-APB (1-(1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine) here. Highlight the following useful information at the top of the report as shown below:

    When posting an experience, please also describe:

    - body weight & height
    - gender
    - any co-administered drugs (and their doses)
    - setting (in what environment it was taken)
    - duration of main effects
    - main effects
    - side effects
    - after effects
    - rating of the experience
    - addictive qualities / abuse potential
    - blood pressure/heart rate changes (if they can be monitored)
    - results from testing substance with a pill testing kit (if available)
    - any other valuable information

    Information and discussion of 6-APB other than experience reports can be found here: 6-APB Drug Info

    Research Chemicals Index - Phenethylamines
    Research Chemicals Index - Miscellaneous Compounds
    Research Chemicals Index - Unidentified/Unconfirmed RC Products
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  2. badgerspoon

    badgerspoon Silver Member

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    Sep 30, 2009
    Height 5 9"
    weight currently 9st 7lbs
    Gender Male

    OK, 2.5 hours ago a monkey necked its 100mg sample this was labeled 6-APB and was shard like crystalline powder like good ketamine tastes slightly sweet. As far as the monkey goes its fucked flipping fubar'ed. Defiantly rushy, long smooth rushes still peaking. This was a powder, a free sample. Tasks are hard typing slow. Massive hunger pains. not sweating at all but flipping cold feet and hands. To 'here' took 25 mins

    today monkey worked 9 hour straight shift had daily meads' 2 x methylphenidate 10mg short acting last one at 5 pm took APB 10pm. meds duration about 3 hrs so would have worn off.

    monkey's eyes are looking through everything. mild trippy peripheral vision. its like opium meets MDMA. after reading even more reports on this stuff i think monkey has got the real thing. jaw stuck to the side need water.

    BPM 114 but its palpitating maybe thats the time bending, swim wonders if thats normal. slight heart pain no shooting so an ambulance is not needed. need to smoke a ciggy but is so high. will wait till its waring off a little before the bastard monkey smokes. hasn't been sick slight nausea on the bendey rushes. thinks could easy administered 50mg.

    woah 8 out of 10

    BaDger x
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  3. Cuberun

    Cuberun Gold Member

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    Sep 18, 2004
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 80kg (muscle, 14< bodyfat%)
    Age: 24-25
    Experience: Pretty much everything relative, m1, lsd, mda mdma, mephedrone, mdpv, amphetamine, cocaine etc

    So here's the deal with 6-APB atm. There's currently a couple of vendors who sell and resell the pellets "labeled as benzo fury" , apparently they contain from 70-100mg 6-APB... but tests have shown that they also contain caffeine. There are a lot of vendors who falsely advertise products as 6-APB/Benzo Fury. So far there is only one legitimate vendor for pure or close to pure 6-APB powder. Do not order benzo fury / 6-apb from a source you don't know much about. It will most likely be a mix of cheap/novel bad RC stims/blends which may be more cardio and neurotoxic than actual 6-APB.

    Better yet, do not order 6-APB at all until more is known.

    SWIM went against this advice though as he had very solid and reliable information about vendor, supplying genuine 6-APB. It being an analogue of MDA, and having used MDA before SWIM didn't feel much at risk.

    He received 125mg of 6-APB. Not really getting much of an effect out of regular Ecstasy tabs anymore, swim wasn't sure he'd get much out of 6-APB.. Just seems like the magic of serotonin and minor dopaminergic substances have disappeared.

    The product was very tan and grainy looking powder. A lot of negative reports about 6-APB have been with "white stuff".. which is clearly not 6-APB. This has a very distinct look. It also numbed swims lips after licking the last of the bag.
    It was clearly labelled and sold as 6-APB, not as benzo fury. The packaging did hae the word "Fury" on it along with 6-APB. A good thing perhaps as the name BENZO fury is a poor choice for many reasons. The addition of "Fury" seemed trivial though, this was clearly marketed and labeled as 6-APB mainly.

    SWIM preloaded for 2 days with a product called Neurostrim 2x (2x 465mg aniracetam, DMAE 300mg, Vinpocetine 15mg). Almost certain this may have had an impact on improving the experience.

    He capsuled the 125mg and dropped it about 1.5 hours after having quite a full dinner meal.

    Surprisingly, already feeling some effects. Very similar to coming up on shrooms or a psychedelic rather than coming up on MDMA/Stimulant. Vision slightly distorted, some anxiety of the unknown.

    SWIMs pupils are dilated, saucer size. At this point the visual distortions are really likening to the start of a shroom trip. He's worried that this substance may be way too psychedelic, he's not into psychedelics anymore. The visual distortions are very minor however, swim realizes.. the anxiety is seeping away and is being replaced with contentedness/relaxation.
    He's starting to feel very very relaxed.. yet slightly twitchy but not in an annoying way.
    This is similar to MDA, probably somewhere inbetween MDA and MDMA. It seems to trigger an intense ADHD for swim though. He's all over the place, doing menial things.

