A beginner mushroom user taking it with a group of experienced users...

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    Nov 17, 2017
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    The other day my brother invited me to go with him to a Thanksgiving dinner at his friends apartment and mentioned that everybody there will be doing "magic mushrooms". I've only done it once two years ago (because in the area I live in it was really hard to find a decent dealer or middleman) and this was done in my own home where I felt calm and comfortable which is why I believe it was a really pleasant and euphoric experience for me. But this time, as I do want to try shrooms again, I'll be in an unfamiliar place with a group of experienced strangers I've never met before and am a little nervous about it all going south to a bad trip in front them.

    For the experienced users: Am I just overthinking this and it'll all be alright? Or should I not go at all and take mushrooms on my own terms?

    I'm only asking this question because I've only experienced psilocybin mushrooms once.
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    It's all in your head how you react. If you think you'll have a bad time, then you will. For me, I would go to dorm parties in college on Acid. I was known as that crazy kid who went to parties on acid. However, everyone wanted to be drunk retards and talk about the dumbest shit.

    By going to that party and getting high, you run the risk of a bad trip. A pretty high risk with your inexperienceness. Take them on your own terms at your setting of choice, not someone elses. If I were you, I would go to the party with a small handful of weed & when someone hands you the mushrooms, you say thanks, pocket them, and hand them the weed. If they ask if you are going to eat them right away, just say no and that you're saving them for a special occassion. They can not get upset or ask for the mushrooms back as they had just accepted your gift of weed to them. It's against the spirit of gift giving. To give someone a gift, then receive a different gift from the same someone, then immediately ask for yours back? It's an asshole move, but that's how you use it to your advantage to have a better high later.
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