A good dmt trip...

Discussion in 'DMT and Ayahuasca' started by triptonaut, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Dec 19, 2005
    from belgium
    Swim's trying to find the reason why it is so hard for him to break through...
    He smoked dmt for like 50+ times, but he only considers himself to be breaken through twice. When those two trips ended, he had a satisfied feeling, however he cannot recall much of the trip, he remembers that his room was totally white, bright, and that I saw a lot of things I cannot describe in words.

    Swim thinks that even those two trips were worth ll of the hazzle of making dmt. But he knows he would get a lot more out of it, but it just wouldnt happen. He had other fun times on dmt, especially when drunk, it has a very strange effect then.

    But all those other times, I would just take three tokes, and then look at the world in a completly different view, like a mild acid trip, things chaninging, patterns everywhere, but not in a trance or something. I read all of these reports of 'the I saw the elves ... blablabla'. Dude swim wishes he saw elves. Is it just the trip-reporters imagination that's gone a litle bit over the top (because maybe with some imagination I could see some elves in the wall, n my two biggest trips, I have seen things, but swim really couldn't tell what it was,I dont know what it is, he only knows that he saw it...), or are they really there.

    Swim smokes dmt in his fancy lamp bulb-vaporizer. Bit sometimes when he does dmt, the next day there are crystals on the side, so it could be that I have to wait a litle bit longer to inhale.

    Something else swim experiences, is that sometimes, when he lights the vaporizer for too long, the smell gets really awfull. Swim can hold the smell of dmt, better then his friends does, but that smell and taste, damn, I don't think anyone can hold onto that. Can it be that the dmt is burned too much or something? I don't know, really really strange...
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    Jul 16, 2006
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    Tell swim not to use the bulb anymore and to try a pipe next time with lots of screens and ash on top of the screen. Take a huge hit and hold it in forever. Youll cross
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    Feb 12, 2005
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    Triptonaut, You may need to look at a couple of things.

    The SSRI(Selective serotonin reuptake inhitor) class of anti-depressants are known to dull the effects of tryptamines a bit....possibly more in some individuals.

    Another thing is the taste of the vapor. If You isn't getting the distinctive taste of burning plastic during inhalation, there is something amiss.

    Odd thing. About the only that I know that is common amongst all DMT 'smokers' is that the vapor is always reported as tasting like burning plastic. All of the rest of the experience seems to be as variable as human existence.

    If You is properly inhaling three lungfuls of known good DMT vapor(which has the taste of burning plastic), and holds these inhalations in, I feel pretty certain that an unambiguously intense psychedelic experience should be the result.

    You may want to try a different technique as poptart suggests.
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    Jul 13, 2006
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    Good comments in here.

    A few points. First, use a short pipe while smoking. This will help you to get all the DMT possible. Just pack the bowl with a little parsley and sprinkle the DMT on top. Also, like aminorex said, closing your eyes can help produce a more profound experience, as you will totally be in your own mind, while keeping them open can be very confusing and disorienting and you may not break through. A blindfold may be helpful for this. Meditation or intense introspection before the trip may also help relieve anxiety and focus you on the trip. Try to tap into your spiritual side more. And most importantly, just let yourself go. Thats the best way to have the best DMT experience. Just completely let yourself go under the power of the substance and let it take you where it may.
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    Mar 19, 2005
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    The are quite a few people who say that the parsley sandwich is the smoothest way for them to smoke DMT. While it is possible to carefully hold the flame just above a top layer of DMT and melt it into the lower parsley layer, this degree of carefulness is not typically administered by most people. So it is generally important to have a thin covering layer over the DMT so that the direct flame doesn't overheat and decompose the DMT. I find that very short stemmed pipes seem to make the smoke feel rather "hot". He prefers a pipe with a 6" long stem made of plumbing fittings from his local hardware store...
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    Jul 29, 2005
    from congo_democratic
    What about using a Volcano like smoking device to put all the vapor into a plastic lung then inhale all of it at once... I think this would work nicely...