    T+1h 15m
    Effects intensify, swim forces himself to sit down relax and listen to music.
    Music appreciation is great, he imagines he could just sit and lay down for hours listening to music. Perhaps even dance but, the experience is not very stimmy. It's more of a head high than a body high. A large serving of serotonin with a pinch of dopamine. He's experiencing no horniness, which most stimulants seem to afflict swim with.
    People report feeling naseuas and vomiting on comeup. SWIM feels nothing of this, he also doesn't feel bruxism that much but, he dropped 200mg magnesium at some point.

    T+1h 30m
    This feels like the peak has been reached finally. Very intense and potent, a very chilled out yet intense experience. There's that classic floaty head feeling, SWIM is truly able to get lost in the music. All inhibitions to communicating with people are also gone.
    He drifts away with the music but, finding it hard to stay in place. He gets up, goes to the TV and watches Champions League football highlights. He's finding even mundane plays very interesting, something which usually bores him. he manages to watch for about 5-10 minutes, despite enjoying this he gets back to the music.
    It's making SWIM skittish because he wants to do everything at once.. he's finding it difficult to stay relaxed and just go with the flow.

    T+1h 45m
    Definitely enjoying it, the experience has lived up to exactly how SWIM imagined it. Trippier more laid back version of MDMA, closer to MDA but unique in its own way. Hard to put his finger on. He hasn't experienced this type of roll before really. The euphoria is underlying, it needs to be tapped into by relaxing and listening to music.. staying put. It's not automatic and constantly intense like it would be on good MDMA of old.
    Head is certainly more trippy/floaty than MDMA however.. which is why it's probably easier to get lost in the music. Float your mind away from the body. There's a pronounced disconnect between the two.
    No tactile sensations to speak of.

    T+2h - 2h 30m
    Peak is still going strong, as methylone has been his main substance for the past years he'd imagine a dropoff at this point. 6-APB is definitely longer lasting than methylone, mephedrone and ecstasy.
    There's no thought or compulsion for a redose. In fact, there is not much thought at all. SWIM doesn't seem to have any real train of thought. He's very disconnected from reality, but in a comfortable place.. free of anxiety & any troubles. At this stage with most drugs he would've counted his heartrate at least once. He feels no pressure inside his chest however, heartrate may be elevated but inteisified. blood pressure feels normal.. He doesn't think or worry about it at all, which is very refreshing. After his experiences with Ritalin / MDPV / mephedrone where there's constant cardio awareness.

    T+2h 30m - 3h 30m
    Can not recall what was going on at this point. Just a massive pleasant blur...

    T+3h 30m
    SWIM snaps out of the really intense part, still feeling close peak however. Despite not much of a body high/tactile sensations.. he decided he should experiment sexually. No partner around so..
    For the next 2 hours swim is obsessively trying to get some kind of excitement out of masturbation. He is listening to music at the same time while ahem watching some sexual materials. Not really focusing on either of the two. Orgasm is inhibited, no erectile problems.. but complete loss of sensation and level of horniness is probably slightly below that of a sober SWIM.

    T+5h 30m
    This is the tail end of the peak. SWIM managed to orgasm but he wasn't sure. It was barely felt. As for sexual enhancement, 6-APB is not a substance of choice. He's starting to land. Feeling tired & weak.
    Music is now moments of confusion mixed with appreciaton. He feels as if the peak has past and is entering more of a gentle seeming comedown.
    He decided to just lay in bed and try to drift.

    T+6h 15m
    After mildly floating around in his bed.. the contendedness has deserted him. The comedown crash is very mild in comparison to say methylone.
    He doesn't feel guilt or like he's wasted the evening as he always does with methylone. There's a very mild agitation at this point.
    With other substances swim wouldve most likely redosed.. but even if he did have more 6-APB he doubts he would've here.

    SWIM feels wiped mentally.. half asleep almost. he decides to take 1mg xanax (usually 2mg is the trick for comedowns). He is fast asleep in 30 minutes.

    He wakes up 9 hours later, completely surprised at having slept uninterrupted and dreamless for so long. Felt as if he had just closed his eyes and opened them up. SWIM scans his mind for signs of depression / day afters but experiences none. He feels... positive, relaxed..

    A most definite afterglow. SWIM is feeling more chatty and motivated than usual. He's slightly on the low side of energetic but mentally very relaxed. No agitation or anxiety as he writes this experience the day after.

    With something like Methylone SWIM would feel near awful right about now.
    Perhaps there may be a delayed crash once the afterglow is gone, swim doubts it though.

    SWIM rates it a 7/10, he would've liked a slight bit more stimulation.
    If used next time he thinks he can achieve 8/10 by not being so scattered and knowing what to expect. Probably a bit too mongy for being a party drug, more of a chill at home drug with a friend and music. The long duration was welcome. No stressing over redoses just to feel "normalish" ala Methylone. (the first hour of methylone is probably a 7/10 followed by hours of 5/10 basic stimulation)

    Perhaps there's some merit to redosing once and lengthening the experience somewhat. Even with a redose swim doubts the crash and day after would come anywhere close to what methylone does.

