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Experiences - 6-APDB Experiences

Discussion in 'Phenethylamines' started by Terrapinzflyer, May 10, 2010.

  1. Terrapinzflyer

    Terrapinzflyer MDMA, RC & News Forums Platinum Member & Advisor

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    May 10, 2009
    from U.S.A.
    NOTE: This thread is for discussion of experiences with 6-APDB only. Experiences with 6-APB or products marketed as Benzo Fury belong in their respective threads : "Benzo Fury" Drug Info, "Benzo Fury" Experiences, 6-APB Drug Info, 6-APB Experiences

    6-APDB aka 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine experiences

    Please add your experiences with 6-APDB here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    Info about this drug (other than experiences) should be discussed here: 6-APDB Drug info

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  2. dayvey

    dayvey Silver Member

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    Dec 22, 2008
    from U.K.
    Re: 6-APDB Trip Reports (aka 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

    Dosage - 91mg washed down with a few glugs of lager - Stella ;)
    Route - Orally (bomb)
    Duration - TBC

    Body weight unknown - probably around 10st
    Height - 5' 10" approx
    Gender - Male
    Age – 31
    Previous experience with – Cannabis (heavy prolonged use for about 15 years but now stopped), Ecstacy, Amphetamines, LSD, mushrooms, Cocaine (moderate use over prolonged periods), mephedrone (use on almost a daily basis for last 12 months )
    Dose - 91mg bomb

    Substance - came as a speckledy light brown gritty powder. Setting - At home so familiar surroundings - little bit of tension in the air after my girlfriend got greedy with their sample yesterday day and the troughed most of it!

    Woke at about 8am after approx. 6 hours sleep, bit of a headache due to tiredness. Had a row with the g/f over the previous days revelations and left for work in a foul mood, however some loud classic House on the way seemed to do the trick and bring him round. he always turn that off but it keeps coming back onorted that out to a large degree. Work was its usual case of too much to do and not enough time to do it in, but that’s the same every day so no biggy. Breakfast at around 10:30 was 2 bacon, 2 toast, sausage, hash brown, tomatoes and a fried egg – proper start to a day. Dinner was at around 13:30 was a spicy chicken baguette. Work finished at 17:30 - straight to the pub to meet my supplier (again) – a pint of Stella and some chilli nachos went down easily. Back home for around 20:00

    21:30 - 91mg bomb, washed down with Stella

    21:50 - bit of a dry mouth coming on - nothing else at the moment

    22:00 - went for a fag, legs feeling a tiny little bit shaky

    22:16 - he has had mild stomach pains for the last half hour or so but not concerned, walk upstairs 2 flights left SWIM a tad short of breath but as I am not the fittest/ bloke in the world after years of smoking, drinking and the "extra curricular activities" theres no concerns there.

    22:26 - starting to feel a little fuzzy, like a light sort of tiredness, some yawning going on and I feel like he's squinting a little. SWIM wishes he'd been more into chemistry than physics at school as the mephedrone has all dried up in the UK now post-prohibition and SWIM and his significant other were very fond of it. SWIM and his supplier joke by SMS that it would be a great idea to ask my mother (who teaches chemistry) for some help following one of the recipes that I have found.

    22:50 - palms are very sweaty, fuzzy head hasn't gone anywhere but thoughts are relatively clear. I have noticed some occasional, very faint, visuals at the periphery of his vision, nothing out this world just a bit of a colour shift and a haze like an overexposed photo.

    23:03 – I was feeling very hot, so stripped off and lay on the bed for a little while, just soaking up the experience. Quietness seems to have an extra special "lack of noise" about it at the moment – lay there for about 20 mins just appreciating the near silence which isn’t like SWIM at all – he’d normally fill the space with some music!
    Staring at a plain wall made them realise the visuals again, it’s not like acid where everything has like a “moving shadow”, its more colours and light flickers. Its most apparent when ones gaze is relaxed and one is not really looking at anything – flashes of light seem to happen around the periphery of my vision and colours seem to appear and shift.
    Sexual thoughts and feelings are starting to creep into it – this is no surprise really as I get the horn on just about anything. Problem tonight though is that SWIM and his g/f still haven’t made up after she troughed most of his sample so SWIM won’t be getting any release there!

