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A few questions concerning oxymorphone

Discussion in 'Oxymorphone' started by m.swinehart81, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. m.swinehart81

    m.swinehart81 Silver Member

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    Apr 10, 2009
    35 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    BSo a good friend of mine got some oxymorphone today for the first time. He has absolutely no experience with this stuff though and has a few questions. First of all is he can't figure out if they are ir or er. The pills are white and round with an imprint of 54 on top and 814 on the bottom, and there is no coating on the pill. My friend was told that they were ir's but when he looked it up online it said oxymorphone hydrochloride. When clicked on the link it was mentioning extended release. Can anyone tell me if they know what they are for sure?
    My second question is about injecting them. I know it is possible to inject both but when reading up on it I am finding conflicting info. My friend already injected one of them and got a pretty decent rush off of it but he is wondering if he really got everything out of the pill. What he did was take a wet piece of cotton and pressed it into the needle end of the syringe, poured the crushed pill in on top of the cotton, and then pressed the liquid through the crushed pill and wet cotton into a spoon. He then put another piece of cotton in the liquid in the spoon and drew it into another syringe. He repeated this process a couple of times and then injected. There was a lot of stuff left over after doing this proces. Before injecting he squirted a bit on his tongue to see if it tasted bitter. It did a little bit but really wasn't very strong tasting. Does this sound like a correct way to do this? And would swiy think my friend has left any goodies behind? Also how much water should be used to absorb a 10mg oxymorphone? The final question is should there be any heat applied to this at any point or is oxymorphone completely water soluble? I know most ppl say not to heat pills but I also know some are required to be heated.
    I'm not looking to be lectured on how injecting pills is dangerous. I already know the risks involved as does my friend. He hates snorting pills due to the fact that his nose is all fucked from previous use and snorting things just destroys it and makes it impossible to breathe. He also has a big problem with putting things in his ass and from what we both hear eating them isn't very productive...
    Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)
  2. musicislife81

    musicislife81 Newbie

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    Feb 23, 2011
    Female from U.S.A.
    Oxymorphone, generic for Opana... rooster loves opana... rooster has only snorted opana... roosters friend did iv a 10mg... round and pink... rooster believes his friend used aound 50cc of water.. his friend did puke, several times... but said it was a great high... rooster thinks that if it is any higher dosage, those are most times extended release and rooster does believe they break down, but roosters friend who is more experienced wouldn't attempt to iv anything stronger than a 10mg.... rooster does like to remind others that you can eat as well.... but rooster would reccomend snorting... horrid taste.. (like the way infant formula smells)... and that begats a horrid a drip... but rooster says no burn... great mellow buzz that way....definetly reccomended!
  3. AltrdPercption

    AltrdPercption Titanium Member

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    Oct 5, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    The Oxymorphone HCL 10 mg 54 814 are instant release. They are the generic versions of the pink 10mg opanas. They are good, however many say that they are not as good as the brand name ones.

    My pet thinks that the best way to inject these are to crush the pill as finely as possible, put it all on the spoon, or whatever amount you want to use. My pet always adds 150 units of water, stirs the solution up and then lets it sit for a good 5-10 mins. My pet then takes a peice of cotton, puts it on the needle point and gently sets the point of the rig (with cotton attached) onto the very top of the water. Pull back and get as much as you can while keeping the point on the very top of the solution, once you get to the powder you will want to stop. Then my pet would do as yours did, put the solution from the rig, onto another spoon and re-filter until the solution is nice and clear.

    My friend usually does two shots from one 10mg pill, he does the process above once , and then repeats. A third shot can be used, but it will not be nearly as good. As far all of the powder remaining on the spoon, my pet usually just eats it.

    My pet would also say wait as long as you can to re dose, oxymorphone is a very strong and somewhat rare drug, using too quickly will result in not feeling the full potential of the drug, such a waste. If your pet can wait just 5-6 hours he will get another nice rush.

    As far as heating the solution, this is a no go. Heating the solution can break down the binders and fillers of the pill , and thus end up in your final solution , and then into your veins.

    My pet does not know of any pills that should be heated, for the reason stated above. Sometimes heroin needs to be heated, if it is not breaking down. While not trying to lecture the OP, the safest thing your pet could do is to obtain a wheel filter. These will greatly decrease the chance of injecting binders and fillers, or anything else unwanted. These can be ontained online, very cheap but shipping can be pricey, or obtained at the local needle exchange they are usually under $4.00.

    Swim safely!

    Quick Edit - As my pet just saw that this is your pets first time with oxymorph, this stuff is extremely potent so start out using small amounts.
  4. Spoonbender420

    Spoonbender420 Silver Member

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    Jul 30, 2009
    36 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    if he used opana IR he did alot more work then he needed to the traditional method works fine with these if they were opana ER and he added water to the crushed pill powder it will gel up terrible and lock the oxymorphone in side the timerX matrix used in the opana ER pills so no he won't have gotten nearly all he could of out of it

    Refer to this thread http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=96249