    Intense but relaxing
    A trippy aspect which is very comfortable and managable for someone who does not enjoy psychedelics
    Very obvious analogue of MDA, lives up to its billing. One of the best RC's to come along to date.
    Ability to drift and float away from reality.. get lost in things.
    Extreme contentness with a mild underlying euphoria that can be tapped into.
    Long lasting peak
    No compulsive desire to redose
    Mild crash
    No anxiety of tachycardia / chest strain

    New and unresearched chemical, altough imagine a lot about MDA can be attributed to 6-APB
    Many scamming vendor with fake product / selling pellets with 6-APB + mixed with pointless additives such as caffeine
    Have to guide the roll rather than be guided by it ala MDMA.
    Can intensify ADHD. Had difficulties focusing, staying put.. Enjoyed music but found himself only listening to 1 minute of each song or so.
    First experience will probably be a learning experience.
    Doubt this will stay in the legal greyzone for long. Fedex already holding packages up in the UK for testing.
    Somewhat absent of a body high / tactile sensations, may be positive or negative depending on user.
    This will perhaps create a risky urge to combine 6-APB with something more dopaminergic, thus creating more side effects / worse crashes.
    While there was little urge to redose, SWIM is already thinking about the next time... He hasn't really enjoyed RC's for quite some time now. The magic and enjoyablity of it was slightly rediscovered last night. This may perhaps be detrimental to some but SWIM will sit on his hands.
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  4. SwiftyyFlintt


    Reputation Points:
    Feb 10, 2010
    Height: 6"2
    Weight: 75kg
    Age: 24-25
    Experience: Smoked Alot Of Marijuana. Alot of experience in Mephedrone. Some experience in MDMA, Ketamine, NRG-1, Cocaine, Ecstacy pills, Magic mushrooms.

    SWIM's advice would be to purchase this research chemical off a trusted vendor from the official network, as many seem to be selling a crystaline white powder or capsules, which are not what the official Benzo Fury pellets appear like. Genuine 6-APB are small, orange pills in a sealed wrapper with the official benzo fury logo on the front. Unless you get this, you are not buying genuine 6-APB from what SWIM sees. However, some reports do talk of powders. Personally, to SWIM this sounds dodgy.

    Anyway, here goes....

    SWIM purchased 9 benzo fury pellets each containing 100mg. SWIM bought them for the V festival this year, and was buzzing for them! I had 2 doses over the weekend, and SWIM will tell you of both.

    The first was on the friday night of arrival, and SWIM was going to go to the dance tent down at the arena. SWIM and 1 other friend both had a Benzo fury at the tent at around 9.00pm, chilled for around 15 minutes then went down to rave SWIMs Benzo'd heads off!

    SWIM can't accurately tell you how long it took to come up, as what he found was that he didn't notice the comeup but at one point (approximately an hour after ingestion) SWIM looked around and thought 'bloody hell i am so mashed!'. From this point on SWIM was extremely social and in loved everything, the festival buzz as a catalyst. SWIM literally smoke to everyone, male or female, and had butterflies the whole time. Also, SWIM was really hyper and would randomly run around and spin in circles. SWIM was full of happiness.

    SWIM went back to the tent around 12 oclock, and chilled with afew beers in the tent. SWIM was still up off the Benzofury at around 4 in the morning, and was really suprised at how long her had been up for. SWIMself and SWIM's friends sat in the tent sniffing bottles of poppers til half 6 and SWIM felt like he was still slightly up off the pills then! After SWIM and his friends had been sniffing the poppers for afew hours SWIM started to hallucinate mildly. Only brief, and SWIM thinks it was the poppers but everyones faces were covered in a white cloud and there eyes flickering. SWIM went to sleep at around 6.30am, woke uparound 8.30am, and was feel no comedown the next day. SWIM doesn't get comedowns off anything he is so glad to be able to say :) Possibly the Benzo was allowing SWIM to have such little sleep and still be wide awake?

    Next night, SWIM went abit more hardcore and ingested a pill and a half (~150mg). I will only explain the difference in intensity of a larger dose rather than give a full trip report.

    SWIM was alot more intoxicated off the larger dose, and couldn't hack prodigy til the end because he was too mullered to mosh! SWIM just had insane double vision, mild trails, and colours seemed brighter whilst in the moshpits.

    When SWIM get back to the campsite, he saw a group of people and walked upto them thinking it ws people he knew. He could see them clearly and was about to run upto them but then realised he knew none of them! (This tends to happen on Mephedrone for SWIM too). He got back to the campsite and SWIM sat down. He was mashed. He started to hallucinate abit, yet still only minor and not to the extent of any psychadelics SWIM has experience with. SWIM only saw 2 specific things, not including the really subtle wobbly vision and vision being intensified so that you pick out every little detail of every object. One class thing SWIM did see was a large watch on the floor on the opposite end of the very large tent SWIM was in. The watch was the size of a small dinner plate and the fingers on the watch were turning frantically. SWIM had to properly relax his mind to be able to start halluncinating like this, and the fact it was so dark was the main factor SWIM feels.

    SWIM would recommend Benzofury, provided you buy from an official benzofury distibutor. Too many counterfeit research chemicals being sold off as Benzofury. Can't discuss it any further on the forum.
  5. Shampoo

    Shampoo entity of sorts Staff Member

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    Nov 10, 2007
    Another report from someone's unpublished research...
  6. NeuroChi

    NeuroChi is not his mind Staff Member

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Drug: unknown compound sold as '6-APB'
    Dose: 160mg
    Route: Oral, gelatin capsule

    Relevant Drug info: Pictures & Reagent test


    The drug was taken at home in a comfortable setting. A small amount of cannabis was consumed earlier that morning. No other psychoactive compounds had been consumed over the last 4 days. Last meal consumed 1.5 hr prior.