    The next 3 hours were spent buming around on the net, chatting to randoms in chat rooms and looking up various random things. Concentration span has waned a little and focusing on whatever task I was trying to do was proved a little challenging at times. When the effects of this substance were 1st felt, time seemed like it was going by so slowly and we had all the time in the world. Once it kicks in properly everything goes past in a blur.

    03:40 - seems to have mellowed out considerably, so I took another 44mg insuflated.

    04:14 - SWIM realised that he was quite off his head again - sweating profusely and difficulty focusing the eyes / mind. SWIM's lying on his bed butt naked and his eyes are a little wobbly - just like days of old. There's certainly more than a little ecstacy type vibe to this stuff - certainly has some similarities.. The clouded head feeling is not something he remembers from his pill popping days, but its no real problem to deal with. I am feeling very sexual at the moment.

    07:20 - 44mg insufflated - I think its probably prudent to give a bit more info here. First up is ROA - insufflating this stuff is no where near as bad as Mephedrone was so no worries there. Mephedrone literally stung to beggary when sticking it up ones nose but this is a lot smoother on ones insides. It has that distinct chemically smell / taste to it, but none of the burn J. The powder is a bit gritty when you first get it, just spend a few mins chopping it finely if its going up your hooter – which should aways be considered a pleasure. Always take the option for someone to chop whilst your there. Takes about 10 mins to come up that way,and has no where near the nasty burn that mephedrone does!

    13:08 – approx. 25mg insufflated - was a relatively minor dose after the previous couple so effects weren't felt very majorly.

    In summary - the initial bomb took a lot longer to come up than any of the insufflated hits, maybe felt a little stronger by comparison to the nasal route, but not majorly. Lead out time was a little more long tailled too. The substance itself is remarkably similar to ecstacy in the feelings that it gives - the one thing missing is the "butterflies"in your stomach that you get with a good pill - on the flip side the visuals from this were like nothing he'd had with E before. Would be nice when this stuff is in proper circulation to have a dirty big hit - c. 200mg+ and see where the visuals go - theres some definite promise in there.
    Food hasn't been of appeal all day, SWIM just forced a beer down while out with friends so as to be sociable. SWIM's normally a heavy smoker when taking substances but the fags seemed to play a very limited role over the last 12 hours. Mephedrone got SWIM away from coke, maybe this can do the same for fags?
    Despite what happened to my original sample by way of a greedy g/f, I don't believe there is any redose compulsion - its certainly no Mephedrone in that respect. SWIM's g/f mirrors that sentiment, although she has still justify why she did wade through it all - that should be fun!!!!
    All in all a fun experience, felt a little mongy but with an free house and some loud music I amn't sure how much of an issue that would be.


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  3. Tamis

    Tamis Titanium Member

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    Sep 2, 2009
    from earth
    Re: 6-APDB Trip Reports (aka 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

    This is very different than some other "reports" ! Thanks
    You doesn't mention euphoria nor energy levels ! Were those present ?
    You did not seem to overly enjoy the experience or am I misinterpreting ?
  4. dayvey

    dayvey Silver Member

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    Dec 22, 2008
    from U.K.
    Re: 6-APDB Trip Reports (aka 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)


    Am sorry if the impression was given that I didn't enjoy the experience, to the contrary he found it very enjoyable and a refreshing change. It's not the kind of substance that I would want to be doing on a prolonged bender, but would say that it certainly has it's place as a weekend escape.

    It wasn't very euphoric and energy levels-wise it was quite a "mongy" experience but that didn't detract from the fun - SWIM later quoted it as a "sit back and enjoy" rather than a "get up and go" kind of ride, although that may have been predefined due to the setting. Libido was noticebly enhanced, however how much of that was my natural psychoactive substance response (he turns into a horny little devil on just about anything) and how much was driven by the particular substance itself is anyones guess.