    11:47 - 160mg consumed.

    0:35 - Some mild stimulation is apparent. It is unclear whether or not this is simple apprehension or actual drug effect.

    0:41 - Clearly, and interestingly, more peripheral stimulation. No change in cognitive processing.

    0:49 - Something else is happening though it is difficult to describe. Hardly noticeable, likely a threshold effect.

    0:55 - Seems as though the subject may have given into hype of the alternative brand name this compound has been sold by, Benzo Fury, as there is a mild mood lift and anxiety reduction that might be compared to that of a medium duration acting benzodiazepine. Conversation flows in a gentle and blissful manner.

    0:58 - More stimulation present. Quite an enjoyable compound so far. Very forgiving.

    1:06 - There is a wonderful feeling of ease. This compound is more stimulating, but much less empathogenic than MDAI, but otherwise comparable.

    1:15 - Main effects appear to have tapered off, hardly noticeable.

    1:55 - Relaxation present, nothing more.


    For the remaining hour, the individual enjoyed a pleasant feeling of relaxation. It is very difficult to distinguish potential drug effect from expectation. A higher dose experiment is required.
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  7. Seaquake

    Seaquake Gold Member

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    Jul 12, 2009
    judging by the post in the info thread slacker would suggest it isn't 6-apb. assuming the pellets actually contain it, the duration should be much longer. plus in general the come up is reasonably prolonged and can take up to an hour. 160mg ought to be a pretty hefty dose as well, usually 100mg is a pretty strong dose.
  8. Each Hit

    Each Hit Gold Member

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    Oct 13, 2005
    my friend was taking out her garbage and found a rather interesting note scribbled on a scrap of paper near the dumpster

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  9. dala

    dala Silver Member

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    Sep 20, 2010
    [​IMG]i dont know how to insert picture or I would, but this is not about me,
    its about a friendly turtle who snorted 100mg of this substance. He found it to be mild and pleasant, and giggle reminiscing the old days of use. definably an pp feeling with some rushes down the back, and arms and legs
    turtle snorted second 100mg about 45mins after and had an increase of said feeling but still not, a strong rush or anything like that, nice and smooth come on, felts authentic like a weak E or something but too expensive to try again(can I say that). still the experiment was enjoyable.
    went a walk an after sitting down again felt a bit smacked, which was nice.
    About 2 hrs later the turtle turned and took MXE and nice feeling
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  10. Seaquake

    Seaquake Gold Member

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    Jul 12, 2009
    all reports I've seen say its mostly a waste to snort 6-apb. though having not tried it snorted can't actually comment as to the truth of this assessment.
  11. NeuroChi

    NeuroChi is not his mind Staff Member

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Drug: unknown compound sold as '6-APB'
    Dose: 200mg
    Route: Oral, gelatin capsule

    Relevant Drug info: Pictures & Reagent test


    The drug was taken at home in a comfortable setting. No food was consumed for 5 hours prior to ingestion. No psychoactive compounds were used for 15 days prior to this second assay. Measurements of HR and BP were taken twice, and averaged, for the entire report. Baseline: BP 121/70, HR 62 BPM.


    10:00pm - 200mg consumed.

    0:20 - Potential threshold effects are beginning. First came a slight stimulation in the head, an awareness of a presence. He feels relaxed now, mood is unchanged but very positive. He anticipates a good experience, feels the very mellow come up begin. BP 120.5/68, HR 61 BPM.

    0:32 - Continues discussion with a friend online, no new developments.

    0:44 - Seems as though some sort of effect is building. Unsure how to characterize it.

    1:00 - 118.5/66, HR 57.5 BPM.

    1:13 - Steady effects, no new developments. Subject feels potential threshold, an awareness of something happening.

    1:15 - Insufflates 25mg.

    1:24 - First visual effects come forth, though very subtle. Slight movement akin to that of a low dose of DPT. Other cerebral effects noticed as might be expected from a tryptamine; changes in thought processes, greater awareness of self in respect to non-self, a light feeling in the body, euphoric vibrations in the lungs and torso.

    1:30 - BP 122/73, HR 61 BPM.

    1:36 - Slightly higher level of stimulation, eyes clearly focused but surroundings appear to.. shimmer? There is a certain vibration of the visual field, it is calm but of a high frequency.

    1:49 - Effects are building to a more prominent level. An MDMA like, highly serotonergic edge. Euphoria is becoming pronounced, slight visual effects have stayed the same. Some feeling of unease, anorexia occurs.

    1:54 - Visual effects come to a ++. Evident, but not overly intense at all. Body feels warm, slightly numb. Thoughts progressing as normal. Slightly more empathetic tones coming through. Music sounds great, and feel great too.

    2:01. Shivers / cold chills emanate through the body. Feels the same tension in the face he would from MDMA.

    2:06. Dilation of time is apparent, effects seem to have peaked. Mentally similar to a moderate dose of 2C-C, no intense or rapid shift in linear thought, no confusion or looping as would be expected from 2C-I/E/T-2 or 4-AcO/HO-DMT.

    2:14. BP 132/71.5, HR 66 BPM.

    2:30. Effects have stabilized, came down to about 85%. A comfortable level. Threshold ++.


    The effects persist for another hour or so, then the subject aborts the experience via administration of 10mg Zolpidem.

    Summary of effects:

    Body load of Methylone/2C-C
    Mental/Cognitive effects of 2C-C/MDMA
    Entactogenic effects of very low dose (~25%) MDMA*
    Visual effects of a low dose (~50%) Tryptamine*/MDMA
    Stimulatory effects of 2C-C/Methylone

    *where effects are said to be of a lower dose, the subject attempts to describe that the effects are of the same quality, but a fraction of the intensity of the drug compared to

    Given all the above, this compound isn't that interesting at all. It doesn't bring any novel effects to the experience, but rather hits a medium between various other compounds. It is very interesting to see this conglomerate of effects, however, calculating precise doses of many others the subject is under the impression one might be able to come to a 6-APB-type experience with all of the above. But then again, one would have to remove MDMA's effects on the body, remove the visual effects of 2C-C, remove the entactogenic effects of Methylone, and onlt then you might have it.
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  12. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    So far I am quite surprised with the above reports. For me 150mg was a strong dose, and 200mg would have proabably been too much. Effects lasted a good 6-8 hours for me (pupils only back to normal size 8 hours later even though most major effects had gone after 6 or so). Did you test the 6-apb you brought neurochi with any sort of testing kit? [EDIT: just seen your links in the above post! Thanks, I'll get on with testing mine now and post back]. Also I noticed that the 6-apb I receieved was extremely light powder, a gram looked like about three of your average other chemical, and was browny/tanned color. I would compare effects as being somewhere inbetween MDMA and MDA/MDAI. Very pleasant, I rate it 8/10. Will maybe write a full exp reoprt when I have more time.
  13. NeuroChi

    NeuroChi is not his mind Staff Member

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Yea man, its notoriously impure. From a shady charecter.

    I've got another sample which is purported to be significantly more potent, such that a standard dose would be 50 - 65mg, with a 20-25mg booster if necessary. 85mg has been said to be too much.

    Also looks lighter than the other one, both in color and weight. Not a dense compound at all. Highly powderized, not crystalized.
  14. sterling77

    sterling77 Iridium Member

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    Apr 21, 2005
    Indeed around 100mg of real 6-APB is pretty strong almost feels like an MDA pro-drug. Feel something at first, but after an hour strong effects feeling like MDA kick in probably because it metabolizes to something stronger. And lasts awhile.
  15. Nnizzle

    Nnizzle Gold Member

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    Oct 4, 2007
    160 lb
    Previous experiences
    MDMA, LSD, mushrooms, various synthetic tryptamines, various 2C-X's, 25NBoMe's, various benzodiazepines, arylcyclohexamines, opioids, the works.

    In a friends experience 6-APB is the the bees knees. He has tried doses of 70, 100 and 150 mg. Insufflation is NOT RECOMMENDED; pain is not the issue, moreso the compound has such a low density (not really sure what the antonym of "dense" is when talking about chemicals, he has never really had to describe something as 'not dense') that it is quite difficult to insufflate. He ended up coughing as if he had breathed in a bunch of dust by accident. 150 mg is more than enough, maybe too much?; he hasn't established his perfect dose because he doesn't like to use drugs that act on the serotonergic system more often than every 2 months or so.

    He has never taken MDA so cannot compare it but the euphoria is quite reminiscent if not more enjoyable than that of MDMA, partly because it lasts MUCH longer, with a peak of nearly 4-6 hours or so in his experience, and no horrid comedown although he has never experienced the "MDMA blues" that many others seem to encounter. Might have something to do with the fact that he also never gets "hungover" after imbibing.

    First experience with 70 mg was quite enjoyable, began with him sitting around a fire reading and listening to classical music... this didn't last very long as he couldn't help but change the music to something much more ravey :). Spent the rest of the night chatting with a roommate and watching a few movies... can't remember much else, these experiences were ~ 3 months ago so he can't recollect anything too significant.

    100 and 150 mg were both equally enjoyable and both experiences were at concerts, Beats Antique and Flux Pavilion/Dr. P, respectively. 100 mg was probably just under the desired dose, but 150 mg was definitely enough. 150 mg was NYE; he did have a bit of memory loss but he is not sure if he imbibed at all or not. Have to check with friends. Definitely was a remarkable night.

    He would recommend this compound to ANYONE, will have another experience to report next weekend as he is attending a music festival in Vail, Colorado (SNOWBALL!).

    MORE IMPORTANTLY: Has anyone read any studies on this compound? I cannot find ANY on PubMed...

    He has a lot more information to offer but please ask questions as his memory would need to be jostled a bit...
  16. Seaquake

    Seaquake Gold Member

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    Jul 12, 2009
    other than the patent application which is in the file archive I've not seen any studies on it, though haven't looked for any recently.
  17. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    Well I'll ask to tweak your memory best you can then :vibes: The more experiences the better.