    Don't think SWIM covered it off in the report but balance / ability to be accurate with movements were impaired in a typical MDMA-esque fashion. The visuals were purported to be a pleasant change and were unexpected to say the least - not full on LSD style movement but flashes / flickering around peripheral vision, colour shifting and faint but definite static patterns on a normally plain wall - I said they were hard to focus on as vision was a tad blurry and hazy (like an overexposed photo would look), but recalls it being fractal type patterns.

    Hope that satisfies yous questions, but please feel free to ask more while the experience is still relatively fresh in my mind. He's also very pleased (and feels honoured) to have had the opportunity to share this experience and information on DF when relatively little information is currently available.


    P.S. A little bird told me that I have a photo of some of his sample... (have now added this to the original report)
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  5. djlure

    djlure Newbie

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    Jun 30, 2010
    from afghanistan
    Re: 6-APDB Trip Reports (aka 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

    So I got some of the clear caps and was def. skeptical that there was any active ingedient at all from reports he had read on other boards, so swim planted two instead of the one. Well his plant felt terrible for almost two hours, he said it felt like piperzines, nausea and the skin felt terrible. But swim reported that after two hours of hell, I felt amazing. Swim compared the first two hours as being like smoking nasty pot, paranoia, crawly skin, just plain horrible. But said after the first two it felt like he had ingested some good mda/mdma mixed pills. Swim hopes this was 6-apb, if not I am really unsure what this might of been.

    djlure added 1 Minutes and 47 Seconds later...

    Sorry to confuse, first two hours pot/piperzine nastyness, followed by niceness:)

    djlure added 0 Minutes and 26 Seconds later...

    Sorry to confuse, first two hours pot/piperzine nastyness, followed by niceness:)
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  6. sam1973

    sam1973 Silver Member

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    Jul 29, 2010
    from U.K.
    Re: 6-APB Trip Reports (aka 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

    Hi all, would like to add tonight that I hasnt slept since Monday night after taking around 200mg at 8pm Tuesday night. Swim gf exactly the same. they stared with around 50mg but after an hour little effect, feel been ripped off so took another 50mg another hour mild effect so at 11pm took last 50mg. swim and gf very horny although not unusual but very very dirty. as our excitement grew we had to stop and get some air, then realised not in control of bodies. Pins and needles all over, no balance what so ever gf had to lay swim on bed open windows and cover him in wet cold towels to cool him down. , not totally unpleasant but very strong and so late into evening. gf same but not as hot or high. Once cooled sex again and again off there head. rest then start again until gf notices it is 6.30am. after breath back headed for bath room, neither had any balance. managed to help each other to loo and back to bed. neither have an real effect now and chat about work to stop thinking about sex and fully calm down. check pulses flat. I get out of bed and falls all over bedroom. no balance gf tries to help but she is little better. Back in bed, decide okay, not at work, leaned a lesson. chill. swim then notices gf skin is purple and brown all over and he is same, hands look very old. forums not much good at time. swim reads forums while gf daydreams about more frisky action. who day passes, I has read all day and still doesn't know a thing but neither tired, balance still very bad, speech shaky and generally shaking gently all over. not unpleasant but enough is enough. gf puts porn on to try to get swim hard as very small penis. again loose track of time. midnight. no erection and high again, always mild mcat at best but mixed with balance and shaking feel more. swim comes on here and reads every post of mixed messages (How was that allowed to happen) looking for skin colour and length of insomnia but nothing. swim gets up, balance and pins and needles better but could drive or go to work (6.30am this morning) get back in bed both try to sleep, around dinner time swim asks if gf any sleepier but wide awake swim horny and rises from nowhere, manage slow sex to elevate but erection goes as soon as it comes. both high, back on forums.decided to get up and try to be normal. I emailed Research Chemical and complained and after some select advise from forum they agree to take back and refund me (10mg less 400mg) went to post office but concentration is terrible, keep forgetting what doing. managed to force a few local other chores as I could see gf going down hill. not food or hunger yet. back home, forums appear sorted around 5pm and some similar experiences not many of same as theirs and there overall experience is a negative one due to length of come down. gf struggling, try to comfort her and have a bottle of wine each in front of telly for an hour but swim drifts of and thinks about sex and gf cannot figure how to use her phone. still not tired. up to bed and swim now typing this while gf huffs and shuffles.

    first time poster but felt I needed to contribute. I will update tomorrow about refund and effects.

    sam1973 added 54 Minutes and 59 Seconds later...