    As for studies on this compound there is no data at all. Its too obscure, has no medicinal use to warrant clinical studies and remains underground enough at the moment to avoid attention in most literature. All I dug up was the patent from years ago which dealt with the synthesis of it, as well as other similar analogues, and that's it. This is a very unique compound, and for sure one of my favorites. The high feels a lot cleaner than MDMA or other stimulants, lasts longer and has a pretty mild comedown; if not redosed. I would not be surprised if its shown to be more a psychedelic than a stimulant in terms of receptor binding, the high is definately slightly psychedelic; simlar to a threshold dose of 2cb I would say, but without the visuals.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2012
  18. Cuberun

    Cuberun Gold Member

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    Sep 18, 2004
    My field agent acquired more of this compound a few weeks ago. Hasn't had the opportunity to try it yet however. He'll conduct an experiment with 150mg (same source with a new batch) and see if it's even more glowing.
  19. geezaman

    geezaman Gold Member

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    May 12, 2006
    An experience of 6-APB after alcohol.

    Height: 5"11
    Weight: 13st
    Age: 24
    ROA: - Oral in Rizla (rolling) paper
    Dose: 110mg + 110mg (220mg total from a supplier believed to be reputable based on previous business)
    Other: chemicals in system at start- Alcohol
    Other: chemicals ingested over experience tobacco, Zopiclone, etizolam.
    Setting: Friends flat after night out

    Some of this substance came Snufkins way a few weeks ago, he took some doses with him on a night out not sure if they would be consumed at all, and if they were to be, exactly what the situation would be. The night was strange from its first conception.

    Snufkin ate a fairly large meal around 6pm and then wasted a few hours before heading out to catch a late film with 2 friends ("A" & "B"). The night was expected to be socially strange as another member of the group who had attended all but two outings (drug based or otherwise) over the past 5 years was busy and so absent. The absent party could be considered more outgoing/entertaining in the social dynamic of the group than the other parties and Snufkin's self.
    Snufkin and friend "A" met at 10pm as arranged and got drinks. "A" had been drinking earlier in the evening and was "merry" having consumed roughly 4 pints of strong ale, "B" arrived roughly an hour later in which time "A"and Snufkin had consumed roughly 3 alcohol units. A brisk walk to the cinema was needed to make it to the Cuban zombie film (Juan of the dead) which turned out to be excellent. A further round of drinks was bought at the cinema and the film began as they seated (they were the only customers). By the time the film had finished the alcohol had taken quite an effect on "A" but eager to explore the city's night life they ploughed on to a bar, and got in a further two rounds of drinks before taxing home to "A's " abode.

    "A" had lost the contents of their stomach in an uncontrolled but reasonably dignified manner outside the bar. To that point Snufkin had consumed in the region of 12 Units and "A" is presumed to have consumed 16-18 units but starting from roughly 3 in the afternoon.

    The 6-apb Report
    T 00:00-
    On arrival at "A's" abode at around 3am Snufkin and "A" consumed 110mg 6-apb wrapped in Rizla swallowed with water "B" was not in the mood but requested to insufflate a "taster" of the compound. "B" insufflated roughly 15mg, and seemed in some surprise or pain as it hit the back of his nose/throat. "A" promptly fell asleep on a couch and "B" decided to leave before 4am. Snufkin began to believe this was it for the night, he was not sad as the night had already been very good. He began to look through "A's" DVDs to find something to put on.

    "A" awoke seemingly happy but surprised and expressed mild feelings of coming up Snufkin had felt the odd mild rush for about 15 minutes prior. This mild come up seemed to continue and eventually broke into a definite and increasing feeling of "being high" Snufkin and "A" spent the rest of the morning talking deeply and listening to music. Uplifted mood, Openness, Euphoria and Empathy would describe the experience well though these effects were not as extreme as with MDMA and Snufkin felt in control of what he said throughout. He cannot say he would have had this control had he consumed MDMA.

    At roughly 7:30 "A's" sister and boyfriend joined for a short while to chat and be friendly following which a DVD of jackass was put on and effects of the 6-apb seemed to be withdrawing.

    At roughly 8:00am against common sense and advice read elsewhere (if re-dosing is to be done do it in the first 2 hours with 1/3rd original dose) Snufkin and "A" consumed a further 110mg.

    At roughly 9am Slightly heightened effects were noticed both in stimulation and euphoria but the lift was fairly small. It did however put a stop to the effects receding as they had been doing over the prior hour or so. Following this point Snufkins memory is hazy. He knows the positive mood and enjoyment of the occasion continued as did conversation.

    3:15pm Effects at this point were still positive but low energy levels were becoming more distracting as was inability to change focus effectively which made lighting cigarettes very difficult and was generally disorienting. "A" took a Zopiclone 7.5mg and offered Snufkin one to help with sleep which he accepted with intrigue. They also both consumed 1mg Etizolam. From that point Snufkin recalls being awake at least a further 20mins, but does not recall falling asleep. (by this point he had been awake at least 30 hours)

    9pm Snufkin awoke happy but still dopey, "A" was still asleep so he consumed a further 1mg etizolam and quickly returned to his slumbers awaking some 9 hours later and after saying his goodbyes leaving relatively quickly.