    12pm again, just about worn off they think as my penis returned and had normal loving sex not dirty like rest.

    little high from sex but feel tired. Forgot to mention nausea and sickness after midnight Tues, again swim and gf same experience.

    sam1973 added 131 Minutes and 51 Seconds later...

    2.11am Thursday this is not right. Surly swim and gf are not the only ones.

    6.41am gf around two hours sleep swim around half an hour. Was pure white crystal just like MCAT
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  7. Tech House

    Tech House Titanium Member

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    Dec 3, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    Re: 6-APDB Experiences (1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

    This thread has gotten confused in the last two posts where 6-APB is mentioned rather than 6-APDB. It would be very useful to hear direct comparisons between these two RCs. A vendor is saying that the newer 6-APDB is reported to be much like 6-APB or possibly even better.

    Thanks to dayvey's acquintance for being a brave guinea pig, and to dayvey for passing along the report. It sounds similar to what I've been told about 6-APB.

    AGAIN: This thread is about 6-APDB, not 6-APB!
  8. GentlemanTom

    GentlemanTom Titanium Member

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    Jul 25, 2012
    from earth
    Re: 6-APDB Experiences (1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

    The report from the stranger I met in the street, which was shared with me as we’re walking the same direction for
    some time. I’ll refer to the man as Mr. X. His story was long, so warning/sorry for the long read.

    The stranger is male, could be somewhere around 24-27, is a bit higher than 480 cm and could weigh a bit more than 60 kgs. He‘s quite skinny guy.

    Recently Mr. X got his hands on some 6-apdb. He got it from the trusted vendor from whom he had ordered quite
    some chemicals and everything seemed to be what they had to be. Also, he had tried 6-apb before (same vendor)
    and this matrial looked different. So there‘s no reason to believe it was not 6-apdb. No alcohol or other materials
    were consumed during the experience.

    90mg orally (with shots of mineral water), 30 mg insufflated in two bumps.

    He decided to try the new thing at home. He invited a friend so he could have company and the experience wouldn‘t
    be boring.

    +00 Oral, 50 mg.
    guys carefully measure 50mg for each and drink it with a shot of mineral water.

    +40 Oral, 40 mg.
    waiting for the effects, chatting, getting impatient. Mr. X knows that it‘s not advised and that he should have waited,
    yet he remembers few reports he read describing the doses as similar to 6-apb, so they both measure another 40 mg
    each and drink it with mineral water

    +50 Shulgin +
    Colors seems pretty vivid and bright, feeling that something else is happening, but can‘t describe. Maybe slight mood
    increase. Friend reports the state as a bit irritating, but that can be fixed with effects felt stronger.

    Effects grow a bit, some light light lazy euphoria, both guys are getting chatty, one brings computer for some music.
    It‘s getting warm.

    They decide to take a walk to the nearest shop. Physically it‘s all well, heartbeat could be increased, but slightly,
    colors are vivid, mood is good, yet the good euphoria Mr. X had hoped for is missing. Also the feel of surroundings is
    a bit trippy, but it‘s very light effect.

    +1:45 Shulgin +2
    Walk to the shop is fun, they chat, laught, shop seems impressive (vivid colors), their attention span seems to have
    shortened. Their conversations start to get distracted sometimes, with getting silent in the middle of sentence, also
    the sometimes daze off while listening. Mouth getting dry, palms bit sweaty, after a walk they both get hot.

    +2:12 15mg insufflated
    Effects still grow, they sense some energy, inspiration to move or dance, increased appreciation of music. They watch
    some festival footage. Also, noticing it‘s still quite early they both decide to speed things a bit and insufflate 15 mg each.