    Snufkin had an very positive and enjoyable, but on the whole chilled out night on 6-apb and "A" seemed to as well. He suspects he and friends will consume it on weekends with some regularity over the coming year, but time will tell. Snufkin expects the effects would have seemed significantly stronger had participants started from sober but also suspects a larger dose could be comfortably consumed perhaps around 150mg. Re-dosing although enjoyable did not seem worthwhile compared to saving the 6-apb of the re-dose for another separate experience. Snufkin expects had he not re-dosed at 05:00 (8am) that he would have been down enough to sleep or doze at 09:00 (midday). Snufkin had heard many good/interesting things of Zopiclone so was intrigued but in some ways disappointed by its effect on this occasion purely as a knock-out pill.

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    First time 6-APB report in combination with 4-FA

    Sorry this is a combo report, but it's what Moab did for his first 6-APB test and I was his babysitter. I warned him about combining RCs but we have an agreement that if he takes anything risky then he will let me be nearby in case he experiences serious problems. I wanted to share his experience because it looked and sounded incredibly positive for anyone who is into this sort of thing. His experience will be written in first person, the rest is what I'll say about him and my observations.

    About Moab ("Man on a bus" cuz I met him on one, or "Musician on a bus" cuz he's always carrying his guitar):
    ~ 6'1"
    ~ approx. 80 KG (175-185 pounds)
    ~ 4 decades of light recreational drug use of all types, from the classic psychedelics to coca to prescription opiates and benzos and barbiturates, plus MDMA and MDA, several psychiatric meds (currently takes gabapentin and lamotrigine), and numerous research chemicals (2-FMA, 4-FA, MPA, MDAI, 4-MEC, a-PVP, 5-Meo-MipT, and a few others.)

    Moab is highly sensitive to all psychoactive substances and uses things in small amounts; he has never been an addict so he has never experienced significant tolerance to anything other than the usual attempt to take something like MDMA 2 days in a row and getting little out of it the second day.

    In order to make this a quick read for people who don't care about the details, I've highlighted his experience report in bold type where the essential info is given. Here he is, in his own words:
    When I woke up today I prepared a capsule with 50mg of 6-APB and 40mg of 4-FA. I immediately took a ranitidine tablet to prevent stomach acid problems before taking anything else.

    I selected some other supplements to take on an empty stomach such as piracetam, acetyl-l-carnitine, vitamin C, acetyl-l-tyrosine, acacia catechu, EGCG and taurine (these aren't directly related to the RC experiment, they're mostly part of a daily ritual.) About 20 minutes after taking the ranitidine, I ingested the capsules.

    T=0:00 Capsules swallowed with full glass of water. I spent the next 15 minutes preparing a breakfast consisting of salad greens, whole grains and seeds, walnut and toasted sesame oils, boiled egg, avocado, red bell pepper, you get the idea, hyper-healthy.

    T=0:20 Begin to feel stimulant effect of 4-FA, slightly uncomfortable with a sense of dopamine toxicity (strange feeling of disconnect between brain and peripheral muscles, like early stages of Parkinson's disease).

    T=0:45 By now the stimulation is increased but is easier to handle because of blissful feelings in body and mind. Might be feeling a bit of the 6-APB because it doesn't feel like 4-FA alone. It's better than that.

    T=1:00 By the time an hour has passed, all discomfort is gone and euphoria is magnificent. Feeling calm, very alert, loving (a sense of feeling that everything and everyone is perfect, which some people incorrectly refer to as "empathy" although empathy often goes along with this feeling)

    T=2:40 I keep thinking that I've reached the plateau, that it can't get any better, but it kept getting better and easier to deal with. NO side effects, just pure blissful BEING and accepting everything as it is. Body feels wonderful but not sexual (zero libido but that could change if I look at a beautiful woman.) There is no desire to re-dose or change the way I feel because what I feel is pure perfection. Adding or subtracting anything would be a mistake. I am SO GLAD I kept the doses small! Thank you Drugs-Forum people for providing so much helpful information. Your experience reports, dosage information, harm reduction information, pharmacological knowledge and everything else, all of it helped me to predict how I would respond to various doses of each substance and to the two of them combined. Nailed it!

    T=3:30 There is no change, this is perfect EXCEPT for one thing: I just measured my blood pressure, it's 149 over 103, pulse is OK though at 89. Took small amount of propranolol to stabilize BP; 149 over 103 is not a medical crisis and now that about 2 hours have passed since peak plateau was reached I don't expect it to go any higher. I don't want to over-react to the BP situation because propranolol is a bit of a depressant and can also cause vasoconstriction when taken with other substances, or so I've read on one medical website regarding the treatment of high blood pressure associated with hyperserotonemia.

    The effects of this combination FEELS like a dump of dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and even some GABA activity; downstream effects on AMPA and other receptors, along with levels of glutamate and other neurotransmitters, cannot be ascertained through experience alone. I might be experiencing some NDRI and MAOI effects as well, but I feel too good to worry about brain damage at this moment. Hence, the danger of combining things that feel so good --- they cause harm but the user doesn't care if he/she succombs to binging, frequent use, or long-term use.

    T=4:00 My mind rapidly clears out the euphoric bliss and I'm left with a blissed-out body but a strange state of mind as though I'm partly in the RC experiment and partly out of it. As this continues and feels strange, I decide (foolishly) to re-dose the 4-FA. It's the moreish of the 2 substances IMHO. Did about 20mg sublingual and regained the mental aspect of the euphoria, plus some much needed energy. I had started feeling drowsy by 4 to 4.5 hours after starting this report. But that could be because of taking phenibut earlier, then propranolol.

    T=4:40 Blood pressure measures 163 over 99; pulse is down to 75, probably because of propranolol being a beta blocker, which tends to slow the heart. Rise in BP is probably due to the added 4-FA; this risky side effect has always been part of the 4-FA experience for me.

    T=6:00+ (lost track of time), added another 25mg 4-FA sublingual to regain the high. There's still a lot of drugged feeling, which is pleasant and relaxing, slightly trippy, makes me very happy and outgoing when roommate comes home from work.

    T=10:00+ The lingering effects are nice but I've taken additional relaxing agents such as picamilon, another 300 mg of phenibut, 300 mg l-theanine, 25mg benadryl, and another 20mg of propranolol. Blood pressure is stabilizing at a comfortable pre-hypertension level (140s over 90s) and all feelings of unease or speediness are gone. Very mellow buzz continues.

    T=26:00 The journey began at 11 AM yesterday and I'm following up at 1 PM the day after. The blissful feelings continued even as I lay down to sleep at 1 AM (T=14:00 relative to ingestion), I was relaxed and happy and the world was beautiful. I had incredible dreams, best and most "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" type of dreaming I've had in at least 25 years. I slept for 14 hours solid, best night's sleep in a long time but please know this before you assume you can get the same results: I got help from 600mg phenibut, 5mg diazepam, 1500mg valerian root, 6mg melatonin and 1000mg l-lysine. These are not exotic amounts for me, however. I usually take almost all of this every night anyway, but I doubled the phenibut.

    This morning, after getting up, I felt shaky and if I were a drinker I would have wanted a drink to steady my nerves. I don't know what would cause this, maybe someone on the forum would understand. I felt a desire to take something to help get me back into a mellower trippier space so I took 2mg 5-Meo-MipT and 20mg ethylphenidate, and when those kicked in my alert but chilled-out state of mind returned. I don't want to do 6-APB again too soon. I feel like it was very powerful and very good, that it was the key ingredient in the combo with 4-FA. Having used 4-FA a lot in the past, I know its effects and it was definitely overwhelmed by the yumminess of 6-APB. The reason for not wanting to do 6-APB again in the near future is simple: it's a complete experience that transports you to a different world and it's pretty intense. I need to be able to function, so I have to treat it like I used to treat LSD and peyote: a sacred substance that should not be used too often or too casually. I feel somewhat the same about 5-Meo-MipT but if I take that in tiny doses like today's 2mg then I get nice effects without being impaired.

    50mg 6-APB + 40mg 4-FA experience summary

    * incredible high, bliss, euphoric, mildly productive; I did some work around the house and wanted to do more but was slightly incapacitated by the intensity of the buzz.
    * Virtually no negative side effects other than the ones listed below
    * No desire to re-dose 6-APB but did desire more stimulation via the 4-FA.
    * Enhanced ability to communicate (I've written this report in real time during the experience and it seems coherent to me, I hope it is to you.)
    * Positive feelings about life, people; enhanced appreciation for music and nature
    * No come-down issues at all
    * No problems with sleep beginning 14 hours after combo was ingested

    * Elevated blood pressure, but this may be entirely or mostly due to 4-FA and not the 6-APB
    * Sexual interest became aroused by the sight of certain things on the web, but achieving orgasm very difficult
    * Although abstract thinking, social, and communicative abilities were enhanced, this was offset by feeling too high to accomplish anything substantial or practical; some scattered attention and yet some obsessive-compulsive behavior such as looking in the same computer folders several times for one particular DJ Dosem house/trance mix --- this was absurd behavior but I couldn't stop looking and obsessing about finding it.

    Overall rating: 9/10+ This was maybe the best sustained feeling, with the fewest side effects, that I've ever achieved with chemicals of any type, but it's probably not a good combo for going out on the town. It's too trippy and the body high was all-consuming; it felt ideal to be able to chill out at a friend's house all day. I will do this again but at lower dose and with fewer added herbs and supplements. Hoping to find a more subtle, more functional version of this feeling. I don't think it would be good for performing with either of the bands I'm in. Again, too trippy and spaced out. Might be able to jam with the Grateful Dead, though, during their early psychedelic years. Jerry would have loved this, like waaayyyy too much.


    Tech House here again to close this report... I think it's complete enough and I don't need to psychoanalyze Moab again, as I've done in a couple other threads. He did better with this than with other things he has tried and it has been enjoyable to have him hanging around my house today. He seemed very coherent when we talked and his mood was very positive, but he looked like he was in a different world when he was lost in his blissed-out mind.

    Just one medical note: I believe this combination to be neurotoxic due to excessive dopamine release and D-receptors being overactive at the same time. Some serotonin toxicity also possible but I'm not as confident about that. I would not recommend trying this in spite of Moab's rave review, but if you do then please, please try in small doses, don't IV 100mg of each substance.
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