    +2:20 Shulgin +3
    Effects are much stronger. Euphoria‘s here, lightweight feeling is here, mood increases further. They‘re accustomed to
    the vivid colors already so it doesn‘t impress them anymore. Hearing music Mr.X feels urge to stand up and dance a little,
    small moves, but moving in the rhythm is great. While you lie on sofa, it‘s lazy pleasant euphoria. While you stand up, it‘s
    easy light dancing euphoria. Seems contradictory, but body adapts to the position. Also they chat less, enjoy the feeling
    and music more. Light restlessness.

    +3:00 Shulgin +2
    Friend decides to leave and try working a bit. Mr.X, left alone (his gf is studying in another room) eventualy gets to chat
    to her every 10 minutes as he feels the need of the company. The strong part of the euphoria seems to start passing,
    same with the increased energy. Mr. X tries to sit down at computer, but it‘s hard to concentrate for any task. He can‘t
    read, he can‘t write. Also he feels sexually aroused. Mr. X is getting very cold, feet and fingers especially.

    +3:30 15 mg insufflated
    Mr. X decides to take one last bump and insufflates 15 mg.

    +3:45 Shulgin +3
    The great feeling is back with some energy and restlessness. He dances a bit. Then lies down with eyes closed. Feeling
    seems bit drowsy, but Mr. X thinks he couldn’t sleep. Yet lying is great. He finds himself some action browsing erotic blogs.
    Although his friend informs him via chat that he’s still high and needs sex, but hard-on is barely possible, Mr. X objects
    that it’s more difficult than sober but possible.

    +4:20 Shulgin +2
    Seems like another comedown from insufflation is starting as the strong effects starts to wear off. Yet the feeling is still
    very great. Mr. X decides to line-up side effects: change in body temperature – strong changes, from sweating to getting
    cold, light jaw tension, maybe some very light muscle tension, extremely dilated pupils, thirst. Also he hadn’t drunk a litre
    of mineral water – forgets to do it somehow.

    Effects are fading, yet the comedown is soft, slow, even pleasant. There’s a wish to redose, but it was stronger when
    the effects of the insufflation were wearing off. Although urge exists, it can be controlled. Mr. X can at least sit down
    and start doing various tasks that requires concentration.

    +6:20 Shulgin +1-1,5
    He’s feeling lazy, tired, but nothing very unpleasant. Feels to somewhere towards the baseline, with lingering memories
    of effects. Drinks 100 5-htp and lies down at bed preparing to sleep. He undertoods he barely ate something since the

    Getting asleep is hard, he constantly twitches at the moments he’s almost sleeping, waking him up. He gets up to the
    toilet to piss three times. It’s like 1-1,5 hours of semi-sleep, with lot of wake ups. Yet he can’t call this period unpleasant
    – there’re same lingering memories-part of effects that make it chilly, lazy.

    Waking up, feeling a bit tired, lack of sleep, yet there was certain amount of it. Strong headache – Mr. X doesn’t know
    the reason, as he has migraine and is accustomed to waking up with pain. But it could be 6-apdb as well, need second

    During the day it was a bit hard to concentrate, lack of sleep was really showing itself. But nothing else. No lack of
    good mood he had expected.

    Good part:
    Strong euphoria, different from others with its, I don’t know, lightness
    Pleasant effects
    More energy than with 6-apb
    Increased empathy
    Little to none body load (the one that could prevent from enjoying)
    Increased appreciation to music
    Very possible affection and tenderness (if there’s with whom)
    Sexual arousal (if there’s with whom)
    Vivid colors

    Bad part
    Temperature changes
    Little of nystagmus
    Little muscle/jaw tension
    Dry mouth
    Distracting and forgetting to drink much water
    Hard to sleep

    Mr. X is absolutely content and pleased with the experiment, rating 6-apdb as one of the better materials he
    has recently researched. The main reasons were pleasant feelings, some energy (but not too much), little body
    load, light comedown. Yet he will never use it alone or with one friend - it's best to have a small company-private
    party, though visit to the club could also be interesting.

    not because of chemical, because of setting.

    Though, he is interested whether it’s possible to reach the very pleasant part without insufflation, for example,
    increasing starting dose to 110 mgs.
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  9. GentlemanTom

    GentlemanTom Titanium Member

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    Jul 25, 2012
    from earth
    Re: 6-APDB Experiences (1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

    Small update, that could paint the chemical a bit less interesting:

    I've met the same stranger after the weekend. Several of his friends used the 6-apdb and the strange pattern emerged - out of the three girls who have tried it, neither one liked it, because they didn't experience the energetic part, euphoria was little to none and they all described the feeling more as "Stoned".

    Girls used the similar doses as in the description above, just with 4-5 bumps instead of two. The number of bumps was increased as the girls hadn't felt the effects. Also, two of the girls and one guy experienced nausea and vomiting after ingesting the initial 90 mg oral dose.

    On the other hand, two other guys have tried to insufflate the material, without drinking it before. Their doses were 20-40 mgs and everyone were happy with pleasant, light high.
  10. whatsyourname

    whatsyourname Silver Member

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    Nov 22, 2014
    from U.S.A.
    Hi Guys,
    Being that this is my first post/contribution, I'd like to say hi to the community! And what better place than in a reply post to a less-than-popular thread :D

    Allow me to introduce to you, my very good friend, Mr. X! (you can call him x-boy-cash-money)
    Mr. X has had the privilege of experimenting with a vast range of drugs, including:
    Weed, Adderall, Vyvanse, MDMA, Methylone, 4-FA, 5-MAPB, 6-APDB, A-PVP, 2C-B, Shrooms, LSD, DMT, 5-MEO-DMT, DOC, 25i,c,d-NBOME & Xanax.

    This gem of an Research Chemical was what motivated me into creating an account & posting some info, collected at the extent of Mr. X's body!
    His hope is that this drug gets a lot more attention! He says it's definitely one of his favourites. (he just seductively winked at me..)

    Mr. X ordered some 6-APDB from an extremely reputable vendor. He bought DOC, A-PVP & 4-FA from this vendor in the past & his products have always been top notch!

    I would like to first list some noticed drug personality traits and then move on to the dosages & experience notes.

    The light psychedelic visuals and substantial duration puts this entactogen at the top of his list! The high envelops you in such profound chest warmth, similar to MDMA but to a higher degree than experienced in 200mg doses of some pure shit. Definitely lots of eye zigzagging and jaw-clenching! This stuff dilates your pupils so much. Taking it at 11PM kept Mr. X up until 8AM. Slept till 3PM and woke up to find his pupils were still very dilated. He could still see the remains of the visuals till around 6PM.

    After researching dosage & running allergy tests, Mr. X decided it was once again time to put his own safety/health at stake in the name of exploration.

    Mr. X's Weight: 150lbs

    1st Experience: Dosage: 150mg - ROA: orally - Duration: ~12 hours
    Mr. X told me you guys would say this is a rather high dose for first-time use & he agrees!
    It was a little too intense for his liking and felt nauseous for the first hour which resulted in puking. After that, it was still a little intense but overall extremely enjoyable and very impressed with what this Research Chemical has to offer!

    2nd Experience: Dosage: 100mg - ROA: orally - Duration: ~12 hours
    Much more comfortable but was a bit nauseous for the first hour or so. The body high seemed almost exactly the same as 150mg, so I don't see a reason for taking more than this. but to each his own.
    One difference was the visuals weren't as profound.

    3rd Experience: Dosage: 80mg - ROA: orally - Duration: ~10 hours
    No nausea this time but the high wasn't quite the same as 100mg.

    I highly recommend first-time users start at a low dosage, such as ~50mg.
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  11. dayvey

    dayvey Silver Member

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    Dec 22, 2008
    from U.K.
    Re: 6-APDB Trip Reports (aka 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine)

    Long time past the original posting, but just to clarify.....
    The usage of the term "fag" was in no way derogatory - in the UK it's a slang term for a cigarette. So no homophobic intent here - just a simple reference to the fact that ciggys (Berkley Menthol to be precise) were consumed.

    Anyways, probs bad form to revive a post after such passage of time - just wanted to clear up a contentious point as the character slur it invited was very unnecessary. Apols for any offenses taken here, but hopefully now I have cleared that up on behalf of the report info.

    Live, Love, Dance. xxx
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